Target: Rupert Murdoch

The amount of ink that is being spilled – or rather the number of megabytes being devoted – to the story about the hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s now-closed London publication News of the World is simply amazing.

This story is everywhere. But it should be expected to be everywhere. Because Murdoch is a conservative. And a little thing like this then becomes a major story so that another conservative can be brought down if at all possible.

Some London employees in Murdoch’s News Corp. publishing empire are said to have hacked into the cell phone of a missing girl who was later found dead. Other hacking has been uncovered. But whatever happened to simply firing the guilty parties and prosecuting them when legally appropriate?

Answer: When it comes to conservatives, firing is never enough and prosecution is just the first step on the road to persecution in which the whole venture must be torn down and shut down. Now Murdoch’s entire worldwide operation is under scrutiny and he was even physically assaulted during testimony before the British Parliament.

Because he is a conservative…

The whole episode has turned into a national scandal in Britain and now there are allegations that Murdoch employees in the US hacked into the phones of 9/11 survivors and their families. But there is not one shred of evidence that that happened. That charge was made by another British newspaper. So where’s the evidence? If it exists, then let’s see it.

But no evidence is needed. The charge now is in the public domain. That is all that the left needs to smear a conservative. Any false charge will do…

One British lawmaker asked Murdoch, “Do you accept that ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco?”

Murdoch appropriately responded, “No” adding that News of the World was just 1% of his global publishing empire. But the implication of the lawmaker’s question was that Murdoch personally must be behind the hacking. Because he is a conservative and must be destroyed…

Murdoch also told the Parliament committee he has seen “no evidence” that American victims of the 9/11 attacks were hacked by News Corp. employees, and that he does not believe it even happened. But rest assured that the 9/11 charge is being made to spread the scandal to the US and to Fox News. Because when a conservative is involved, any false charge can be flung. And it immediately becomes planted in millions of minds.

And rest assured that there is hacking going on at every left-wing publication around the world. But that that is no problem. Because the World Media will keep it quiet.

Now let’s put the shoe on the other foot: Where is one single congressional/parliamentary inquiry into the decades-long scandal of world media sycophancy about unproven ‘global warming’, which is reported as scientific fact?

There is none. It is hushed up that GW is not even supported by a majority of evidence. Yet laws are being passed all over the world that are deeply affecting billions of peoples’ lives based on the hoax of GW. It is not a matter of one single person whose cell phone was hacked into. But no, there is no uproar about the greatest coordinated media fraud of all time.

Then when the whole GW façade is blown apart by the discovery of e-mails showing falsification of the facts by leading GW scholars, the world media tried to paper it over and have brushed it under the rug.

The real mega-scandal in today’s worldwide press is the left-wing bias and lack of inquiry when it comes to issues that affect large numbers of people. Meanwhile a few errant employees at one conservative newspaper in London are singled out for a scandal that affected just a few.

Indeed the leftist propaganda machine is out to crush any and all conservative media, just as conservatives are banned from college campuses, or attacked, in order to “purify” the thinking of students. That is why conservatives are physically assaulted on college campuses by the “peaceful” left like Murdoch was assaulted in Parliament.

The American media have glorified Al Sharpton, the fake ‘civil rights’ leader, who came to national prominence making false accusations in 1986 about the rape of a black female by a group of white men. Because Sharpton is a devious liar who is on the political left. And so he is given free reign to bear any false witness he chooses.

Sometimes, however, the media get caught in their own lies. Dan Rather of CBS destroyed his own career and legacy by publicizing false charges about George W. Bush’s National Guard record just before the 2004 presidential election.

The people involved in the phone hacking in London should be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Meanwhile thousands of journalists worldwide should be prosecuted for publishing thousands of false stories about the hoax of ‘global warming’. Because that  is the biggest scandal of all.

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