It Must Be Great to be Poor

Much has been made of poverty in America. Too much, in fact. Tens of millions of so-called “poor people” today are better off than the middle class. Because they have all of the basic necessities of life provided by the taxpayer, but none of the worry or stress of the taxpaying middle class. Many do not even work. And that absence of worry and stress is priceless.

This is an intentional outcome of liberal socialism. The game is rigged to create more and more dependency and to make people comfortable being dependent and having no guilt about it. This is intended to elevate the poor and bring down the middle class, i.e., to make everyone equal. Equally poor, that is.

Which is why most of the people in a socialist/communist nation have low standards of living except for the elites, and why there is no middle class under communism.

If you are in the middle class in America and own a home and have children, you are always concerned whether you will be economically successful enough to maintain your home and raise your children. You have much to lose.

At the same time, tens of millions of so-called “poor people”, including single mothers, have nothing to lose and do not have a care in the world. They have government checks of every kind coming in. They do not worry about paying the bills. They do not worry about mowing the lawn or fixing the furnace because they live in subsidized rental housing. They have all the children they want. They turn up the heat or the air conditioning because they do not have to pay for it. They have cable TV because they do not pay a nickel for it.

 They do not worry about health care costs going up because they do not pay for health care. They do not worry about taxes going up because they pay no taxes. They do not even worry about filing all those complicated tax forms on April 15.

Yet the media talk about “the poor” relentlessly as if they are all deprived. They aren’t. Many are living very well, thank you.

In fact in many cases it must be great to be poor. Sometimes I wish I was poor. Then I could sit around all day and do nothing and not have a care in the world.

This is not to say that there are not millions of poor people in America who need help and should get it, especially millions who have been made poor under Obama policies, or who live in rural America and who have been made poor when Democrat/environmental policies ruin their economies. These are people who will work if you have jobs for them.

It is the long-term freeloader poor who need to have their handouts cut off. It will save our nation hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

 Today’s idle handout poor in America are nothing like poor people throughout the world or throughout history. Compared to Biblical poverty or Calcutta poverty or Third World poverty today, you have a great contrast. Billions of people around the world live and have lived on a subsistence level. They live in shacks. They hardly have food or clothing. They have short lifespans. Yet millions of “poor” in America go crazy if you take away their cable TV. That is why we need to slash their government checks and stop giving away our national wealth to people who have been trained to be idle by the Democrats. And let the Democrats explain to their favored constituents – and voters – what is going on.

Another similar class is unionized government employees who have guaranteed lifetime-tenure local, state or federal government jobs at high salaries where they retire early and get every benefit and pension imaginable. They essentially have not a care in the world. Once they get that government job, they never worry about anything at all. Their life is set. Gee, that must be great.

And who pays for it all? Answer: The increasingly nervous middle class, and other people who work for a living and who do not have all the guarantees of the poor or the government class, but instead have all the worries. Am I going to be able to pay the bills? Is my job going to be shipped overseas?

If tax increases are proposed, the so-called “poor” are in favor. After all they pay no taxes anyway, and they get the benefits of a tax increase – more government money gets spent on them. Ditto unionized government employees. They may have to pay the increased tax, but they get a bigger raise on the income side to make up for the tax increase. Meanwhile, their increased pay comes from… drum roll, please… more taxes on the middle class.

Boy, this game is rigged. So in other words, these two groups are getting the “cradle-to-grave” life that socialism promises. Only problem is that the idle poor are completely nonproductive while the average government worker is a whole lot less productive than private-sector workers. And the more people on the receiving end of this government largess, the more the economy will suffer.

If you wonder about our growing debt and the shrinking middle class in America, think about the rise of these two entitled classes. It must be great to be a member of either one. Because you don’t have a care in the world.

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