Time to Put America First

There was a famous quote among Bill Clinton operatives when he was first running for president in 1992: “It’s the economy, stupid…” they said. That meant that the shallow recession of the era would be the main issue in the election.

And the 2012 election will be about one thing – the much, much worse economic situation that we face. And we need to talk about what millions of American feel in their hearts, that our nation has been taken down the wrong road and taken advantage of long enough and it is time for major change. Because this is a new era.

Consider the facts: The United States has given to the world for free all the modern technology – including oil-extraction technology – that has made planet earth a better place. We have given the world electricity, computers, light bulbs, the internal combustion engine, telephones, modern medicine and agriculture, metallurgy, plastics, composites, air travel, radar, lasers, satellites. And on and on.

None of these technologies came from anywhere else except the United States and Europe, which developed the early phases of these technologies through millennia of scientific inquiry. Yet America never has gotten one dime of royalties or appreciation for all of our technology.

The United States military has saved a billion people in the last 100 years by intervening in wars and doing humanitarian work. Yet we have not been paid back for that.

The United States financed the reconstruction of Europe and Japan after World War II, a war that they themselves started. Yet we have never been paid back one cent for that reconstruction, or for the 440,000 lives we lost in World War II. Why not?

The United States spent 46 years defending Japan and Europe from the Soviet Union after the end of World War II. Meanwhile Japan and Europe built up massive welfare states because they did not have to pay much for their defenses. All the money they saved went into the government coffers and was dispersed. Why have they never paid us back for defending them?

The United States has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to help poor nations. Yet we have never been paid back a single nickel.

Why is America constantly being taken advantage of by an ungrateful world? Answer: Because we were wealthy. But we no longer are. America is $14 trillion in debt. So here are solutions for our debt dilemma:

*As Donald Trump suggested, we should take oil from Iraq, which is reported to have proven reserves of up to 350 billion barrels, or $35 trillion worth at $100 a barrel. And some estimates say that Iraq is largely unexplored and has much more oil, up to 1 trillion barrels ($100 trillion value). So we should just keep our military there and take the oil until we get repaid for the cost of the war (up to $1.5 trillion) and then, on top of that, to take oil valued at $5 million in reparations for each soldier injured and $10 million for each family that lost a loved one in the Iraq war.

That leaves Iraq with, oh, about $33 trillion worth of oil, and probably much more. That is plenty for a backward Muslim nation enriched by our American oil drilling expertise and freed by our military.

*Trump also boldly suggested that we should go to each oil-producing nation around the world and demand lower oil prices because we gave them the technology to get it. And if they don’t agree, then we agree not to defend them in case of attack. Period. End of story.

Saudi Arabia is first. The greedy sheikhs there jack up the price of oil relentlessly through OPEC, and never thank us for our technology, or for keeping them safe, as we did in the 1991 Gulf War. They’d be living in tents and riding on camels if it was not for American ingenuity and protection. Time to pay up, sheikhs…

*We also can solve our debt problems easily by using American oil shale reserves. Here is an excerpt from wikipedia.org about America’s oil shale deposits. Oil shale is a solid type of oil (it is like wax and can be melted) that is locked in layers in rock formations in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming:

‘A 2005 estimate set the total world resources of oil shale at 411 gigatons— enough to yield 2.8 to 3.3 trillion barrels (520 km3) of shale oil. This exceeds the world’s proven conventional oil reserves estimated at 1.317 trillion barrels (209.4×10^9 m3), as of 1 January 2007 The largest deposits in the world occur in the United States in the Green River Formation, which covers portions of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming… Deposits in the United States constitute 62% of world resources.’ (end of excerpt)

So America has about 2 TRILLION barrels of oil just in the shale formations or $200 TRILLION worth of oil at $100 a barrel. And since it is virtually all on public land owned by the government, we should produce $14 trillion worth of that oil – just 7% of the total – and sell it on the world market and pay off our national debt. It would be easy.

*The US has a 500-year supply of coal. It all can be converted into heating oil, gasoline, jet fuel and other useful products to completely end our reliance on imports.

*The United States also should build 800 new nuclear reactors at 1,000 megawatts each. That 800,000 megawatts of production would completely replace the 1.2 billion tons of coal and 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas – both are domestic American energy sources – that we burn each year in power plants to produce that same amount of electricity. That coal and natural gas then could be converted to transportation fuel, heating fuel etc., and would completely eliminate the need for all US oil imports, saving us up to $500 billion a year for foreign oil.

And for those concerned about the accident at the 40-year-old Japanese nuclear plants, here is a note: First, there has not been one single death attributed to that accident. And second, new plants will have many more safeguards.

*We should demand that Europe and Japan repay us for all the years we have defended them. And for their reconstruction.

The world owes America big time for all that we have done. And now that we have economic problems brought on by the Democrats, we need to act. It is time to call in our chits and also use our own resources wisely to solve our nation’s problems.

Obama and his media cronies will all act like shocked internationalists. “How could anyone suggest such horrid things?! We don’t conquer people and take the spoils! Or demand repayment! We are a giving nation!”

 And we conservatives will just respond, “Those days are over. Why don’t we elect someone who will start to turn things around. Enough with the political correctness and multiculturalism. It is time for America to save itself, instead of saving everybody else. For once.”

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