Unions Harassing Boeing Via Government

Reported foxnews.com recently:

‘Republicans are calling on the National Labor Relations Board to dismiss its complaint against Boeing and get out of the way of job creation, though Democrats argue Boeing is violating the law by retaliating against union employees.

The NLRB has charged that Boeing built an assembly line for its new 787 aircraft in South Carolina to retaliate against its unionized workers in Washington state for past strikes and to avoid future labor unrest. Boeing has disputed the complaint, saying no union workers lost jobs.

In South Carolina, workers don’t have to join a union to work at a job site, making it a so-called right-to-work state.

At a congressional hearing Friday in South Carolina, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said that the NLRB is jeopardizing thousands of jobs in the state with its complaint — a state grappling with 9.8 percent unemployment. The $750 million plant is the largest single industrial investment in South Carolina history.’ (end of excerpt)

The hearing comes after nine state attorneys general wrote a letter to NLRB to protest the complaint. Boeing’s main facility is in heavily-unionized Washington State. Boeing started the process of moving the production to South Carolina after a strike at a Washington state facility in 2008.

Boeing was planning to open the new factory this summer to make its advanced 787 Dreamliner aircraft. In Washington state and the 28 states without ‘right-to-work’ laws, all workers at a plant can be required to join a union and pay dues once a majority of workers have opted to join the union. That gives labor groups a big advantage in organizing workers.

The attorneys general wrote: “This complaint represents an assault upon the constitutional right of free speech, and the ability of our states to create jobs and recruit industry. Your ill-conceived retaliatory action seeks to destroy our citizens’ right to work.”

“The only justification for the NLRB’s unprecedented retaliatory action is to aid union survival,” the letter said. “Your action seriously undermines our citizens’ right to work as well as their ability to compete globally… We thus call upon you to cease this attack on our right to work, our states’ economies, and our jobs.”

We shall see where this goes. It is another example of the left-wing Obama agenda forcing unions on us, just as it is forcing big government plans on us like health care, taxes and debt.

Throughout the 20th century, labor unions did two things:

*They got artificially high wages for their members and instituted outrageous work rules.

*Through their demands over wages and work rules, unions drove many companies out of business, some of them very large. Ultimately unions have killed millions of American jobs and trillions in wealth. They practically ruined the US railroad industry and unions drove the American steel industry into virtual bankruptcy. And the 2009 bailout of Chrysler and General Motors was required after decades of unsustainable union wage demands.

The artificially high wages that unions get for their members do not come out of thin air. Those wages are paid by the consumer, or by the taxpayer in the case of government unions. Because ultimately all wages are paid by the consumer or the taxpayer. So any artificially high union wage above the ‘market wage’ is also paid by the consumer or taxpayer.

Labor unions don’t “create” any wealth. They simply “transfer” wealth from one group to another – from consumers/taxpayers to unions. So your unionized next-door neighbor who works for the government is getting his high salary right out of your pocket. Period. End of story.

And it is important to remember that unions do not necessarily even represent “workers” in the first place. They are really money-funneling operations that get artificially high wages for their members, but then take dues money from the members and use it to push a hard-left agenda through contributions to the Democrat party. Even many unions members oppose that agenda. But still their dues are taken.

And then often those same workers have been tossed aside when businesses go out of operation because of union tactics. Today, unions represent only about 7% of the private workforce, compared to more than 40% after World War II. The reason for the drop is twofold: First, many unionized companies went out of business. And second, seeing companies destroyed, private workers for decades have been intentionally voting against unionization.

Because today workers know the true story – that unions killed businesses and decimated whole cities and states too. Michigan in the 1950s was one of the richest places on earth, but today it is poorer and poorer and is losing population because the unions sucked all the money out of the car companies and drove the auto industry to other states and beyond our borders.

Meanwhile, nonunion car companies in the American South from Japan, South Korea and Germany are thriving. And the workers there don’t want unions. They are happy with a lower wage than the union might be able to get for them, but at least they know the company is going to stay in business and they are not going to have union thugs breathing down their necks and ringing their doorbells at midnight.

Labor unions today remain strong in the government work force, with 37% unionization. And today government-employee unions are literally driving entire states into bankruptcy (liberal states like California, Illinois, New York etc.) just as they did to private business in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

The private-sector unions now are trying to bounce back with the help of Obama. And in the recent case involving Boeing is an indication of where the Obama administration is taking us. Watch this case closely.

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