Chris Wallace Should be Fired

Chris Wallace, host of the Fox News Sunday weekly political roundup show on Sunday morning, should be fired.

Wallace recently asked Tea Party-backed congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, “Are you a flake?” Bachmann has joined the 2012 race for the Republican presidential nomination.

If this is not the most insulting question ever asked by any national anchor, it is hard to imagine what is. Wallace apologized personally to Bachmann and publicly in a video internet post, but that is not the point. Wallace had no place even asking such a question. What exactly has Bachmann said that would prompt such a question when there are plenty of unchallenged targets for such a query on the liberal side:

*Has Wallace ever asked Barack Obama “Are you a flake?” after Obama bungled his own swearing-in ceremony, after Obama said he had campaigned in “57 states”, after Obama signed the Westminster Abbey guest book May 24, 2008 when the date of his visit was May 24, 2011?

*Has Wallace ever asked former Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi “Are you a flake?” after she notoriously said that we would find out what is in the health-care bill after it was passed?

*Has Wallace ever asked Al Gore “Are you a flake?” over Gore’s slavish devotion to the debunked ‘global warming’ fiction?

*Has Wallace ever asked Democrat US senator Chuck Schumer of New York “Are you a flake?” after Schumer said that there are three branches of government – the House, the Senate and the presidency?

*Did Wallace ever ask Ted Kennedy if he was a flake, because Kennedy deserved that kind of question more than any other person in Washington? Kennedy’s intelligence and behavior were sterling in their deficiency. He was drunk much of his life.

*And has Wallace ever asked vice president Joe Biden “Are you a flake?” because Biden has committed more gaffes than any other figure in American political history?

Answer to all: No. So what is Wallace up to?

It is just another liberal slander on another conservative. Because rest assured that “Are you a flake?” is going to stick with Bachmann for the rest of her career. Because Democrats and leftists will play the tape and ignore Wallace’s apology. They will suggest that even a “conservative” host on the “conservative” Fox News network asked it and so that Bachmann must be a flake not even trusted by people who think like her with the implication that the Tea Party must all be flakes too.

Conservatives! Don’t take this lightly… Because many will say that it was just a misstep, and that someone on Fox could never be biased against someone like Bachmann.

Nonsense. Wallace is just another liberal who keeps his biases covered up as he works for Fox.

Wallace is a Harvard graduate whose wikipedia.org page says: ‘On October 11, 2006, The Washington Post revealed that Wallace had been a registered Democrat for more than two decades.’

Another problem is that Fox is no ‘conservative’ network anyway. Fox is a ‘liberal Republican’ network at the very best. The mantra about Fox bias is just Democrat spin because liberals had never heard of a whole network that emitted anything but Democrat talking points.

Just look at the Fox lineup and there are only two conservative shows – Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. And Beck will be gone soon, and Hannity had a liberal co-host Alan Colmes up until about two years ago. Most of the Fox News broadcast day is just straight cable news that is not tilted one way or the other. Even the prime-time gorilla Bill O’Reilly is a moderate who often angers conservatives. O’Reilly finally was bought off by a few granted interviews with his new buddy Obama.

If Fox does not fire Wallace, Tea Partiers should stop watching Fox and should start campaigning against the Fox facade. Because Wallace’s insult of Bachmann was no small deal.

It is said that Bachmann has accepted Wallace’s apology which she should not. She should demand that Wallace resign or be fired. Because to roll over to Wallace will show that the Tea Party won’t even stand up to a TV host.

And remember that no Democrat would put up with such a smear; the host would be gone immediately. But Bachmann is again putting up with the kind of media bias and stupidity toward Republicans that was evidenced recently in the ridiculous John King questions at the CNN-sponsored Republican debate. King asked whether candidates preferred “Johnny Cash or Elvis?” or “Coke or Pepsi?”

If any of the debaters had a spine, he/she would have told off King on live TV.

Worse, Wallace’s affront is aimed much higher – at Sarah Palin and everyone else who believes in limited government. This is what should be making the rounds of the Tea Party internet. His comment was an insult to all the hard-working people, virtually all white, who pay their taxes and get little in return but slurs compared to what is being siphoned away by the hundreds of billions by the Cowboy Poetry Festival, National Public Radio, the handout poor and millions of other special interest groups and individuals.

Of course what else could you expect from Wallace. He has a long history in network news and his father is Mike Wallace of CBS, close friend of Dan Rather who ruined his own legacy with a false report about president Bush just before the 2004 election.

Chris Wallace finally exposed who he really is. He should be fired. Let him go work on MSNBC or CNN or CBS where he belongs.

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