Passive Facebook Culture Ideal for Democrats

In April president Obama went to California to appear at a Facebook forum. Obama is a big fan of Mark Zuckerberg, America’s youngest billionaire who founded Facebook.


So Obama loves Facebook. What does this say?


It speaks volumes. Or rather, it speaks gigabytes.


Think about Facebook. It is a computer site that has become a huge success. It is unlikely that Zuckerberg ever expected it to be as big as it is, with hundreds of millions of users just a few years after it was launched.


But Zuckerberg had better watch out. In the world of computers, one day your idea is “in” and the next day it is “out”. Think AOL. Think MySpace. Think CompuServ.


But what is Facebook really?


Answer: It is a communication/media tool. It is no different from other media operations. It is made up of words and images.


Here is an interesting statistic in contrast: In 1960, there were 15 million Americans involved in manufacturing. Today there are only 11.5 million in manufacturing, while the population is much larger, by about 75%. So we have seen a huge falloff in our ability to create prosperity because manufacturing is the only way to “create” wealth. In other words, a nation becomes wealthy as it “makes things”.


Today, however, we have a Facebook Economy, where tens of millions of people spend mindless hours on internet sites like Facebook that create no wealth at all. Yet if a wealth-producing factory or power plant wanted to locate in many towns in America, the soft, narcissistic Facebook Culture would be the first to protest.  After all, their Facebook time might be interrupted by the noise of construction equipment!


Facebook is a classic example of a New Socialist Economy where people like Zuckerberg get rich on internet sites, but fewer and fewer people are involved  in the hard work of manufacturing and wealth creation in the first place. In other words, guys like Zuckerberg get increasing proportions of a shrinking economy.


This is a left-wing economy –  soft, ‘post industrial’, media-oriented and based in words and images, not based on steel and fire and construction and hard work and mining and oil drilling. And the rise of this ‘soft’ economy is coinciding directly with the decline of American economic power.


And we are told over and over that this is the New World Order, that America cannot compete in the ‘hard’ world of wealth creation and manufacturing, which is nonsense.  We can compete easily with the right leadership and policies.


But it is no wonder Obama loves a rich guy like Zuckerberg and internet sites like Facebook. Because Zuckerberg is a classic media/computer billionaire who is devoted to socialism. In other words, while Zuckerberg creates no wealth himself (except for himself) with his Facebook operation, he insists ideologically on government redistribution of America’s shrinking prosperity that is being created through a shrinking manufacturing base.


Liberals like Zuckerberg are never involved in manufacturing or mining or factories or other types of ‘hard work’. They are soft, feminine intellectuals like Obama – they are media types, politicians, college professors, activists, artists, lawyers etc. They do not get their hands dirty making steel or building railroads. They love entities like Facebook which is clean as a computer chip.


Hey look, there’s ME!


And this is the problem in America. These people have lots of power and they are making the nation think  that manufacturing is dirty and noisy, that it is for “other countries”. But that you can spend hours on your computer in the peace and quiet of your home and that that somehow Facebook is a good way to pass your days.


This is the advocacy of complacency. In fact it is the same Facebook Culture that is killing our prosperity by spreading the false notion that we can never compete with China, which has more than 1 billion destitute people who are desperate for a decent job in a manufacturing plant at low wages relative to what an American factory would need to pay its workers.


Baloney. American manufacturing has been driven from our shores intentionally by the complacent Facebook Culture and the Democrat party – by taxes and regulations and enviro rules and labor unions and trial lawyers and government mandates like health care. Look at the protests over the construction of new power plants, factories, railroads and housing tracts by elite liberals who do not want their life disrupted in any way. Soft people in liberal towns like Great Barrington, Massachusetts even objected when a local convenience store wanted to install… two new gas pumps!


In the 1990s, 30,000 hard-working loggers in rural Oregon lost their jobs as a result of the phony ‘spotted owl’ controversy which was fabricated by the enviro movement. Those jobs went straight to Canada.


That is typical. And rest assured that Zucerkberg gives lots of money to the left-wing eco snobs. And then the left-wing media in turn treat him like a king, which Zuckerberg loves.


When we finally get a president and Congress that care about people and prosperity instead of focusing on the redistribution of wealth and some dummy website like Facebook, we finally will have a more equitable nation.


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