Why Social Issues Matter

Over and over, we conservatives are reminded by some of our so-called Republican party leaders that social, moral and religious issues do not matter. Indiana governor Mitch Daniels was the latest to express this sentiment.


We are told that such issues are divisive and that we should discuss only the core issues of Republicanism which are limited government, low taxes and individual liberty and that we should avoid issues like abortion, Christian values, guns, the Constitution, family values, homosexuality, secure borders, English-only, traditional marriage etc.


This is supposed to “open up” the Republican party and attract more adherents, you know, all those ‘moderates’ who don’t seem to have an opinion about anything in America – except, apparently, for bad opinions about conservatives.


To which we conservatives respond: What good is a society or a political party which has no social, moral, religious or Constitutional values? And why should those of us on the political right somehow cede these issues to the amoral Democrat left?


Consider homosexuality: We social conservatives oppose homosexuality first on moral grounds. Second, homosexual males have astronomically high rates of disease and early death. Third, homosexuals and lesbians have statistically high rates of suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and domestic violence. In another area, the Wikileaks traitor Manning was an activist homosexual.


But no mind, say the social liberals in the Republican party who maintain like Democrats do that gays should have all their rights. And we conservatives agree absolutely that they should have rights as defined in our Constitution. But we demand that they exhibit responsibility and accountability as well.


Yet when gay rights are hyper-codified in places like Massachusetts, those states are exhibiting a strong enough political bias to be subject to a total leftist social/economic paradigm. And that agenda then crowds out every vestige of our conservative agenda, not only our social agenda but the economic one too.


Just come to ultra-liberal Massachusetts and see how the gays are feted, the handout poor live like kings in a ‘welfare magnet’, the overstuffed, overpaid bureaucracy is goliathan, projects like The Big Dig represent massive corruption of the first order, yet business is being driven out and jobs destroyed by regulations, taxes, radical environmentalism and other parts of the Democrat agenda.


Abortion is not a discrete issue. Abortion is intertwined with myriad other social pathologies like moral abnegation, sexual promiscuity, rejection of personal responsibility, single motherhood and its consequent poverty, adultery, disregard for human life and family breakdown. All of which leads to more government dependency and social and economic disruption. Which deprives us all of our sovereignty.


How about ‘family values’ based on a Christian agenda? Has not the left mocked them for decades now?


Indeed. Yet our cities are full of violence and mayhem and dependency and nihilism because the family has been destroyed and millions are aimless and adrift. And that has spread all over America, into the suburbs and small towns too. Yet if we conservatives talk about ‘family values’, the left maligns us as ‘old fashioned’. While we pay for the loss of ‘family values’ every single day, financially and socially.


But no, don’t talk about that, say the Republican bigwigs. That might alienate some ‘moderates’ who we need to vote for us.


Yet our nationwide Therapy Culture has exploded based largely on the emptiness that millions feel after seeing their lives destroyed by the leftist agenda that breaks down the comforting, embracing family.


Gee, it sure is interesting how these social issues come back to bite us in many ways. But we are told to ignore them as Republicans.


Regarding the 2nd Amendment, the Republican elites say that guns are for nutty right-wingers.


Which they’re not. The 2nd Amendment is at the heart of our freedoms. The first step of any tyranny is to disarm the people. And the National Rifle Association wants safe gun ownership and severe punishment for those misusing firearms.


Meanwhile the official political stance of Democrat America is that guns are bad. Yet the Democrat left insistently seeks lenient punishment for all criminals including those who use guns in crimes. Then just look the result – at how far-left constituency groups like urban blacks assassinate each other by the thousands every year using guns. Because liberals do not understand anything about firearms ownership or use, or what the 2nd Amendment means to freedom.


Consider that Cho-Seung Hui, the crazy Korean who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007, was operating in an ultra-liberal “gun free” zone.


Yes, that worked well, did it not…


When we conservatives cite the Constitution, as the Republicans did by reading it at the opening of the 112th Congress, the media malign our Constitutional “fetish” and some in the GOP go running for the tall grass.


Because the Democrats have so corrupted our public schools that children no longer even have any idea what this Constitution is even about. They are told that it is an old-fashioned document written hundreds of years ago that does not account for gays, environmentalism, single mothers etc.


What the Democrats do not want America to know is that a simple document like our Constitution describes our eternal freedoms, but that we need 2,000 pages to describe one single health-care bill.


Hmmm… Maybe our social crises might be mitigated if Americans learned the value of the Constitution in their early lives, when their behavior might be affected for the better with the comfort of knowing where our freedoms come from.


It is time for us on the right to stand for our agenda, not continue to allow the Democrat left to imprint its ideas on the nation and on the Republican party. Because when you really add up all of us ‘social conservatives and right-wingers’ we are the largest single bloc in the country.


And if the Republicans don’t like it, we will form our own party. Period.


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