Sexualized Culture Threatens Us All

The recent scandal about Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner shows us how a sexualized culture threatens us every day. Just imagine, before the scandal broke, that some person had got hold of Weiner’s web chats and threatened to expose him. He might suddenly be advocating legislation to help that person, i.e., he could be blackmailed. He may have been blackmailed. Who knows…


Last winter, an organization called Judicial Watch obtained a State Department document that alleges that Massachusetts Democrat US senator Ted Kennedy (1932-2009) in 1961 arranged to rent out an entire brothel during a trip to South America, and that Kennedy invited radical communist activists to meet with him there to air their grievances.


If true, this happened before Kennedy was elected to the US Senate in 1962 but still was when his brother John F. Kennedy was president of the United States and his other brother Robert was US attorney general. In fact it happened just a few months into the Kennedy presidency.


This would be such typical Kennedy arrogance and it is really scary stuff that further blows the lid off of the massive Kennedy Hoax perpetrated for decades by the Media Left in America of a diligent family concerned about average Americans.


Perhaps Kennedy was blackmailed during his career. We do not know. We have no idea how many of his political actions were provoked by people with “dirt” on him. That is why these scandals are so dangerous.


In a related story, TV actor Charlie Sheen loomed large in the news recently. Sheen is a wacked-out sex addict, drug addict, alcoholic and all-round imbecile, and typical of the dissolute Follywood elite that voted Kennedy for decades. Sheen’s father Martin is a big-time liberal activist.


Why should we care about these stories and what do they have to do with each other?


Because they strip away the veneer over liberalism and expose these people for who they really are: Out-of-control maniacs who cannot be trusted not only with their own selves but with the well-being of our nation. And of course some Republicans are being caught up in the same culture, but let’s face it, proportionally many fewer Republicans than Democrats are involved. Because Democrats invented this stuff. Compare the Christian right to the sexually promiscuous left and the divide is well illustrated.


Because this culture stems from the anything-goes mentality of the “liberal” left, that whatever you want to do is your business. It comes from Follywood and from super-promiscuous gay culture, which is now accepted. From college kids to the elderly all having sex, sex, sex. In the 1960s, young people were told by their leftist puppet masters to have as much sex as they wanted and “if it feels good, do it”.


Pornography has been mainstreamed as ‘freedom of speech’ by liberal lawyers. And this outlook spreads throughout the culture. And it is dangerous and very costly, not only to the sex addicts themselves, but to everyone around them. Look at the breakdown of the family and the explosion in single motherhood, which both stem from the same mindset.


Ted Kennedy was a sex addict and an alcoholic most of his life. His brother, president John F. Kennedy (JFK) was also a sex addict and was charged with having had a sexual relationship with an East German communist spy named Ellen Rometsch in the White House while he was president. At the height of the Cold War.


Talk about endangering the whole nation. Says wikipedia.org about Rometsch:


‘According to a White House reporter of the time, now editor of the Washington Times, Wesley Pruden, “Just when a few brave Republicans were screwing up the courage to make something out of it (the Rometsch affair), on the grounds that a president really shouldn’t be taking off his clothes with a femme fatale from the (communist) Evil Empire, Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s attorney general, sent (FBI director) J. Edgar Hoover to Capitol Hill with a not-so-friendly word to the wise. ‘Don’t investigate this,’ he told the Republicans. ‘Because if you do, we’re going to open up everybody’s closets.’ J. Edgar Hoover, as every Republican knew, held the key to a lot of closets and was familiar with what was in all of them.” The desire of Robert Kennedy to prevent exposure of his brother’s involvement with Rometsch, led him to seek Hoover’s help in squelching a Senate investigation of Bobby Baker, who held the post of Senate Secretary for the Majority.’ (end of excerpt)


Yet these are the same liberals and lefties who told us in the 1960s that drugs and sex were “fun”, that drugs and sex and alcoholism are at worst ‘diseases’ that can be cured, that they are not deep-seated ‘behaviors’ that destroy people who cannot control them like Kennedy couldn’t and Sheen can’t.


Then these same lefties tell us that a well-behaved Christian is the real threat to America, or that the orderly nuclear family is something to be feared.


No, in fact the Kennedys are the ones we should have feared. Who knows what kind of sexual blackmail may have been pending against all the Kennedys. They caused America to spin out of control. How much of that was sexual?


Look at the sexualized culture that we live in as manifested by the Kennedys – single mothers multiplying in number every year and increasingly dependent on the government, millions of children suffering because they do not know who their fathers are, adultery, widespread abortion, emotional betrayal, sexually-transmitted diseases, transgender this and that, homosexuals dying by the thousands every year, and the War Between the Sexes instigated by sexual promiscuity. Because once the pleasure wears off, millions of people are ultimately very unhappy with this type of sex, mostly the women who often have been exploited.


Then listen to the ridiculous blather that comes from these same out-of-control Kennedys. The ‘brilliant’ Ted Kennedy was asked by Roger Mudd of CBS News why he was planning to run for president in 1980 and Kennedy rambled on about the “natural resources of this country” and other disjointed topics in what many said doomed his chances at the presidency. And good for Mudd for exposing someone who was not capable of being president. Kennedy probably was half-drunk during the interview.


Meanwhile a serious, personally disciplined family-oriented government reformer like Republican governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who is often mentioned as a possible 2012 presidential candidate, said recently that he could win the White House if he wanted it. But listen to what he humbly told an audience at the American Enterprise Institute:


‘”The issue is not me sitting here and saying, ‘Geez, it might be too hard. I don’t think I can win.’ I see the opportunity both at the primary level and at the general election level. I see the opportunity. But I’ve got to believe I’m ready to be president, and I don’t. And I think that that’s the basis you have to make that decision.”


“I think when you have people who make the decision just based upon seeing the opportunity you have a much greater likelihood that you’re going to have a president who is not ready. And then we all suffer from that. Even if you’re a conservative, if your conservative president is not ready, you’re not going to be good anyway because you’re going to get rolled all over the place in that town.”’ (end of excerpt)


How honest and bold for him to say “I’ve got to believe I’m ready to be president, and I don’t.” Thank God for people like that.


Imagine any Democrat saying that. Imagine Obama saying “I am not ready to be president”. Because he clearly was not ready. Or Ted Kennedy admitting his incompetence.


No, you will never hear that from a Democrat because Democrats always want political power at any cost and everything that goes along with it including sex. Kennedy thought he was owed the presidency by dint of his name. Just look at Obama, JFK, Jimmy Carter, Clinton. None were prepared to be president. That is why they all have ended up failing.


And that is why Bill Clinton ended up in the ridiculous sex scandal that he got enmeshed in, seriously tarnishing his credibility and his presidency. Because he was too young. And too dumb. And too addicted to sex.


Just imagine. Sex in the Oval Office. What is it with these Democrats…???


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