The Incredible Shrinking President

Barack Obama looks more and more like The Incredible Shrinking President.


Suddenly, just in the past few weeks, there has been a cascade of bad economic news that he cannot escape while at the same time it appears that more and more Republicans want to take a shot at him in 2012. Even mild-mannered Mitt Romney is talking trash. Good.


Sarah Palin is on the warpath. And Rudy Giuliani. Word says that even Huckabee may get back in. And that Trump could re-enter the race. And Rick Perry from Texas. And congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. It is like the Obama boat has flipped over, that there is a surge of adrenaline coursing through the anti-Obama forces in America as if the wounded animal has been finally exposed.


It is amazing how blood in the water  attracts the sharks. And there is political blood in the water all around Obama. His presidency looks more like Jimmy Carter every day. The economy is horrible, his top economic advisers are long gone, his polls are sinking, public confidence in him is waning, and even the little things start to add up like the bungled toast of Queen Elizabeth. People start to think, “Hey, wait. Maybe this guy is not so smart…”


Is the 2012 Republican presidential field “weak” as the media and some Republicans have been saying for more than a year?


Of course not. Nikitas3.com has said repeatedly that any of the Republican candidates would be a much better president than Obama and that one will emerge and will beat Obama in 2012. That candidate may not appear strong today like a Ronald Reagan does in hindsight, but the nominee will be thrust into a Reagan-like role, with the enemy this time not the Soviet Union but domestic socialism as the cause of the economic collapse.


And when tough policies are put into place – as Reagan confronted the Soviets and refused to accommodate them – that president will grow in stature and will be like a fresh breeze blowing over America. Because the economy is largely psychological, and Obama is a dark cloud hanging over our country.


It is important to remember that Ronald Reagan was politically wounded in not winning the Republican presidential nomination in 1976, and only stayed in politics at the insistence of Republican US senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Reagan was no colossus 18 months before his November 1980 landslide election. The media were calling him a stupid, unelectable actor, just like they are ganging up on Palin today.


But with Emperor Obama finally being exposed, the Republicans are looking better every day. And when Obama took the 70th golf round of his presidency on – of all days – Memorial Day 2011,  more and more Americans are starting to see through this president for his persistently and casually unpresidential and unAmerican ways. Because there is a point after which the first shout goes up – “The emperor has no clothes!” – that the shouts become a roar, and then a cacophany and then a firestorm. And there will be a point after which Obama and his sycophant media cronies are powerless, as they were in the Republican sweep in November 2010.


It is simply refreshing to see an emboldened Romney publicly giving Obama an ‘F’ on the economy. And more is coming. Just imagine eight different Republican candidates fearlessly hammering Obama every day, finally providing a real-world counter to the media spin about our allegedly invincible president.


And under our electoral system, Obama’s 2012 presidential hopes already are in deep trouble in four key states that voted for him in 2008 – Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Each now has shifted from a liberal Democrat governor not to just a Republican governor, but to a fiscally conservative, activist Republican who is dealing forthrightly with his state budget crisis instead of sitting back and agreeing with the Democrats like ‘moderate Republicans’ once did. This trend will go presidential in 2012.


In another swing state, New Mexico, a conservative Republican hispanic woman, Susana Martinez, took the governor’s office last November that had been held by prominent Democrat Bill Richardson, a high figure in the Clinton administration.


In New Jersey, a solid Democrat/Obama state, fiscal conservative Republican Chris Christie was elected governor in November 2009 and he is very popular statewide and nationwide for his slaying of the Garden State’s debt crisis in his first six months in office. Could Obama actually lose Jersey in 2012?


And in the key electoral state of Florida, fiscal watchdog Republican Rick Scott is the popular new governor, while conservative hispanic Marco Rubio coasted to victory in the US Senate race last November. Obama won crucial Florida in 2008.


Meanwhile Obama’s support among white voters nationwide is plummeting, and he is losing young voters too, who are facing unemployment like never before in recent memory.


Indeed, there is political blood in the water and unless there is a major turnaround in the economy, Obama is toast. And there will be no turnaround because Democrat policies do not allow it. And today Americans are seeing that major reform is essential. Even the left-wing Euros are seeing the light. And for that to happen, the light must be very, very bright.


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