Ludicrous $40B for 'Arab Spring' Nations



The Group of Eight industrialized nations (G-8) has pledged to provide up to $40 billion in development funding to “newly democratic nations” in North Africa and the Middle East, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.


Woah…. What “newly democratic nations”? We have no idea where these nations are heading. Egypt is very likely to become dominated by radical Islamists going forward because the Muslim Brotherhood already has allied itself with the Egypt military.


If Qaddafi falls – after keeping order in Libya through authoritarianism since taking power in 1969 – Libya could become radical Islamic as well. Ditto Tunisia. And if Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen or Jordan falls – or if all of them fall – there could very well be chaos and a decidedly anti-American outcome to nations that today are pro-American.


Because nations in that part of the world need strong dictators to keep order and to prevent the establishment of communist states or a radical Islamic caliphate. That is why Jimmy Carter’s abandonment of the pro-American Shah of Iran in 1979 has led that nation to tyranny and to become closed off from the rest of the world.


In addition we probably have not seen the final shoe drop in Iraq, which could be headed for chaos. Already hundreds of thousands died as a result of the Bush invasion, the economy was destroyed and almost 1 million Christians are reported to have fled after US intervention destabilized that nation. Iraq today is a mess. We should have left Saddam Hussein in power. He kept the peace and was a foil against the radicals in Iran.


Here are some of the earmarked funds for the ‘Arab Spring’ nations according to the Wall Street Journal:


From France: : €1.10 ($1.55 billion) in loans to Egypt and Tunisia between now and 2013.


From the EU: €1.24 billion ($2 billion) in fresh money for European Neighborhood policy, bringing total EU support to €7 billion ($10 billion).


From the World Bank: Up to $4.5 billion for Egypt and $1.5 billion for Tunisia over the next two years.


From the U.S.: $1 billion in debt relief and another $1 billion in loan guarantees to Egypt.


A further $10 billion is supposed to come in the form of bilateral aid from G-8 members and another $10 billion has been pledged by oil-rich Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.


This comes after the only major industry in Egypt – tourism – has been decimated by 60% by the ‘Arab Spring’ unrest there. And if the radicals take over, that tourism will dry up completely.


When was the last time you heard about tourists visiting Iran? Answer: Not since the Shah was run out with the complicity of the American government in the person of Jimmy Carter. During the Shah’s authoritarian reign, Iran was stable, and moving toward democracy and a modern economy. If the Shah had been left alone, Iran would be a modern democracy today. But now it is a backward Islamic nation that sponsors terrorism.


This whole ‘Arab Spring’ aid package is more leftist nonsense. It is like everything Obama and his liberal friends do – like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, where trillions in loans were made to poor people who didn’t have a prayer of paying it back or keeping up the properties that the liberals gave to them at taxpayer expense. This always causes more trouble down the road, as the undermining of pro-American Mubarak in Egypt is a certain sign of chaos to come.


And who is out front of the ‘Arab Spring’ Giveaway Parade but Barack Hussein Obama, president of a bankrupt America. And all the rest of the G-8 donor nations – the UK, Japan, Canada, Russia, France, Germany and Italy – are bankrupt too. Because they are all socialist countries with endless appetites for more and more domestic spending and staggering debt. And now they are pledging up to $40 billion for nations without a prayer of economic development?


What a travesty…


So what industries is Egypt going to create with its billions in loans?


Answer: None. The money will be stolen through corruption and none of it will benefit the economy of Egypt. Because if Egypt could not develop under a pro-Western, pro-peace leader like Mubarak, it never will. The radical Muslims in Egypt already have said that they want war with Israel, as does Iran.


The Muslim majority in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East is poor and does not have the skills or education to develop an advanced economy. That is why America is full of Egyptian professionals – they have seen no hope in Egypt. And funneling international wealth into places like Egypt and Tunisia is like the US government forcing American banks to invest in bad neighborhoods here in the US. It will fail and the money will be lost.


Look at this paragraph from the Journal:


‘In the short term, world leaders said they want to stabilize Egypt and Tunisia economically and politically as both nations move toward elections this year, to ensure they don’t revert to authoritarian practices.’ (end of excerpt)


So how are they going to “stabilize” Egypt. It was stable for 30 years under Mubarak. Is Obama going to be president of Egypt too? How is the Muslim Brotherhood going to be kept at bay and prevented from ruining the nation?


This is all laughable if it were not so serious. And the Egypt revolution was said to have been engineered with the support of leftist factions in America who hated Mubarak. In other words, they wanted to destabilize another American ally like the same people did in Iran in 1979.


This is all more socialistic farce. We should be helping to put Mubarak back in power, which ain’t gonna happen. Because stability is infinitely more valuable than some nebulous “development” that also is never going to happen.


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