Al Gore Just Keeps Lying

A group of psychiatrists is advocating that the anti-depression drug lithium be added to world water supplies to reduce depression and suicide.


In a related story, Al Gore addressed a graduating class of college students and said that the ‘climate crisis’ is the most significant calamity facing mankind.


So how are the two stories linked?


Answer: End-of-the-world environmentalism, propounded by people like Al Gore –  who is getting super-wealthy on this scientific fraud – is one of the key contributors to depression around the world, particularly in young people who become depressed adults.


So you have two forms of ‘junk science’ – intellectual psychiatry and intellectual environmentalism – converging to cast a pall over people all over the world. Because psychiatry is needed and legitimized when social factors and frauds like radical environmentalism cause people to become disoriented, confused and depressed.


In fact both environmentalism and psychiatry are ways in which certain people on the left are enriching themselves at the expense of society. Gore has amassed a $100 million fortune advocating scientifically-debunked ‘global warming’, while millions of psychiatrists worldwide are earning very high standards of living off of depressed, confused and suicidal patients.


At the same time, pagan environmentalism and secular psychiatry are opposed to the faith in God that assures us that man is fallible, and that we must not be led astray by demagogues like Gore and his psychiatrist allies.


Add to that the fact that socialism worldwide is strangling global economies, leaving people with reduced prospects for prosperity and happiness and you have the formula for depression and hopelessness. Ultra-liberal Spain has 21% unemployment, just as we conservatives warned it would. Fortunately the Spanish people just voted the socialist left out of power. 


Gore told graduates at Hamilton College in New York state, that the so-called ‘climate crisis’ is:


“the most serious challenge that our civilization has ever faced… it will be the generation of you in this graduating class that will really bring about change… We have a debate in our nation as to whether the climate crisis is real. Every national academy of science of every major nation on the planet says it is. Every professional scientific association in every field related to the study of climate says it is. Ninety-eight percent of all climate scientists say it is. Mother Nature has weighed in. If you will think about the events of the last 12 months, 20 million people were displaced in a nuclear armed country when Pakistan suffered the largest flood in its history… the scientists are now in a shift, theoretically saying that if asked, could these events could have occurred in the absence of a man-made global warning?; the answer is almost certainly no.” (end of excerpt)


First, notice that even Gore no longer calls it ‘global warming’.


What’s a matter, Al? You called it GW for years. Are you feeling the “heat” of truth, that GW is a fraud?


And isn’t it interesting that Gore himself is admitting that “we have a debate in our nation as to whether the climate crisis is real.” In other words, even Gore cannot escape the Inconvenient Truth, that an increasing majority of Americans, along with tens of thousands of scientists worldwide, are dismissing his theory.


And then he says “the scientists are now in a shift, theoretically saying that if asked, could these events could have occurred in the absence of a man-made global warning?… the answer is almost certainly no”.


Notice that Gore does not say definitively that “the answer is no”. Even Gore knows the jig is up. But he must continue with the fraud that brought him all the money.


And since Gore is alleging all these hypothetically GW-related catastrophes like floods and hurricanes, why won’t he address the actual historical fact of the Medieval Warm Period in Europe, 400 years of really hot weather from  900 AD to 1300 AD which was much hotter than today.


And, surprise! That warm period actually proved hugely beneficial to the people of Europe just as ‘global warming’ would benefit mankind today.


Yes, indeed, if Gore can depress enough students with his armageddon theory, he will get richer and so will his psychiatrist friends on the political left. And we all will drink our lithium-laced water with gratitude.


Until we rational people put a stop to all the lies.


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