Conservative/Christian Alliance with Hispanics, Muslims

Conservative and Christian Americans should start to build an alliance with moderate Muslims and hispanics. We all have many things in common.


The Democrat party is claiming hispanics and Muslims as their constituents. And we conservatives have been at times ceding these two groups to the left.


We should not. For instance the hispanic population in America today is the hardest-working group in the nation. They are classic American immigrants. They are generally humble people, they are often very religious Catholics and they are oriented toward the family structure – marriage and children, and the extended family. This is the life to which American immigrants have generally always gravitated – Greek, Italian, Polish, Irish etc. Hispanics are no different.


Yet today’s extremist Democrats are rabidly anti-Christian and they oppose the family structure. Hillary Clinton even wrote a book called It Takes A Village, which posits that it take a social construct like a village to raise a child, and not a family. Thus liberals have been seeking to destroy our Christian heritage and dismantle the family structure since the 1960s. Yet suddenly they are embracing the pro-family and pro-Catholic hispanics.


In fact, the nuclear family, with a father, mother and children all together, is the single most powerful bulwark against poverty. It is a proven fact.  So the hispanic family structure – and the Muslim family too – indeed fits the conservative template of self-sufficiency and independence.


Democrats indeed are “claiming” hispanics with one lure: Hundreds of billions of dollars in government handouts. Yet at the same time, the Democrat platform undermines hispanics in a dozen other ways. If hispanics really looked at the long-term effects of the Democrat platform, they would run away from it. Because it has destroyed tens of millions of Americans, making them poor, particularly blacks and now increasing numbers of caucasians who are being manipulated and destabilized by the wacky anti-family left in the media, Follywood, rock music, the public schools etc.


And it is the Democrat party’s welfare-state platform that is making more and more Americans, including hispanics, dependent on the government in the first place. Because ultimately five forces from the Democrat left are thwarting the growth of the private economy and killing our jobs in the first place – mountains of debt; ruthless taxation and regulation of business; rabid enviro restrictions; a ferocious and aggressive lawyer class that is harming business every day with legal threats; and labor union agitation.


Hispanics are like all people in this world. They ultimately want to be left alone to pursue their destiny in a free economy, and to keep their families together. They are good conservatives. And they often do vote Republican/conservative and that is a good thing. The rise of hispanic conservatives like Republican US senator Marco Rubio in Florida and governor Susana Martinez in New Mexico is showing hispanics that conservatism indeed serves their best interests.


Democrats, on the other hand, are on a constant war footing against Republicans and conservatives, reminding hispanics every day of the wonders of socialism. This is false. Socialism is bad for everyone in the long run, except for a minority of privileged government workers, wealthy leftists, university elites and the media, along with the idle poor who get handouts.


What about Muslims? How can Christians get along with this “foreign” religion?


Easily. In many Islamic nations, Christians and Muslims have lived side by side for centuries. It is only the rise of militant Islam that is threatening Christians, with bombings and murder all over the world. In nations like Iraq, even dictator Saddam Hussein protected the Christians. In Egypt, pro-American president Mubarak did the same.


Yet it is this new and more extreme strain of Islam that American liberals are suddenly allying themselves with. It is not “moderate” Islam that Democrats seek to build bridges to. In fact moderate Islam has all of the traits of our Christian population – faith in a Supreme God, reverence for the family structure and for children as the center of that structure, an adherence to laws, honesty and to basic decency.


Radical Muslims, on the other hand, want to impose a harsh and ruthless form of Islam on the people and particularly on women. Yet most Christians in America reject radicalism, just as most Muslims in the world have rejected militant Islam.


But today the militants are seizing control of Islam and forcing the moderates out or into silence, just as militant leftists have seized control of the Democrat party in America, forcing out anyone without radical views.


So Christians and conservatives should seek to build bridges to the moderate Muslims who want to avoid having their religion taken over. And that does not mean acceding to every Muslim demand. We conservatives oppose the Ground Zero mosque because it is an affront to our decency and will be a tool for radicals. Moderate Muslims believe the same thing.


We Christians and conservatives favor racial profiling of dangerous Muslim militants. Moderate Muslims surely recognize that this is necessary to combat the evils of radicalism and terrorism, both of which will harm moderates much more than profiling will in the long run.


Moderate Muslims indeed wish to live in peace. It is the slow infiltration into America by extremists that is threatening Islam in America. That is why we conservatives need to reach out to the moderates. So that they can help us to combat this violent ideology posing as a religion.


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