Palin Running? Wow...

Who would have imagined it six months ago – Sarah Palin seems to be making gestures toward joining the 2012 Republican presidential field. She started a bus tour in Washington on Memorial Day weekend. The tour goes to… New Hampshire.


And the media will not miss a single opportunity to trash Palin at every turn. Because the Democrats are genuinely afraid of her. They saw the hordes buying her books and attending her rallies. They understand her popular appeal and that that appeal is vocally anti-Obama. And so the media must now get out in front of their Obama Parade and knock down Palin again.


Democrats and their media cronies are putting on a bold face, that Obama is invincible and a certain shoo-in for re-election. But privately they all are terrified. And that Palin now may be joining the 2012 crew is yet another manifestation of how fictional the Media Left/Democrat template is. More and more Republicans now think they can beat Obama. Because any Republican with a spine can defeat this charlatan in the White House.


Think of a bully. When the bully (Obama and his media friends) meets no resistance, he feels strong. The last thing the bully wants is to be challenged because the bully also is a coward; that’s basic psychology. And the bully White House today now sees that more and more people think they can beat Obama. It is becoming a flood. And this makes the bully and his cronies very nervous and angry.


Meanwhile the Republicans feel the truth rising – that Obama is wounded and can be easily beaten by a strong candidate with a message for reform. Indeed the emperor has no clothes.


And despite the fact that many media figures are saying the Republican field is weak, this is nonsense. Any Republican candidate in the presidential field today would be an infinitely better leader than Obama, and growing numbers of Americans know that.


Just look at the Republican tsunami in November 2010, where more than 680 Republicans won Democrat-held seats on the state and federal level. The Democrats were stunned. And this defeat came after years of unfettered pro-Obama, pro-Democrat media all over the nation. If the media were neutral – or heaven forbid treated Obama like they treated Bush – Obama would have no chance of winning re-election.


Consider Palin. The media have savaged her every minute since she appeared on the national scene in August 2008. By December 2008, a criminal even had tried to burn down her church in Alaska. Is Palin fazed?


No. She is a conservative. She knows what she knows and she is more emboldened than ever. Because she is not afraid of Obama’s (half) blackness the way the Media Left instruct us all to be super-reverent of our affirmative action president.


If only it were so. His leadership has been disastrous. And any president who commits gaffe after gaffe – like recently signing the Westminster Abbey guest book May 24, 2008, or when he said during the campaign, even after pondering for a moment, that he had campaigned in “57 states” – would be laughed off the stage if he were not Barack Hussein Obama.


Palin may be said to be gambling that she can overcome all the negative media she has gotten in the last few years. Actually, she is not gambling at all – she knows she can overcome it because the bad press is all fiction, lies and distortion. Because she knows something all conservatives know, that there is such a thing as “truth” and that it always comes out in the end.


And that despite the insistent media assaults on all Republicans, and particularly on Palin herself, that the American people understand the truth about Barack Obama – that he is an empty suit. And that the people know that America is in deep trouble and that they do not like the feeling at all.


It must be utterly galling to the all-powerful Media Left that even Palin has come out from the hole that they were certain they had put her into. In short, the media bullies are angry at being challenged; don’t let their sneering confidence fool you. Then again, the Media Left are in poorer and poorer standing with Americans as they go even further toward radical socialism. Indeed they promoted ‘global warming’ for years, but it did not catch on. The hero they built up in Al Gore has become a laughingstock.


But these media just march on and on and on, letting their failures fall by the wayside and taking up new agendas, the latest of which is that budget reform will harm America.


The opposite is true. Obama’s agenda is ruining the nation. And it is pure socialism: Impoverish enough people and make them comfortable with a government handout that the country irrevocably ‘tips’ to the Democrats. Obama never has stood down on this agenda. He has pushed the accelerator to the floor on every issue.


But America is not Europe and the stupid Americans vote Democrat already. Obama is not going to convince millions that they are better off on a subsistence dole than they are working hard and making themselves better.


Sarah Palin, along with the entire Republican field, recognizes the weakness of Obama’s strategy and his hard-left message. It has been tried before and the results have been disastrous.


2012 will show us exactly how bad things have become. And Sarah Palin is the canary in the coal mine for Democrats. And the voice that they fear most.


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