End Govt. Funding for Awful 'Art'

 A new Defense Department building just outside Washington, DC has become controversial after it was announced that a $600,000 sculpture – of a gurgling frog with a 10-foot-tall fairy girl on its back – would be installed at the building. The sculpture would be paid for with federal taxpayer dollars.


The decision to install the sculpture was rushed through after it was supposed to be debated. Because when liberals like government artsy types are shuffling money around, time is of the essence, to get things done before anyone outside the government knows what is happening. Particularly in these trying economic times.


The $700 million Mark Center and its sculpture are classic examples of government waste on two levels:


First, such buildings are constructed under law by overpriced union labor which then kicks back some of the money to the Democrat party in campaign contributions. Democrats then protect these laws requiring union labor on government projects.


Second, the “artist” who made the sculpture is usually a liberal who is laughing all the way to the bank with her taxpayer dollars. What sculpture is worth $600,000 except a historic one?


This story brings to mind the $578 million high school that opened in 2010 in one of the poorest, most underperforming districts in California, obviously built by overpaid union labor and with massive cost overruns involved which are par for the course for the Government/Labor Union Complex


Or the Big Dig in Boston, Massachusetts, the highway project that was expected to cost $2 billion and ended up costing $15 billion. Of course that happened in overwhelmingly Democrat Massachusetts where one-party corruption is a way of life and unions rule the roost.


One media outlet reported that an Army Corps of Engineers official said that the decision to install the Mark Center sculpture cannot be delayed because it would affect the whole building project. That would be like saying we can’t ship our troops off to war because they didn’t have their going-away party.


This is our New American Army, however, the one that allowed a terrorist to kill 13 people at Fort Hood in Texas even though Army officials knew full well about the radical leanings of the killer.


The sculpture won’t even be in a public place. The same DoD employees would see it every day because it would be set in a bus transfer station within the complex.


This sculpture is typical of New American Arts where lavish government funding is more and more of every artist’s life. Government supports the National Endowment for the Arts, for the Humanities, and endless state arts groups, councils and networks. Art teachers at public universities have comfortable careers with high pay. Artists get government grants left and right for endless projects, most of them eminently forgettable. ‘Arts’ programs are funded by governments all over just by saying the word “arts”, as if they are indispensable.


And now most public buildings – along with many private buildings – have a ‘Percent for Art’ rider attached to their construction costs, i.e., a certain percent of the construction cost goes to an artwork, or artworks, for the lobby/grounds. This has been pushed through by arts lobbying groups which are never singled out for being the single-issue pressure groups that they are.


This is all just another way to funnel more and more taxpayer money to the artistic left which then supports the Democrat agenda. Meanwhile there are endless stories about government-funded museums and exhibits showing offensive anti-Christian art or anti-conservative art, but never art that would offend the left, like anti-black or anti-gay art.


This all is another outcome of the socialist/communist theory to use every aspect of society – the schools, the media, the courts and now the arts etc. – to distribute wealth and control people and their thinking.  


Who could forget one of the most offensive artworks in modern times, a Christian crucifix sitting in the artist’s urine. This is what passes for art today, and is often is funded by the taxpayer. Why?


That is a very good question. And in our current fiscal  climate, and going forth, we should eliminate these programs and let the artists make their own art and exhibit it and sell it on their own schedule, not on the taxpayer’s back in government-funded venues.


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