GOP Should Rally Around One Candidate Now

The Republican party needs to take back the White House in 2012. The situation is dire. The nation cannot take another four years of Obama. The GOP should proceed like this:


The major presidential contenders and other party leaders should get together to decide on a candidate this coming August. Yes, August 2011. And allow all state party figures to get involved as well and vote in a special internet election.


Let’s say that the choice is Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who is the leading contender now. He looks like he will be the nominee anyway.


So these people all agree to support Romney in a show of unity and, in exchange, Romney promises to get tough on all the big issues – repealing ObamaCare, the debt, illegal immigration, energy etc.  Romney has written a very Reagan-sounding book, and so that is a good start.


Romney picks a vice-presidential candidate, a defense secretary candidate, a CIA candidate and a treasury secretary candidate. Remember, this is all done in August 2011, just a few months away. Then GOP primaries or caucuses in 2011 or 2012 are canceled or, if they are required by law, everyone else essentially drops out and Republicans across the nation are urged to put their differences aside and support Romney for the sake of unity. And if some Republicans are disgruntled, so be it. Some people are going to be upset no matter who the candidate is.


Romney and his team then start campaigning against Obama starting in September 2011, a full 14 months before the 2012 election. They start giving speeches across the country outlining the reforms that they will make because major changes are needed. Romney makes the big conceptual speeches and also includes specific details about reviving the economy, restoring order on the border etc. Treasury secretary candidate Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx, explains how we should cut the budget and suggests tax rates for optimum growth. CIA candidate Giuliani says he will crack down on radical Islam and demands that the Justice Department call off the Obama dogs on our intel agents who used waterboarding.


This will start to energize opposition to Obama because people will see a clear alternative and specific people attached to it. Right now all they see is a bunch of Republicans hesitating about whether they even are going to run, or dropping out. This is very damaging and makes Obama seem stronger than he is. There is no cohesive image of the Republican party even though conservatism has all the answers.


And since Americans are very upset about the direction of the nation, they will listen attentively and the Republicans will get a good hearing for their rational ideas.


Romney & Co. could respond to every news story and economic statistic. They could appear on cable programs and give interviews in every venue possible on the internet, radio, newspapers, blogs etc. And crucially, they would not need to waste endless days and weeks campaigning in small primary states like New Hampshire but can instead focus on visiting important electoral swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and others.


We cannot afford to sit through these deadening debates including people like Ron Paul who is far too old to even be running and is an embarrassment as a candidate. Or a New Mexico governor whom nobody has heard of. Gingrich is toast after his comments about Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform. We need to get a viable candidate out there ASAP.


Romney then needs to be instructed on how to get tough and drop the politically-correct, Mr. Nice Guy Republican persona that is afraid of Obama because he is (half) black. Romney needs to fearlessly punch Obama between the eyes in every single speech. His vice presidential choice – say, Rick Santorum – then could do the same. Ditto all the other Republicans, in a show of unity.


All Romney team members would be given strict orders that they never, ever are allowed to utter words like “the economy seems to be improving” or that “Obama did a good job killing bin Laden”. They would be instructed to speak very clearly by saying that “the economic recovery is coming because of confidence at the election of almost 700 Republicans across the nation in the 2010 election” or that “killing bin Laden was the final outcome of the tough Bush policy”. Every single word must be hardball opposition to Obama to counter Obama’s relentlessly negative attacks on Republicans and conservatives, backed up by his media friends.


This approach would eliminate all these boring primaries and debates. We would not have to listen to endless speculation about “will he or won’t he run”. No candidate has to organize an exploratory committee or waste vast amounts of time and money running around to rubber-chicken dinners in Iowa and New Hampshire.


In fact, this approach may be evolving naturally. Romney seems increasingly to be “the guy” and the party may naturally be coalescing around him. The sooner the better. And note to Romney: Put your tie back on. Your canned tie-less look is worse than the tie.


This is the best way to unseat Obama. This allows the Republicans to get into election season a year early. Because Obama is campaigning every day, and the GOP needs to do so too. It needs to have a clear, consistent message in opposition to Obama that is repeated over and over.


Because Obama can be easily beaten by a well-organized campaign. Obama is all smoke and mirrors and Democrats know he is weak. And since Obama is raising a lot of cash for 2012, the GOP needs to counter with a long-term strategy to beat him using all forms of free media and public appearances over an extended period.


America cannot afford to wait for the Republican convention in August 2012 to finish and then for the nominee to campaign for just two months between Labor Day and election day 2012. That is not enough to guarantee a victory. We need a concerted, focused strategy starting now, that builds and builds, slowly but surely.


This is no time to be thinking the old-fashioned way. This is a critical time in our nation’s history and the Republicans have exhibited amazing abilities to throw elections away with pure stupidity. Just say “John McCain” or “Bob Dole” and you understand it all.


It is time to try a different strategy this time out. The nation cannot afford otherwise.


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