More Muslim Provocation at Airports

Two Muslim imams (preachers) were asked to leave an airliner in Memphis recently because the pilot feared them. They were clothed in traditional garb – long dress-like garments.


“It’s racism and bias because of our religion and appearance and because of misinformation about our religion,” said Masudur Rahman one of the imams. “If they understood Islam, they wouldn’t do this.”


Yes, indeed, sir, it is “racism and bias” because of your religion and appearance. Because Americans are tired of violent Muslims mounting terror attacks, smug, activist Muslims thumbing their noses at our way of living, and radical jihadists dressed in Muslim garb making videotapes about how much they hate us. The very sight of Muslim attire instills fear in many Americans and for good reason.


Said dailymail.co.unk


‘Both passengers are Memphis-area residents. Mr Rahman, who is also an adjunct instructor of Arabic at the University of Memphis, said he was dressed in traditional Indian clothing.  Mr Zaghloul  was clad in Arab garb, including traditional headgear.’ (end of excerpt)


So, Mr. Rahman, out of respect for our Christian nation – to which millions of Muslims have immigrated freely and gladly to escape debilitating Islamic poverty – why can’t you and your fellow Muslims dress in Western attire when flying? Because you well understand the security problems at airports.


But they will not. Because radical and activist Muslims are seeking to test and undermine our security by provoking us and thumbing their noses at our way of life, our way of dress and our security system.


Let’s try another approach: All of the airlines should get together with the Transportation Security Administration and write official letters to Muslim groups asking that Muslims wear Western attire when traveling by air.


To which those Muslims will say “No!” And the reason is that they want to manipulate America, and they don’t want to be assaulted like white people are assaulted at airports security points every day.


And here is a test about the Memphis case: Let’s see the videotape of those two Muslims’ pat-down search at the airport security checkpoint. Let’s see if they were practically molested like a 6-year-old white girl was groped by a security agent. Let’s see if their religious garb was violated like one caucasian woman said she was repeatedly touched on her vagina. Then we will see if Obama’s Transportation Security Administration is giving special preferential treatment to Muslims, just like major Hassan was given special politically-correct treatment because he was a Muslim and then went on to kill 13 people at Ford Hood.  


Were the imams’ legs frisked completely like white people’s legs – even children’s legs – are frisked every day? Were their crotches touched? Was their underwear touched? Were they asked to remove their shoes like elderly white ladies routinely are?


Or did their religious garb send a signal to the politically-correct TSA that they were special and should not be frisked, i.e., they were given a free pass because they were Muslims?


Show the videotape… That’s all we ask.


This is all a setup. This is how these Muslims slowly but surely are seeking to soften up our security system with repeated challenges.


Thus America should respond that if these Muslims want to live freely in America, there is one simple way – act decently and with respect instead of acting provocatively. Wear Western clothes when traveling and subject yourselves to caucasian-style harassment at security checkpoints.


This situation has arisen before. In 2006, four Islamic imams – now known as The Flying Imams – were removed from a US Airways flight at the Minneapolis airport after other passengers were alarmed at the imams’ behavior.


What were these imams doing?


They appeared to be egregiously creating a stir by acting suspiciously, then filing suit when the airline responded. This sounds like an attempt by Muslim activists to agitate the racial pot then file lawsuits over suspicious behavior so that any such behavior cannot be investigated in the future for fear of ‘profiling’.


 The Flying Imams say they were discriminated against after they were removed from US Airways Flight 300 from Minneapolis to Phoenix on November 20, 2006.


Those Imams had initially attracted attention by praying loudly in the departure lounge before boarding the plane. Then several passengers and crew members felt that the imams were acting suspiciously on the plane before its departure. That reported behavior included refusal by the imams, including Omar Shahin, to sit in their assigned seats; requests for large metal seatbelt extenders even though they did not appear to need them; and speaking to each other about bin Laden and condemning America for “killing Saddam” (Hussein, the Iraqi leader)


The takeoff was delayed and the men were escorted off the plane after they refused to leave. The imams were detained, questioned and released.


A US Airways spokesperson said, “We’ve done what we typically do in a situation where there is a removal or some kind of customer service at issue…. We talked with crew members and passengers and those on the ground…. We found out the facts are substantially the same, and the imams were detained because of the concerns crew members had based on the behavior they observed, and from reports by the customers…. We’re looking at it as a security issue and as a customer-service issue and where we might need to do outreach.”


On March 12, 2007, the Flying Imams’ lawyer filed a lawsuit on their behalf. The suit targeted US Airways and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission, along with some passengers on the flight who had reported on the imams’ behavior to the flight crew.


So notice how the imams and their lawyers not only targeted the airline, but other passengers too. This is a classic strategy of intimidation, much like the strategy of Jesse Jackson and other black leaders to make any critic of black behavior to be seen as racist. This is a tactic of shutting down debate and criticism, just as the Islamists are trying to incrementally shut down scrutiny of potential terrorists to soften up the airlines for another attack.


Shahin had been involved in a similarly provocative incident previously when two members of his Arizona mosque were removed from an America West flight after making two attempts to open the cockpit door. The students filed racial-profiling lawsuits against America West, which is now part of US Airways, with Shahin as their defense attorney. Shahin also had been quoted after 9/11 saying that Muslims could not have perpetrated the attacks because more than 1,200 Muslims died in the World Trade Center attack (which is false).


The 9/11 summary report suggested that the cockpit incident probably was testing the security of airliners. And the Flying Imams incident could easily be seen as a way to “soften up” the airline system, to force airlines to stand down at suspicious behavior in order to facilitate another airliner attack.


Just the fact that we are frightened about Muslims says a lot about Islam today – that millions of American are put on edge. Because Islam is no longer a peaceful religion, but is more and more a radical political movement that we must monitor every minute.


And it was a lack of vigilance – in fact it was 8 years of Clinton administration neglect – that led to 9/11 with the 9/11 hijackers overstaying their visas, taking flying lessons, traveling freely, getting money from overseas, etc., etc., even after the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Meanwhile warnings sent to FBI headquarters about Muslims learning to fly in Phoenix were ignored.


No problem there. No, don’t profile those poor Muslims.


This type of political correctness, where liberals worry more about Muslims than about America’s safety and security, is what undermines us every time. And it must end.


So let’s start filing lawsuits against Muslim groups for the fear that they are instilling in every American. And let them see how it feels to be targeted, as America has been targeted by radical Islam for decades now.


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