Release the Photos. Now.

Did Barack Obama learn anything from the ‘birther’ issue in which a president of the United States was humiliated by public pressure and public doubts into releasing his own birth certificate to prove that he is eligible to hold the office?


Apparently not. Now we have an even bigger row developing over the death photos of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden. And this debate has been created by the White House itself by giving sketchy, contradictory or incomplete information on many of the details relating to the killing of bin Laden. And this is exactly what many of us expect from a congenitally inept administration.


Unfortunately the incident is a lot like Obama’s whole political agenda and modus operandi. There are conflicting stories and ambiguous statements – bin Laden was armed, he was not; he used his wife as a human shield, he did not; he was shot twice in the head, he was shot in the chest; he got an official Muslim funeral and then was dumped into the ocean even though he was not really a practicing Muslim. And on and on.


This whole operation now has a cloud over it and Obama is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by leaving more questions unanswered than answered.


In fact sometimes the Navy Seal raid sounds just too pat – a successful attack right near a Pakistani military base in which everything went as planned with no US casualties and including the retrieval of bin Laden’s dead body from a secure and specially-designed compound that surely must have been made with an escape route (i.e., with a secret stairway for the occupant’s escape or his withdrawal into a secure bunker).


When was the last time this type of precision happened in an operation like this?


Answer: Never.


It looks like we may need Donald Trump once again to pressure Obama on this incident too because we Americans paid for that raid and we want to see what happened.


So Mr. President: Release the photos. Now.


And if Obama thinks that the “Arab Street” will be upset about the photos, just think what the American Street is going to think. This is the ‘birthers’ times 100. And public pressure eventually will mount on Obama until he discloses the real pictures, rest assured.


Indeed Obama’s decision not to release the photos because they might inflame jihadists is appalling. Because jihadists already are inflamed by their very nature. They are maniacs and we hate them. So screw those people.


In fact it is we Americans who have been inflamed for almost 10 years. Every September 11, we see the same horrifying videos over and over – buildings crumbling, good citizens jumping to their deaths, and jetliners crashing into the Pentagon and going down in a field in Pennsylvania.


So here is a recommendation for Obama: Spike the damned football and release the death and funeral photos of bin Laden publicly. Then release more extensive photos and videos – perhaps those covering the secret aspects of the operation – to a small group of American political leaders from across the political spectrum in a closed session. We will then take their word for whatever happened. Right now the atmosphere is filled with hearsay and rumors. And that is not acceptable.


Even US senator Scott Brown was shown fake photos. This is an affront to every American.


Mr. Obama, our nation is hanging by a thread. And your presidency is hanging by a thread. You have ruined our economy. You are disrupting our energy supply. And now, in one moment of military victory, you are making a hash of that too.


This shows that you are an indecisive leader who is not competent to command our armed forces or to run our nation. Because this was not some big military victory; this was only an emotional one. We understand that you took 16 hours to make the decision to go after bin Laden. This came after our good intelligence agents were harassed for years by you and your Democrat minions over the very interrogation techniques that ultimately led to bin Laden.


What else do you want, sir? Do you want the world on a platter?


Indeed that is what Obama wants. He wants a utopia that does not exist – where windmills produce ‘clean’ energy (they don’t), where tens of millions of citizens are happy with their government welfare checks instead of jobs (they aren’t) and where docile Americans are willing to let the whole bin Laden incident pass without scutiny (they won’t).


We need a straightforward presentation of the facts of this killing to make sure that it was what the Obama administration is claiming it was.


Show the photos now, Mr. President. End this controversy quickly. And don’t try a coverup because that will do much more harm than good. Because unless this issue is settled sooner rather than later, this ostensibly good news will haunt you until you leave the White House in January 2013.


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