George W. Obama Takes out bin Laden

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, what are we to think of president Barack Obama who ordered the killing?


The liberals will say for all the rest of time that Obama is a hero. And indeed killing bin Laden was the right thing to do; we conservatives have supported the idea since 9/11. But it is important to remember that Obama was carrying out policies instituted by George W. Bush, who was savaged by the Democrat party for eight straight years.


A project like killing bin Laden is a long-term enterprise. It takes lots of intel, information, careful planning and laser-like execution by the kinds of soldiers you do not find in any nation except America and Israel. And it takes luck too.


Yet the Democrats have been impugning our military for decades, calling them names, maligning their mission and cutting their funding. Democrat US senators have compared our troops to nazis, while false media reports about five Marines killing civilians in Iraq led Democrat congressman John Murtha to go to rhetorical war against those Marines, who eventually were exonerated. There are many other stories like these.


And now those same Democrats want Obama to bask in the glow of a mission carried out by the same crack military. It is shameful.


(Tomorrow’s redstate.com Nikitas3 editorial will focus on Obama’s decision not to release pictures of the dead bin Laden.)


In fact killing bin Laden required the US to do many things vehemently opposed by Democrats – to use intel gathered in ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’; to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty; to assassinate a foreign ‘leader’ (and the term is used very loosely); to use violence and guns instead of diplomacy.


Opposed until May 1, that is.


Now Obama is going to Ground Zero in New York to celebrate his big victory. He will certainly appear on every TV network and they will give him slavish coverage.


This trip is shameful, and former president George W. Bush declined to join it. Good for him. Because this trip  is classic liberal narcissism – gloat, boast and deploy brazen public relations at a time when restraint and dignity are  required. When the Challenger space shuttle blew up in 1986, Ronald Reagan gave a brief and eloquent speech from the Oval Office. After the Tucson killings of 2011, Obama made the memorial service into a personal pep rally.


But this is what we always expect from liberals. Because liberals are weak people who need public adulation. Liberals are people who always are concerned what others think about them. And so they take every opportunity to wallow in positive publicity.


Obama has had few such opportunities since his election and he is very fearful about his re-election. Don’t be fooled by his facade of confidence. He has seen his polls falling, falling, falling. There seemed to be no end in sight. Yet now he will use this one event to bring up his public approval. And this event was not Obama’s liberal side; it was Obama channeling George W. Bush.


Maybe if he acted more like Republicans across the board, he would be guaranteed that his whole presidency will turn around – by stopping the wild spending, by halting the war on business, by restraining his radical enviro cronies and trial lawyer friends, and by cutting the capital gains tax rate. Just for starters.


But he will milk the bin Laden killing to shore up his image while allowing the American economy to go  downhill because that is his real policy – to undermine capitalism.


If you look at Obama’s election campaign of 2008 you saw that he was elected in some part because he took many suspiciously conservative positions at critical times in his campaign. He ran on ‘tax cuts for the middle class’. He supported nuclear power. He said he was a good practicing Christian. He said he favored the 2nd Amendment.


And today he is bombing Libya and killing a terrorist leader in Pakistan.


What is Obama really up to?


He is now seeking to base his re-election in 2012 on being a conservative. That is what his public admiration of Ronald Reagan was about in February. Except that his conversion won’t work a second time. Because frankly, Mr. President, America knew Ronald Reagan. And you’re no Ronald Reagan.


The bin Laden assassination is a temporary victory like George HW Bush’s 90% approval rating in 1991 after the success of the Desert Storm war. When America gets over the bin Laden euphoria, however, it will be back to $4+ gasoline, rising food prices, a housing crisis and 18% real unemployment.


And that is exactly why Obama is going to shamelessly exploit this situation for all he can get. And his media cronies will fete him until election day. Because being like George W. Bush is one of the rare moments so far in the Obama presidency when he has seen his public approval rise. It probably feels very good. Perhaps he can learn something from it.


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