2012 Election Should Be About Race

Let’s make the 2012 presidential election about the issue of racism. Because the Democrats already have done that while acting like they have not. So let’s stop playing games.


Bob Schieffer of CBS recently said that “this is an ugly strain of racism that’s running through this whole thing” about Donald Trump asking for Obama’s birth certificate and wanting to see Obama’s education records.


The implication of the latter is that Trump may believe that Obama got into Columbia and Harvard as an affirmative-action student. Yet why shouldn’t Trump be suspicious? White people have been saying this for decades about unqualified blacks.


Thus this is a perfect time to have a debate about affirmative action. And yes, to make the 2012 presidential election about race. After all Obama was elected largely based on the fact that he is (half) black. So maybe 2012 will go the other way; the race issue will work against him. And this is what really terrifies the liberals. That is why they are all playing the race card.


(Note to Bob Schieffer: About affirmative action, we conservatives say that it is “an ugly strain of racism that’s running through this whole thing”. We say that on behalf of those millions of qualified whites who have been denied jobs and discriminated against because of AA. And by the way, Mr. Schieffer, your media cronies attacked George Bush’s intelligence for 8 years. Yet when a conservative questions Obama’s academic record for three days, he is immediately called a racist.)


Of course the Democrats started this whole racism ball rolling, calling Tea Partiers and anyone who disagreed with Obama racist. Black congressman Emmanuel Cleaver even claimed that he was spit on and called “a nigger” by a Tea Partier in Spring 2010, yet never provided any proof. This is the way that blacks and Democrats set up the game. They throw out inflammatory charges and wait for them to catch fire in the media. Then when they are never proven, the original charge still sticks with millions of people.


But the charge of racism is the Democrats’ weapon of last resort against a nation that is increasingly turning on Obama. Because many of us said from the start that Obama was obviously not prepared to be president, nor smart enough. His rambling speeches and press conferences and his repetitive, often contradictory comments on the economy, the oil companies etc. along with his frivolous behavior about basketball brackets and the like  indicate that Obama indeed is not presidential material.


This does not mean that we conservatives think that blacks are not smart enough. We just think that our kind of blacks like Clarence Thomas indeed are smart enough and that their kind are not. Just like we know that white conservatives are infinitely smarter than white liberals.


Because we conservatives base our judgments on rational study of facts, history and empirical observation and not on the potemkin-type of postmodernist scholarship found in today’s universities which is left wing, contrived and irrational like ‘global warming’.


Trump has hinted that Obama did not earn the grades to allow him to enter the two Ivy league schools – Columbia and Harvard. Trump said: “I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard…. We don’t know a thing about (Obama). There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president.”


Trump’s comments are resonating with millions of white parents across America who have seen their well-qualified children turned down by good schools and for good jobs, while less-qualified blacks skate through with full scholarships and important employment offers.


Trump’s blunt talk about white kids not getting into Harvard coincides with the rise of a new “whiteness movement”. Caucasians are tired of being cut out of college admissions, scholarships, loan programs, subsidies and job promotions by dint of the fact that blacks are given those jobs, handouts and favors. Four Supreme Court justices even agreed that white firefighters in Connecticut could be denied promotions simply because no blacks were able to pass the promotion test.


This government-sponsored racism called “affirmative action” is going to be increasingly challenged as more whites speak out that the table is set against them, that whites in fact are the victims of the most pervasive discrimination. And this is an issue about Obama:  Is he qualified to be president, or was he simply ushered to the White House by a compliant affirmative-action type media?


This is why liberals are desperately playing the race card about Trump and anyone else who challenges Obama. Because they are terrified of any open debate about affirmative action that would expose their favored status and their anti-white bigotry.


Schieffer said that Trump’s inquiry into Obama’s education is “just code for saying he got into law school because he’s black.”


OK, fine. So what. Trump may be absolutely right. So let’s have a debate about race in 2012. Because the rigged system today is a vicious form of discrimination against whites and particularly against conservatives and especially against white, conservative men.  Now is a good time to start discussing it.


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