Shivering in New England

We just shivered through another cold Spring 2011 here in New England. This comes after a brutal winter, with frigid temperatures and record amounts of snow. This comes after Al Gore’s ‘global warming’ minions have warned us for years that we may never see cold winters or snow again.


Indeed we have had a string of very cold winters in New England. There have been record cold temperatures all over the globe.  The lie of ‘global warming’ has been exposed. And Gore has largely disappeared from public view, unlike the period after he was awarded the Nobel Prize, when he was everywhere.


And indeed as the cold continues, we are paying record prices for heating oil. Because the same hucksters who have been promoting ‘global warming’  – or ‘climate change’ or whatever they are calling it these days – are also blocking our energy supplies and pushing up prices through supply-and-demand shortages. Because they have created a monster in their own minds that our way of life is destroying the planet.


Nonsense. The false nature of their apocalyptic claim is proven in the false nature of the ‘global warming’ charge, which was supposed to be yet another sure-fire example of how we were ruining the earth. And these same eco-liars now want us to install “green energy” sources like windmills and solar panels which do not work.


Indeed, windmills and solar panels produce some small amount of energy. But so does a man pedaling a bicycle hooked up to an electrical generator.


The question is: Are we going to produce energy inefficiently through small-scale, dispersed sources like windmills or efficiently through large-scale generators like nuclear plants? After all, Economies of Scale, which says that big things are more efficient than small things, is one of the bedrocks of the natural system of economics. Which is why most people shop at supermarkets instead of the corner store.


The political left, through the radical enviro movement, however, says that we should produce energy inefficiently with windmills because our efficient sources like nuclear power are evil. They point to the nuclear accident in Japan. But not one single person has been reported killed in that accident. And the critics ignore the 12,000 reactor years of efficient operation of worldwide nuclear generation with hardly a single death.


Yet as we shiver in the Spring of 2011, they tell us that we must worry about ‘global warming’ and we must use less energy. And the way to force people to use less is to create higher energy prices by restricting the supply, which enviros are doing everywhere they can.


We have 10 billion to 20 billion barrels of oil under one untapped spot in the ANWR reserve in northern Alaska. This oil would need to be pumped through the existing 800-mile long Alaska pipeline, which was completed in 1977 to carry oil from another northern Alaska field, Prudhoe Bay.


The original legislation to build the pipeline carried a clause that the pipeline will be torn down after Prudhoe Bay runs out. So the enviros are planning to tear down the pipeline when Prudhoe Bay is depleted around 2015. That will leave us with no way to get the oil from ANWR or for drilling in the Arctic Ocean (27 billion barrels). This is their intention – to starve our energy supply and push up prices. So that we shiver in the Spring and pay higher prices for heating oil.


These people are dangerous and deceptive. Anyone who calls himself an “environmentalist” today, with the Sierra Club sticker on the car and the canoe rack on the roof, is lying to you. Because they all promote the same apocalyptic vision of the world and ignore our human needs.


And worse, they ignore the reality that man – well, Western man that is – is endlessly innovative. The demographer Thomas Malthus once famously predicted that man was doomed because a growing population would run out of pasture land to feed all the horses that were used for transportation. And he was right. But Malthus never foresaw that there would be cars, and oil coming from the ground by the billions of barrels per year.


Just imagine you still used a horse. If you went away for a week, you still would have to feed the horse or it would die. If you go away for a week today, you leave your car in the garage and it does not die. Aren’t cars wonderful?!


But somehow the environmentalists are saying that cars are awful, that we need to stop using cars, that the next step is to have everyone riding on government-run passenger trains.


Yet those trains worldwide are consuming huge amounts of energy and taxpayer dollars. Even the famous Japanese Bullet Train system was privatized in 1987 after consuming boatloads of money after its launch in 1964.


Now as we shiver in the Spring of 2011 here in New England, and as we pay more and more for energy, our food prices are rising as well. Because the same environmentalists who warned us about the fake ‘global warming’ theory now have arranged for the government to subsidize ethanol production, which diverts millions of bushels of corn into alcohol energy production, pushing up food prices.


How? Because all that corn normally would have gone to feed cattle, hogs and chickens. But the price of feed has gone way up because the diversion of corn to ethanol is restricting the supply of animal feed. So all meat prices are higher, just like our oil prices are higher thanks to environmentalists.


Yet like all ‘green energy’ sources, ethanol is a bust. Worldwide the industry quickly sprung up then largely collapsed. It never even has been proven that ethanol production produces as much energy as it takes to make it. Indeed even the most optimistic estimate is that the alcohol energy from an acre of corn produces only 3.6 times the amount of energy needed to make it. While nuclear power produces millions of times the energy input to produce it. And nuclear power does not push up our food bills.


Environmentalists are seeking to disrupt our way of life. Every proposal they have is hurtful to mankind and to the environment too. If you want to see a windmill everywhere you look, then that is the nightmare scenario that environmentalists have for you. While you shiver in the dark.


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