Obama Trumped on Birth Certificate

President Obama has released his birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. This puts to rest a controversy that has been brewing since his entry into the presidential race of 2008.


And it is important to remember that the original “birthers” were in the Hillary Clinton campaign, not on the conservative right.


The green-colored long-form certificate was released after several years in which Obama refused to provide it and the state of Hawaii said it could not release it under law.


Donald Trump has been the most vocal potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate asking to see the certificate and now is taking credit for its release. This is a big win for Trump. He forced the president of the United States – the most powerful political figure in the world – to lower himself to publicizing his birth certificate.


So what is really going on? Why has Obama released the certificate?


Answer: Because the issue was hurting him, as explained by nikitas3.com


In a commentary called Maybe Karl Rove Isn’t so Smart posted on my website and on redstate.com on April 25 two days before the certificate release, nikitas3.com summarized the controversy, saying that the birth certificate issue was harming Obama politically. Nikitas3.com said (note comment italicized for emphasis):


‘(Bush advisor Karl) Rove says Trump has harmed himself with his talk about Obama’s birth certificate. Yet a string of black-owned newspapers recently ran a full-page ad calling on the ‘birthers’ to stop their campaign against Obama.


This is very significant. Because what this means is that the ‘birther’ issue is a viable political matter. If it was not, those ads would not have appeared. So Trump should mention the birth certificate occasionally to keep the issue alive, but not harp on it.


There are many unanswered questions about Obama that many Americans find disturbing – his radical past associations, his deference to Islam, his never-positive tone about America, his White House operatives like Anita Dunn and her praise for the greatest mass murderer in history Mao Tse Tung. Obama is not nearly as popular as the media like to portray him. His polls are very low even though he has 110% media complicity in everything he does.


So even if the ‘birther’ controversy is illegitimate, the black newspapers are talking about it and many others are too. Which is how politics works. So the birth certificate is a distinct point of political weakness for Obama. Most Americans are not actively engaged in political news, and any peripheral talk about Obama’s birthplace is going to affect millions of voters negatively, bringing up questions about Obama. Democrats know this. They want to shut down the talk, if they can.


The ‘birther’ issue was stirred up even more recently when Democrat Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie said he was going to solve it and produce the birth certificate, but was unable to. This is hurting Obama, not directly, but underneath, in the subconscious of the body politic.


Obama should show his birth certificate if he wants to be re-elected. Because he cannot allow any issue to work against him like this one already is. Because it is raw political meat. There is no upside to him not showing it, but there is a downside to not showing it. That’s politics.’ (end of excerpt)


Obviously Obama reads nikitas3.com!


In a previous editorial, nikitas3.com said


‘In the spirit of American truth and goodness, Obama should produce the long form or have it produced by the state of Hawaii….’ (end of excerpt)


Here’s the real truth: A recent CNN poll said that ‘75% of Americans believe Obama was definitely or probably born in the United States.’ So if 25% of Americans did not believe he was born here, that was a huge problem for Obama. A recent  USAToday/Gallup poll said that only 38% believed that Obama definitely was born in the USA. And these polls are why the certificate was released, as nikitas3.com has suggested Obama should and would release it. In a previous commentary, nikitas3.com wrote:


‘Yet when we conservatives say that perhaps president Obama should simply end the ‘birther’ controversy with one simple act by showing us his birth certificate, that is seen as radical and crazy. Yet that is exactly what a conservative would do – he would show us the birth certificate in the name of truth and clarity in a simple act of good faith.’ (end of excerpt)


Thus after Obama played possum for years, he has shown the certificate. Where does this leave us?


Simply put, it gives Trump a huge advantage for the presidency in 2012. Trump is proudly taking credit for forcing Obama to show the document. At a press conference on the release of the birth certificate, Trump said, “Today I am very proud of myself…  I am really honored… why didn’t (Obama) do this a long time ago?”


What a showman! Trump has just proven that he is obviously more media-savvy than even Obama. He completely “trumped” Obama. This increases Trump’s prestige, visibility and the perception of his power. He forced the American president to act. Very impressive.  And don’t think Obama is not very wary of Trump now, even scared.


There were concerns about Trump asking repeatedly about the birth certificate, that he was marginalizing himself, that it was a “kook issue”. And there were other concerns that Obama might string the issue out and then produce the certificate in an October Surprise right before the 2012 election, which could have ruined Trump if he were the candidate and had continued asking for it.


But Obama saw the political handwriting on the wall, that his popularity is so low that he could not afford to play games.


And Trump now has another big advantage – he can focus on the terrible state of the economy which is Obama’s real Achilles heel. And on that count and without the birth issue as a distraction, Trump can take the White House in the 2012 presidential election.


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