Maybe Karl Rove Isn't so Smart

Karl Rove is the chief political operative and advisor who got George Bush elected president twice. He now is saying that Donald Trump is a “joke candidate” for president.


Interestingly Rove is the man whose president destroyed his own legacy with one of the worst wars in all of American history. So if Rove is so smart, why did he allow Bush to go into Iraq?


Good question. And a lot more germane to politics than the minor “birther” issue that Trump has brought up, which is why Rove is calling Trump a joke.


Why did Rove allow Bush to spend so much federal money, to get us involved in two wars, to start a whole new and massively expensive entitlement program in Medicare, to fail to address the long-term viability of Social Security, to fail to close the borders, and to fail to stop the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?


Actually the answer is simple. Bush had to put all his energies into Iraq, which consumed his presidency.


Will the genius Rove take responsibility for today’s skyrocketing food prices which are largely a result of corn being diverted to ethanol production, a program started under Bush?


Doubt it.  Maybe Rove is not so smart after all. Maybe it was the Bush presidency that was a “joke”.


Rove’s comment comes after Obama operatives are saying that Trump will never get elected, and other Media Left commentators are calling Trump names. Not just because Trump has brought up the birth issue, but because they want to portray Trump as too much of a celebrity.


Yet as Trump himself has said, he has created tens of thousands of jobs, which none of these other candidates can say. And Trump pulled himself up by his bootstraps, and was not promoted by his family like Bush or by outside interests like Obama has been. And that is a very powerful thing, whatever you think about Trump. And throughout his career he has actually constructed buildings and employed people and made contracts and got real things done. He was not a community organizer with a staple gun posting fliers on phone poles on the South Side of Chicago like Obama was.


So you wonder: Why are all these people focusing on Trump and not calling Obama’s failed presidency “a joke”?


Answer: Because Trump’s power is growing. Just two months ago, he was not even being considered. And many do not want to see him as the candidate because Trump is not afraid of Obama and will beat Obama.


Forget what you think. Obama is nervous about Trump and so are his Media Left cronies who now are working against Trump. Meanwhile Establishment GOP leaders like Rove are also nervous about Trump and want one of their own candidates to run (think McCain) so they too are anti-Trump.


But Trump is the guy to beat Obama, and can do it. Because the rest of these emaciated Republicans like Mitt Romney can never win. Or consider 2008 candidate Mike Huckabee, who is the real joke, with his bass guitar playing and that inane smile of his. As Arkansas governor, Huckabee policies once allowed a violent felon named Maurice Clemmons to go free. Clemmons then went on to kill four police officers. Don’t think this won’t ruin Huckabee in a presidential race.  Where is Rove to comment on that?


Rove says Trump has harmed himself with his talk about Obama’s birth certificate. Yet a string of black-owned newspapers recently ran a full-page ad calling on the ‘birthers’ to stop their campaign against Obama.


This is very significant. Because what this means is that the ‘birther’ issue is a viable political matter. If it was not, those ads would not have appeared. So Trump should mention the birth certificate occasionally to keep the issue alive, but not harp on it.


There are many unanswered questions about Obama that many Americans find disturbing – his radical past associations, his deference to Islam, his never-positive tone about America, his White House operatives like Anita Dunn and her praise for the greatest mass murderer in history Mao Tse Tung. Obama is not nearly as popular as the media like to portray him. His polls are very low even though he has 110% media complicity in everything he does.


So even if the ‘birther’ controversy is illegitimate, the black newspapers are talking about it and many others are too. Which is how politics works. So the birth certificate is a distinct point of political weakness for Obama. Most Americans are not actively engaged in political news, and any peripheral talk about Obama’s birthplace is going to affect millions of voters negatively, bringing up questions about Obama. Democrats know this. They want to shut down the talk, if they can.


The ‘birther’ issue was stirred up even more recently when Democrat Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie said he was going to solve it and produce the birth certificate, but was unable to. This is hurting Obama, not directly, but underneath, in the subconscious of the body politic.


Obama should show his birth certificate if he wants to be re-elected. Because he cannot allow any issue to work against him like this one already is. Because it is raw political meat. There is no upside to him not showing it, but there is a downside to not showing it. That’s politics.


Now let’s consider another infinitely bigger issue which is ‘global warming’ – you know, the now-discredited theory that Obama talks about repeatedly in relation to energy policy, that could end up affecting our entire economy? ‘Global warming’ is one million times the size of the ‘birther’ controversy. It is the biggest scientific hoax of all time.


So why does Rove not call Obama a “joke president” for constantly bringing up GW, which Obama now calls “climate change” since GW has been debunked.


Answer: Because Rove is not so smart after all. Because he could tear Obama to shreds over GW but is afraid to. Instead he focuses on Trump. All Republicans should be going after Obama and Gore over GW.


So let’s try something interesting: Let’s put the debates – ‘global warming’ versus ‘birth certificate’ – into perspective. Let’s imagine that the roles were switched. Imagine that conservatives and the nuclear power industry had created the whole GW story to promote emission-less nuclear power.


The media would go nuts, calling GW alarmists clowns and kooks and pointing out all the cold weather we are having (“…oh, boy, snow in Houston! Yeah, ‘global warming’, right…!”), pointing to the Medieval Warm Period 1,000 years ago as an example of a historical hot spell that was 400 years long, etc.


And they would be right.


But we conservatives would never promote a theory like GW because there is no scientific basis for it. We rely on observed facts and real empirical inquiry. But that does not stop the “joke president” Obama from referring to it constantly.


And on the other side of the coin, on the birth issue, if a conservative candidate were accused of not being born in the United States, he would produce his birth certificate. Because conservatives believe in truth.


Because if a Republican were suspected of not being born in the US – as John McCain’s eligibility to be president was briefly questioned by none other than the New York Times in a front-page story during the 2008 campaign (McCain was born to military parents in the Panama Canal Zone) – the media would follow it like a bloodhound, just like they followed the fake Valerie Plame story for years even though that was a completely inconsequential issue that affected precisely zero people and events.


The ‘birther’ issue is going to hurt Obama if he does not address it. Because it is something that now is implanted into voters’ minds. It is underneath the surface. And nikitas3.com predicts that Obama will lose to Trump in 2012, and that just possibly it could be just a small number of voters in certain swing states that could end up picking the winner, some of whom could be subconsciously skeptical about Obama’s birth. After all, a shift of just 268 votes in Florida in 2000 would have given the presidency to Al Gore.


And Karl Rove is not so smart if he is not going to focus every day on Obama’s horrible presidential legacy already. But then again, look at Rove’s record with George W. Bush, whom Trump has called “the worst president in American history”.


Oh, there you go. That is why Rove is anti-Trump…


By the way, once again it is important to repeat – the most successful president of the last 100 years was Ronald Reagan, who was an unapologetic conservative in every way, unlike an often very liberal George W. Bush.


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