Deceiver Soros vs. Rational Koch Brothers

George Soros, the multibillionaire currency trader/speculator and left-wing money man, predicted in a BBC interview that the Iranian regime would be overthrown in the “bloodiest of the revolutions”.


What baloney… This is complete misdirection and subterfuge. Soros knows well that the regimes that will be overthrown in the Middle East are those associated with the United States. Because pro-American regimes like Egypt and Bahrain will not use the kind of suppressive force that Iran will. Or China.


Libya today is in turmoil. Libya produces 1.6 million barrels of oil per day out of 87 million barrels per day world total, and is the 17th largest producer on earth.


Soros said: “What has caused the (Middle Eastern) revolutions is a revulsion against a corruption that is fed by the misuse of natural resources like for instance in Libya.”


Yeah, right… corruption. How about the corruption in the United States, Mr. Soros, of which you yourself are an integral part?


Listen to Soros: “Now it is regimes supported by the West (who are being protested in the Middle East), so the West has to regain the allegiance of the people in those countries by actually supporting the transition to democracy.


“It’s very important that Europe and the US should be in front of the revolution rather than behind it because if they are behind it, they are going to lose the allegiance of the new regimes that are emerging and if they are properly supported they will be democratic regimes and it will be a tremendous improvement.”


Every syllable Soros utters is a deception. Meanwhile Soros is foursquare behind the corruption here in the USA. No, not corruption in the oil companies or the insurance companies, but in the Obama administration which has funneled hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer wealth directly to the public-sector and private-sector unions in exchange for votes and Democrat campaign contributions.


And Obama is directing huge amounts of federal dollars to his cronies in the ‘green’ energy sector whose windmills and solar panels will never, ever make the amounts of energy that America needs. While our roads and bridges decay as the Obama stimulus did zero to help fix them.


So how is this different from Libya, Mr. Soros, except that it is actually much bigger?


Yet when Americans legitimately rise up, like the Tea Parties have, Soros and the left are indignant, angry, critical and dismissive.


This is genuine corruption. And it is happening before our very eyes with the Media Left and Soros covering up for it.


Look at Soros himself and you understand. He is a currency trader, a financial ‘paper shuffler’. He has amassed a huge fortune by gambling on and manipulating national currencies around the globe and sometimes contributing to severe economic disruptions as he is accused of doing in Asia in 1997.Just as Joseph P. Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy family, was one of the chief instigators of the US stock market collapse of 1929 through his manipulation of paper transactions, manipulations which were eventually outlawed.


In short, Soros “creates” zero wealth. He just “gets wealth” for himself. Then he goes off pontificating about the “corruption” in Libya. What a phony.


And there is Obama, one of Soros’ main beneficiaries, talking about overthrowing Gaddafi and getting our long-time ally Mubarak out of power in Egypt.


What is going to follow Gaddafi and Mubarak? We easily could get radical Islamic regimes that are more repressive and that hate America even more.


Soros opined: “Libya produced enormous wealth which Gaddafi took as his own and now the people rebelled against it.” Asked whether there should be more transparency about the oil incomes, Soros said: “Very much so.”


Yet this is the same ‘transparency’ that Americans were expecting of Obama. Yet in just one example of many, Obama dropped out of public financing for his 2008 presidential campaign so that he could keep his financial backers secret, including Soros and dozens other like him.


Now that the super-wealthy Koch Brothers (pronounced ‘coke brothers’) David and Charles are helping our conservative side, the lefties have started demonstrations against them and attacks on their characters. The Koch Brothers could be called the ‘George Soros of the political right’ except that they are legitimate businessmen. Here is how wikipedia.org describes the Koch family, which is Dutch in origin and Roman Catholic in religion:


‘The Koch family of industrialists and businessmen is most notable for their control of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the United States. The family business was started by Fred C. Koch, who developed a new method for refining heavy oil into gasoline.’ (end of excerpt)


What is noteworthy about this description is that the Koch fortune is built on the production of a needed commodity, something we all use every day – gasoline. They have “created” wealth for the nation and “created” a product that people need. Meanwhile Soros is merely a currency speculator who plays the international currency markets and “gets wealth” only for himself.  Wikipedia.org continued:


‘In an interview article for the Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore  writes “Charles Koch—no surprise—disdains government and the political class.”  Koch thinks the billionaires Warren Buffett and George Soros, who fund organizations with different ideologies, “simply haven’t been sufficiently exposed to the ideas of liberty”. Koch thinks “prosperity is under attack” by the Obama administration and “warns of policies that ‘threaten to erode our economic freedom and transfer vast sums of money to the state'”. (end of excerpt)


Indeed. Because Buffett, also an Obama supporter, is like Soros. Buffett is just a ‘paper shuffler’ and a ‘wealth appropriator’ who plays the market.  He is not a ‘wealth creator’. He creates no products. He is simply an ‘investor’ who “gets wealth” for his investor clients. And the foundation of socialism itself is not “wealth creation” but “wealth appropriation”, i.e., taking money from people who create wealth and giving it to others.


So – Soros, left-wing wealth appropriator, dishonest, talks out of both sides of his mouth.


Koch Brothers – conservative “wealth creators”, rational, honest, open, direct.


Which do you prefer?


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