Leftists Ally with Radical Islam Worldwide

At least 65 Christians have been killed in attacks across the Muslim world in recent months. A shooting in Egypt killed a Christian man and injured five women; a New Year’s bombing at a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt killed 23 people and injured 100; Christmas Eve blasts in Nigeria killed 32 while three other churches were attacked and six worshipers killed; six Christians died in a Catholic Church bombing in the Philippines; and a series of New Year’s Eve bombings in Iraq left two Christians dead and at least 13 wounded. Anti-Christian violence has flared in other places.


This is vicious radical Islam in action. Meanwhile Obama was practically speechless – for the second time – on the uprising against the extremist Islamic government in Iran which sponsors and advocates this type of murder. And while Obama has made some gratuitous remarks about all the anti-Christian violence Hillary Clinton has been silent.


Yet there was hysteria from the left in the 1990s that the Christian government in the former Yugoslavia was “ethnically cleansing” the nation of Muslims, killing them and driving them out. And Bill Clinton even took us to war to stop it. So we should now take action against Islamists and governments in nations where radical Muslims are “ethnically cleansing” Christians. Perhaps a limited US military action against a few radical Islamic outposts in Nigeria or Egypt would do the trick.


Where is the outcry from the Media Left in America over these attacks? If these were Muslims being attacked by Christians in Europe or the US, there would be a worldwide uproar.


 Answer: The left couldn’t care less. The left is anti-Christian and has joined forces with radical Islam. Katie Couric said on her New Year’s Eve internet show that the “seething hatred” against Muslims in America was one of the “most disturbing stories to surface this year”.


What seething hatred? Oh, right, legitimate protests over a blatant provocation like the Ground Zero mosque. How about the seething hatred of Muslims against Christians all over the world, Ms. Kouric? Or the seething hatred of increasing numbers of Muslims arrested here in the US for plotting terrorist attacks against us?


And when one small-time Florida pastor was going to hold a Burn a Koran Day, the worldwide media went berskerk and Hillary went running to the microphones at a Muslim dinner about that incident. Meanwhile the American media have said virtually nothing about the fact that half of Iraq’s Christian population – more than 800,000 people – has fled that nation out of fear of Islamic extremism.


What this represents is the new alliance between radical Islam and worldwide leftists/communists and their media cronies, part of a historical trend of disparate groups working together against a “common enemy”. And that “enemy” today is Christianity, capitalism, the Christian/capitalist United States and Europe, all of which are targets of both radical Islam and radical communists who are sympathetic to each other’s goals even though their worldviews are opposite.


Europe is now waking up to Islam, however. Finally. Three prime ministers – in England, France and Germany – have declared that multiculturalism has failed. After decades of naively seeking to assimilate Muslims into their societies, these leaders have seen the light. Because those Muslims do not want to assimilate and some simply want to annihilate.


Nina Shea, director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom said about the spike in anti-Christian violence, “The lack of a policy response beyond sending condolences each time a church or Christians are targeted in some horrific act of violence like in Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria etc. is absolutely bewildering. This should be seen as not only a humanitarian issue, but a security issue.”


Shea said that when the Obama administration first noted an October 31 church bombing in Iraq, it sent “a general condolence to Iraqis that didn’t even mention the word Christian or churches — even though it was a packed Sunday worship service for Christians that was blown up.” Obama also offered a gratuitous statement on the Egypt and Nigeria attacks but has not followed up the way he hurried across the nation to the microphones over the Tucson killings.


Said Shea: “Christians are a moderating force in the Middle East. When they are gone, religious diversity and pluralism goes with them… It ultimately means there will be a setback for our own national security interests and the ability of these countries to peacefully coexist with us.”


Shea suggested that the US withhold billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that do not shield their Christian minorities.


Egypt has indeed taken action, however, and good for Egypt. Under president Mubarak, Christians – who are 8 million out of Egypt’s 80 million population – were always protected. Recently Egypt convicted and gave a death sentence to a Muslim who killed six Christians outside a Coptic church on Jan. 6, 2010. This is why the US should stand by a Western-oriented government even if it is run by the Egyptian military.


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