Wealthy Football Star Spouts Black Hysteria

A black player for the Minnesota Vikings football team recently compared working in the National Football League to slavery.


Said Adrian Peterson, “The players are getting robbed. They are. The owners are making so much money off of us to begin with. I don’t know that I want to quote myself on that…. It’s modern-day slavery, you know? People kind of laugh at that, but there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too. With all the money…”


Peterson is set to be paid $10.72 million in 2011. He was commenting in response to the failure of NFL owners and players to reach an agreement on collective bargaining.


So Peterson is kinda like the fanatics in the public-employee unions in Wisconsin going haywire over losing their collective bargaining rights while still making exorbitant salary packages and having other huge privileges like lifetime tenure and early retirement. The average pay/benefit/pension package for a public school teacher in the failed Milwaukee, Wisconsin system is just over $100,000 for about 8 months of work.


Many should be fired instead.


So what do blacks and unionized government employees have in common?


Answer: They both are on the political left and are controlled by the emotion-driven tactics of the Democrat party.


The fact is that Peterson is yet another super-successful black American who has gone off the deep end. It makes no difference how much money, prestige or power, or how many mansions successful blacks have today. They are constantly on their soapboxes complaining, whining, caterwauling. It never ends.


Who could forget Michelle Obama saying she had never been proud of America even though her husband at the time had been a US senator and she had been earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a corporate lawyer.


Poor Michelle… So deprived… And this came after she and her husband got all sorts of free scholarships for their education, and were promoted ahead of everyone else for one reason only – because they are black. And she was still complaining even after their big Free Ride.


They are ungrateful. Like all liberals.


Indeed this is contemporary black America because it is contemporary liberal America. Nothing is ever good enough. Because they are programmed that way by the Democrat party and by the tenets of international socialism – grievance, anger, envy, emotion.


Yes, $10 million a year for an uneducated football player is “slavery”.  And what exactly is meant by the use of the word “slavery”?


This is the one magical code word that is sacred to black America and is trotted out every time a black person is unhappy. They say it reflexively. The other two sacrosanct words are “racism” and “discrimination”.  Even when they are rich and successful or even if his/her problems are his/her own fault, it is either slavery, racism or discrimination. Boom, boom, boom. Just like a parrot. They might as well have a tape recorder. The words come out automatically.


These blacks are reflecting a deep personality disorder that is common to all those on the left.  If you notice all Democrats are driven by wildly gyrating emotions. One day they are happy, the next day they are sad. One hour they are gloating, the next hour they are fuming.  One moment they are savaging Sarah Palin and in the blink of an eye they are worshipping Obama. If blacks are not poor and miserable and complaining, they go to the other extreme where they are rich and pampered and complaining.


If workers are not upset that they are out of a job and blaming Bush, they go to the other extreme where unionized workers are getting every benefit and still are complaining about Bush.


Look at Jesse Jackson. He has never worked a day in his life, but he is worth millions. He got all his money and power by complaining and agitating, and by threatening businesses. He is truly an unproductive extremist. Then Jackson goes to the other extreme and says he is a peacemaker and civil-rights leader. He even calls himself ‘reverend’. What nonsense.


Meanwhile Obama has been playing the race card regularly since he was inaugurated while we were told the complete opposite – that Obama was gong to end racial strife in America. Expectedly he has gone to the other extreme and stoked racial strife constantly. Who could forget Obama reacting over the brief arrest of a black Harvard professor in Summer 2009, saying the police had acted “stupidly” even before he knew the facts of the case.


Then on the other hand, his Justice Department has declined to prosecute two New Black Panthers for a blatant and videotaped voter rights violation in Philadelphia. Attorney general Eric Holder, who is Caribbean black, even called the Panthers “my people”.


Extremist rhetoric anyone?


Yes, plain and simple. Perhaps Obama could have listened to the officer’s side of the Harvard story before commenting – as a conservative would have – or considering the facts in the Philadelphia case – as a conservative would have. But no, Obama and all liberal blacks have a pre-set template – that America is evil and unfair and that they can get whatever they want by running to MAMA (their Maniacally Activist Media Allies) and screaming “slavery, racism, discrimination”, those three magic words.


Obama is no different than Adrian Peterson calling his $10-million-per-season job “slavery”. We certainly hope the NFL resolves its labor dispute so that Peterson doesn’t miss any payments on his mansion or his Ferrari. You know, the meager fruits of his terrible enslavement.


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