Apparently Mothers ARE Smarter

An analysis of a study was posted on the American Psychological Association website in October 2010 called The Real ‘Mommy Brain’: Mothers Grew Bigger Brains Within Months of Giving Birth. The study noted measurable increases in brain size in women after they bore their children.


This contradicts the feminist dogma that childless feminists are smart and that women who have children are ignoramuses. In fact the opposite may very well be true.  Said the analysis on apa.org:


‘Led by neuroscientist Pilyoung Kim, PhD, now with the National Institute of Mental Health, the authors speculated that hormonal changes right after birth, including increases in estrogen, oxytocin and prolactin, may help make mothers’ brains susceptible to reshaping in response to the baby. Their findings were published in the October issue of Behavioral Neuroscience.


The motivation to take care of a baby, and the hallmark traits of motherhood, might be less of an instinctive response and more of a result of active brain building, neuroscientists Craig Kinsley, PhD, and Elizabeth Meyer, PhD, wrote in a special commentary in the same journal issue.’ (end of excerpt)


So there you go. An actual scientific study along with scientific measurement of brain size support the very disturbing idea – to the Democrat left, that is – that Sarah Palin, who has 5 children, may indeed be much smarter than childless and never-married liberal Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor.


This indeed is one of the reasons why the left is attacking Palin so relentlessly. Consider the psychology of that conflict and you see it plain as day. They understand that Palin is talking common sense and speaking in terms of timeless wisdom and so they must destroy her character to destroy her message and now to undermine the scientifically-supported thesis that she could be smarter than Sotomayor.


Says the apa.org analysis:


The researchers performed baseline and follow-up high-resolution magnetic-resonance imaging on the brains of 19 women who gave birth at Yale-New Haven Hospital, 10 to boys and nine to girls. A comparison of images taken two to four weeks and three to four months after the women gave birth showed that gray matter volume increased by a small but significant amount in various parts of the brain. In adults, gray matter volume doesn’t ordinarily change over a few months without significant learning, brain injury or illness, or major environmental change.’ (end of excerpt)


It sure sounds like the old idea that “Mom knows best” indeed is true.


So let’s compare “Mom” like Palin to her childless entertainer counterparts like the crass and crude Kathy Griffin (who has no children) or Rosie O’Donnell (a lesbian whose children are all adopted) and you have a clear contrast. Sarah Palin is a worldly woman while Griffin and O’Donnell are just angry, profane philistines.


This does not, of course, mean that all mothers are brilliant or that childless women are stupid. It depends on a combination of “nature and nurture”.


In other words, God apparently gives women a chance to better themselves by nature in countless ways, through childbearing. But that does not mean that they will use or expand on their gifts. After all, former Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi is a mother and a grandmother, yet she has a low mentality. When she said  “We will find out what is in the health-care bill after we pass it,” that quote instantly became one of the most bone-headed lines in all of American political history and tagged Pelosi forever as a fool.


And we can never assume that childless women cannot become better through the work in their lives. Consider Christian nuns like Mother Theresa who have eternal wisdom and huge hearts.


But the Kim study certainly seems to give credence to the historical concept that mothers have an enduring type of wisdom that appears to be deeply genetic in nature, a wisdom designed to protect their children and themselves, a wisdom that they can pass on to their children, a survival instinct that informs their lives on the most elementary level.


So what about the classic feminist mind – educated at the best universities, very liberal, and thought to be so ultra-smart and worldly about what ‘we the people’ need in our lives?


Hardly. Consider that Sotomayor opined in a lower court ruling that it was legally acceptable for the city of New Haven, Connecticut to deny promotions to white firefighters simply because no blacks were able to pass the promotion test. Does this make sense or make the people of New Haven safer?


Of course not. It makes them much less safe. And the people of New Haven are generally very liberal. And so Sotomayor in fact is making the world less safe and secure even for people just like herself. Which goes against the survival instinct.


Thus it certainly appears that our conservative credo is correct, that Mom is really smart when she bears and rears her children in an atmosphere of selfless love. That she ultimately is making the world safer and better in the long run. And in the short run too.


And considering that feminism represents unlimited access to abortion, you see a ‘reverse survival instinct’ at work, i.e., the destruction of the next generation, which is ignorance on the most elementary level. So indeed the existence of rampant abortion in fact is destroying not only millions of innocent lives but perhaps the minds of millions of women. This indeed may be the central reason why there is so much stupidity, irrationality and anger associated with modern-day intellectual feminism.


Take Griffin, who has relentlessly maligned Sarah Palin and who now says publicly that she is going to attack Palin’s second daughter Willow after savaging Palin’s oldest daughter Bristol. What kind of woman attacks another woman’s children?


Answer: A cold, attention-starved, childless, unmarried left-wing entertainer who has no knowledge of the meaning of parental love or wisdom. Griffin is clawing her way up the food chain in the Follywood world of foul-mouthed dime-store entertainment. She has no conscience. If she had a baby, her world would be turned upside down for the better, rest assured. Because indeed childbearing is an act of conscience. Just ask most mothers. Or their children.


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