Go Ahead, Shut Down the Government

Let’s shut down the federal government and refuse to open it up until the budget deficit comes down to 3% of GDP, which is the maximum recommended to sustain growth. Today the deficit is roughly 11% of GDP.


The Republican House has the power to shut down the government by refusing to pass bills to sustain the current debt.


Democrats are using their standard stonewall tactics to make it look like a government shutdown would be very harmful when in fact our mounting debt is infinitely more harmful over the long run.


What Democrats are really doing is protecting their voters, supporters, contributors and constituents who are getting vast amounts of government money (federal workers, the handout poor, unions, National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Radio, ‘black studies’ professors, artists etc.) and who will never give up a penny, while the rest of America suffers with more debt and higher taxes.


To correct the problem, millions of recipients of government checks should be cut off, and the remainder should have their pay/benefit/pension checks cut 20%. Just for starters. Because they have been getting steady increases for the last several decades while taxpaying Americans have been paying more and more and becoming poorer and poorer.


Democrats are simply using their standard tactic of incrementalism – allowing debt to grow inch by inch over the years, and yard by yard recently, but never wanting to take any serious steps toward reform because then they could portray it as a major catastrophe for millions of people. Yet it is the Democrats’ incremental policies that have created so much dependency on government spending in the first place.


Our debt is like a leaking roof. If you have a leaking roof (like a growing national debt), Democrats say that it is too expensive to fix it (to cut government spending). But if you don’t fix the roof, eventually the whole house is going to fall down, just as our growing debt is destroying our economy.


Below are excerpts from an article called Q&A: Danger of government shutdown grows, from usatoday.com with my comment after each:


usatoday.com reported: ‘The GOP House passed legislation weeks ago that included $61 billion in spending cuts, but the Senate rejected it. Democratic negotiators say $33 billion in cuts is a possible compromise…’ Comment: So the Republicans propose budget cuts of less than 4% of our annual deficit ($61 billion out of $1.65 trillion) and the Democrats go crazy. That would be like saying we shouldn’t fix even a few shingles on the leaky roof because it is too expensive.


usatoday.com reported: ‘Lawmakers in both parties know they could suffer significant political fallout from failing to reach an agreement and allowing government operations to halt. And they have even bigger fiscal problems ahead, including the long-term health of Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements. That could accelerate movement toward an agreement.’ Comment: The debts of Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements are going to make today’s problems look like child’s play. But the Democrats won’t seek to fix any of it. They are trying to run the nation into irrevocable debt so they can have power over everyone.


usatoday.com reported: ‘The tea party has held rallies demanding that GOP leaders stick to $61 billion in cuts. That prompted Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid to accuse “extreme tea party members” of holding Republican leaders hostage.’ Comment: No, it is extreme if we continue to build up debt. It is rational to tame the debt NOW. We should have been doing it all along.


usatoday.com reported: ‘The economy is in much worse shape than it was leading up to the earlier shutdowns (in 1995-6) and far more Americans tell pollsters they are worried about government red ink. In 1996, the deficit was less than 1.4% of the gross domestic product, compared to roughly 9% in 2010. The national debt was less than $5 trillion in 1996. It’s over $14 trillion now.’ Comment: And that is why we need to take drastic action. The consequences today are dire.


usatoday.com reported: ‘President Obama recently reminded the country that a government shutdown would have an immediate impact. “People don’t get their Social Security checks,” he said. “They don’t get their veterans payments.” Comment: This is a lie (see below). Democrats lie about everything. This is a typical leftist tactic – tell any lie.


usatoday.com reported:  ‘Based on previous shutdowns, thousands of federal employees could be furloughed, but workers defined as “excepted” would continue working. Those include federal employees involved in national security as well as the military, FBI officials, and border and coastal protection personnel. The president and Congress would remain on the job, as well as federal prison employees, emergency and disaster assistance workers, people who run federal power grids and many employees of the IRS and Treasury Department. Veterans Affairs medical facilities likely would remain open. Social Security checks would be issued.’ Comment: Let’s furlough hundreds of thousands of federal employees. No, let’s fire them! Many of them are not necessary while the rest of their jobs can be taken over for one-third the cost by the private sector.


usatoday.com reported: ‘Some 800,000 federal employees were furloughed for six days in November 1995. During a 21-day shutdown in December-January 1996, about 284,000 were furloughed, with another 475,000 working in “non-pay” situations, meaning workers got back pay when the shutdown ended. One of the biggest symbolic impacts was the closure of 368 national park service sites, resulting in lost revenue from an estimated 7 million park visitors. News stories at the time quoted angry vacationers unable to get into federal parks on trips they’d planned for months.’ Comment: Poor federal workers. They got their checks late! Waaaahhhhh… What a bunch of spoiled brats. And you folks angry about your trip to a federal park – there aren’t going to be any federal parks in 20 years if the Democrats continue spending they way they are.


usatoday.com reported: ‘In 1995 and 1996, about 20,000 to 30,000 foreign visa applications went unprocessed each day.’ Comment: Good. We have better things to do than worry about visas. Many of these people are coming here on visas but they are going to stay illegally like radical Islamists and poor people who want to stay in America without filing for citizenship.


usatoday.com reported: ‘(In the previous shutdowns) New patients weren’t accepted for clinical research at the National Institutes of Health. The Centers for Disease Control’s disease hotline rang unanswered… Comment: The average lifespan in America just went up again, to 78.2 years. If we shut down these federal bureaucracies like NIH for a while, it is not going to change a thing.


usatoday.com reported: ‘There also were delays in… the hiring of 400 new federal border agents.’ Comment: So what? Obama has opened up the borders anyway. It is not a matter of spending, anyway. It is a matter of enforcement to keep our borders secure over the long run. But to Democrats, everything is money, money, money.


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