Gay Agenda Revealed

Republican US senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts has admitted that he was homosexually molested as a young boy at a Massachusetts summer camp, but that he has decided not to seek prosecution of the molester.


Meanwhile Pinal County, Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu, an outspoken critic of tough illegal immigration laws, has revealed that he was molested as a young child in Massachusetts by a homosexual priest, and that church officials covered it up.


So Babeu is now a liberal and Brown supported the liberal policy of repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military policy. This is interesting.


Brown said recently about our military, “I don’t care if they’re gay or straight” as long as they wish to serve their country.


How telling such a statement is… Yet it is the exact opposite of the truth. People like Brown absolutely do care whether a soldier is gay or straight. That is why they have voted to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. So that gays can proclaim their sexuality among their fellow soldiers.


Which is  utterly wrong. Because now only one group of people – gays – gets to announce its personal preferences while other soldiers are forbidden.


In fact it is we conservatives who really believe that “we don’t care if they’re gay or straight as long as they serve their country”. That is why we support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and want it reinstated. Because it made everyone equal. Nobody got to bring their personal agenda into the military, which is how our armed forces always have operated. Because personal agendas are disruptive and divisive.


Yet today, a vote like Brown’s is considered a defense of an “integrated” military. Nonsense. It is just the opposite. And it represents how liberals use language and emotion to get their way and to get privileges for themselves and for selected liberal groups that other people do not have.


Our military is the ‘great equalizer’ in America. It always has taken people from many different backgrounds and molded them into one unit in which each soldier is required to submerge his personal identity to the common identity of American Soldier.


In fact the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will end up showing that gays do not want to “serve their country”. If they did, they would serve quietly like everyone else does. What they really want is to serve the gay agenda, and gay activists are going to seek to disrupt the military with the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


So another question is: What has happened to tens of thousands of young American boys like Brown and Babeu who have been homosexually attacked in their youths?


Answer: Many have had their lives ruined and few prosecutions have been achieved. And the victims who have succeeded often become very liberal like Babeu – a military veteran – and Brown, who served in the Massachusetts National Guard. Why?


Because this homosexual molestation is a mental assault as well as a physical one. The resulting mental anguish is passed from one person to the next and from one generation to the next. Why would Brown seek to exonerate his molester? Does this not simply green-light the behavior?


Indeed it does. But Brown was deeply undermined by this heinous act. Brown’s standing down on the prosecution of his molester would be like a smoker with lung cancer becoming a friend of the tobacco industry. It makes no sense in the rational world. But in the irrational world of the left, it makes total sense.


Indeed sheriff Babeu said that he came to mistrust the church authorities because they covered up the abuse by the gay priest. Yet Babeu should really be seeking to prosecute the homosexual priest, and then to expose and prosecute the pro-gay Catholic Church officials as the sources of his lifelong misery.


In fact, many in the Catholic Church have been pro-homosexual for decades. So you could expect them to cover up this behavior. Meanwhile, the Media Left in America has never, ever used the words “homosexual” or “gay” to describe these tens of thousands of sexual assaults. They are always called The Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Scandal.


In a related story: I, Nikitas, recently went into two different branches of my local bank. In one, there were six females (managers, tellers) and one male teller. The male had an earring, i.e., he was announcing his homosexuality. In the other branch, there were two female and one male teller, along with one gushingly effeminate male manager.


So in other words, only  two people out of both branches were allowed to flaunt their personal agenda – the gays. Yet were I to work at that bank as a practicing Christian, I would never be allowed to greet every customer with the phrase: “God bless you. May I help you?” Because gays have all the privileges while others – i.e., conservatives – are told to shut up.


In Illinois, an appeals court recently upheld the right of a suburban Chicago student to wear a shirt that says ‘Be Happy, Not Gay’


Yet why should a shirt like that require court approval?


Answer: It shouldn’t. But the court had to rule because the gays objected and because the school district had allowed a pro-gay ‘Day of Silence’ to protest the alleged harassment of homosexual and lesbian students.


In other words, one group of people – the gays – had been allowed a special day by the school. Why?


Good question…


In another case, in Lexington, Massachusetts, David Parker publicly objected to his young son being indoctrinated into the gay agenda in the public schools. His son was then attacked by fellow students. In other words, ‘peaceful’ liberal Massachusetts parents obviously sent their “attack children” out to assault, harass and intimidate young Parker.


Yet there was no prosecution for that assault on the Parker boy with ‘hate crimes’ statutes invoked. And there will be no ‘Day of Outrage’ in the Lexington schools over the Parker attack. Because it was part of the pro-gay agenda. You know, the people who get all the special treatment in America. Even their crimes are overlooked.


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