Why Conservatives are Hated

Did you ever wonder why conservative Americans are hated in places as diverse as atheist Europe and religiously fundamentalist Islamic Pakistan?


It is quite simple: We conservatives oppose ideology, and the people who hate us are ideologues.


That is why Pakistan is poor and backward, and why Europe has fallen into the abyss of war and destruction repeatedly – because they are unstable places that are full of ideologues.


You might wonder how one can say that we conservatives are not ideological. But in fact conservatism, which is the basis for the founding of America, opposes all ideology. And people who wish to rule through ideology therefore hate conservatism. And the world is full of people with dictatorial aspirations of every kind – religious (Islam), economic (communist) etc. Always has been always will be.


But is not conservatism itself an ideology?


No. It is not. Conservatism is a balanced way of thinking that avoids all extremes of ideology. Think of the Dinner Plate Theory by Nikitas. The dinner plate could be considered a metaphor for the world. Conservatism creates stability by holding down hard on the center of the plate with standards, morals, rationality, laws, thoughtfulness, liberty, inventiveness, generosity, scholarship and human decency.


Ideologues, on the other hand, dance around the edge of the plate, destabilizing the world. If they can get rid of the conservatives holding down the center, they can take over in the instability and chaos, which is what tyrants do.


Thus the only way that liberty can possibly exist is to keep all ideologies at bay and allow people to think for themselves. Because ideologies always lead to tyranny.


Yet the casual observer might argue, for instance, that America was established on a capitalist, free-market ideology. But that is not true. Capitalism is not an ideology – it is the only natural economic system. For instance, if the supply of apples is large, the price falls. That happens naturally under the simple economic concept of ‘supply & demand’. If the government tries to prop up the price of apples, it can do so artificially. But it does not fix the problem caused by a large supply; it only masks it and ultimately makes it worse.


There is a generally natural flow of commerce in capitalism. In other words, if I want to buy something that you have, we set a price and exchange money without intervention from the outside. Capitalism. Period. You can see it in billions of individual transactions among people or in tiny markets around the world every day, even little  fruit stands with just a basket-ful of produce.


Ideologues in places like Europe, however, do not like a natural system like capitalism because they cannot control it. So they say it is flawed.


But once you start to tinker with capitalism as the Europeans have been doing for hundreds of years, you get something much worse – the ideology called socialism. Because socialism is the economy controlled by people in the government.


And the more control that the government has through the ideology of socialism, the less freedom and prosperity people have to conduct their businesses as they see fit on the individual level. By the time you get to communism, where the government controls the economy with an iron hand, most people are destitute and there is no food on the shelves for people to buy.


This is exactly what conservatism wishes to overcome – the tendency of tyrannical people to impose harsh ideologies on the populace. Which is why American liberty is the source of virtually all of the world’s modern-day liberty, and why tyrants hate American liberty.


Consider another ideology called environmentalism which today has dissolved into an extremist religious fervor that harkens back to paganism and the worship of nature. Environmentalism started with good intentions and was a positive force, but it has been commandeered by extremists. Wise people do not worship nature because they realize that nature is brutal. The only reason many people worship nature today is because they live in wealthy societies that have overcome nature.


Does that mean that we conservatives are anti-nature?


Of course not. The first environmentalists in America were rough-and-tumble outdoorsmen like conservative hunters and fishermen. Republican Teddy Roosevelt established the national parks. And we conservatives favor efficient energy sources like nuclear power that use miniscule amounts of natural resource compared to, say, coal-fired power plants.


Indeed we conservatives take good ideas from ideology, but we never go to ideological extremes. For instance, we believe in a clean environment with efficient production of energy and goods. But we do not go to the ideological extreme of windmills and solar panels and draconian laws to control the peoples’ behavior as enviros do.


We believe in the empowerment of women with conservatives leading the way in many places like Margaret Thatcher as the first woman prime minister of England. But we do not subscribe to the ideology of feminism with its hatred of men, its embrace of every form of easy abortion, its legitimization of feminine rage and its angry rejection of marriage and motherhood.


We conservative believe in helping the poor through a small government and through our historic religious charities but we reject these behemoth government programs that end up harming more people than they help by creating dependency and ignoring social accountability.


Indeed we conservatives are hated by many ideological groups around the globe because those groups each want to impose their agenda, and America has always opposed that. Just like we fought to abolish slavery. Just like we opposed Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Lenin and Ceaucescu, just like we opposed Saddam Hussein, just like we opposed the communist attack on South Korea in 1950. To keep the people safe from ideologies that wish to control them.


Why are the Islamic radicals seeking to bring down America and not, say, Argentina?


Because America is the only home that conservatism has in the world, and conservatism is opposed to their ideology. And it is important to remember that Islam is not a religion any longer. It is an increasingly violent ideology like communism or fascism or extremist environmentalism.


And remember that people of different ideologies actually will team up against conservatism. For instance, feminists and leftists and atheists in America are suddenly siding with radical Islam against American law-and-order conservatives even though these groups have virtually nothing in common with Islam. They want to first eliminate the guiding light of conservatism, and then will have to fight amongst themselves for power if conservatives are defeated, which we never will be. Because enough people realize what the score is and that only conservatism is saving them from tyranny.


Indeed, we conservatives are hated by billions of people. But for all the wrong reasons. Our way of thinking is the only bulwark against tyranny in the world. We must stand proud that these people despise us. Because we stand for the one thing that they oppose – human liberty, prosperity and  happiness, one person at a time.


Please visit my website at www.nikitas3.com for more. You can read excerpts from my book, Right Is Right, which explains why only conservatism can maintain our freedom and prosperity.