Communist China Loves Capitalism, France No

There was a recent story in the media that France is more anti-capitalist than even communist  China.


A survey by pollster IFOP published in the French newspaper La Croix said that 33% of French people said that their country should abandon capitalism, the highest ratio in 10 countries surveyed.


Only thing is that France has never even been a capitalist nation. So what the heck are these people talking about?


Because even with the predictable and inevitable woes of France’s long-term socialist policies – crushing taxes, a huge and powerful government bureaucracy, sky-high unemployment, a stagnant economy, a historically weak and underfunded military (the French notoriously surrendered to Hitler in 1940 in only 6 weeks) and an emasculated economy controlled by radical labor unions who get all the goodies while the people suffer – the French still are “anti-capitalist”.


This is absurd. But this is how socialism works. Even when socialism itself fails, its proponents always manage to claim that the problem is elsewhere. And rest assured that the 33% that said that France needs to abandon capitalism is made up largely of the minority of people who are benefiting from the current socialist system – the labor unions, the government functionaries, the intellectuals, those on the dole, the politicians, the French media, environmentalists etc.


Now look at this recent story from the United States from theblaze.com:


‘Twenty-five people were arrested for trespassing Sunday as hundreds protested outside a strategy session of conservative political donors hosted by brothers David and Charles Koch at a resort near Palm Springs, CA authorities said.

…According to Reuters the rally was organized by the liberal group Common Cause, an anti-conservative group that charges the Koch brothers of influencing politics with their money. It was also sponsored by the leftist group Code Pink whose founder Jodie Evans was reportedly one of those arrested. Trumpeting the message of those groups, rally speakers accused the brothers of being “anarchists with a checkbook”’ (end of excerpt)


So in other words, while the left and the radical left control large parts of our nation – the TV networks, most newspapers, most magazines, government-funded TV and radio, the enviro movement, the universities, the arts, much of the internet, the entertainment industry, much of the government – they go out and picket one small group of conservatives in order to seek to publicly condemn any conservative opinion.


Leftists are like labor unions who will picket a construction site rather than build houses of their own. Because that is the essence of socialism – grievance, complaint, rhetoric, protests, demonstrations and strikes. But never, ever does socialism do anything productive – no building, no construction, no jobs, no efficient energy, no useful products for the citizens, no stores, no factories. Which is why socialism always causes poverty. Because it is a nonproductive system.


The IFOP survey also said that only 3% of the people surveyed in communist China said that capitalism was working badly. China posted economic growth of more than 10% last year as it is using the capitalist system and Western technology to improve the lives of millions of its people, while funneling much of its new wealth into building up its military. Still more than 1 billion Chinese are destitute because of decades of communist central control of the economy.


The IFOP survey said that 65% of Chinese said that their new capitalist system was working well and should not be changed – the highest percentage in the poll – followed by Australia with 63%, Brazil with 57%and the United States with 55%.


Meanwhile a whopping 90% of Chinese surveyed said that wider international trade was in their interest while only 39% of Americans agreed with that statement. Because even China is embracing  capitalist world trade after its leaders saw the end coming under state-controlled communism.


But Americans are losing faith in world trade for one reason only – because America is increasingly failing to compete. Yet this is simply a result of the five forces of business obstructionism coming from the Democrat left: ruthless levels of business taxation with some of the highest rates in the world; heavy-handed government regulations and mandates like health care; radical enviro restrictions; labor union agitation; and trial lawyers’ relentless assaults on private enterprise.


Another recent survey by BVA-Gallup said the French were more dour about their economic prospects than many other countries including, amazingly, Afghanistan and Iraq, with 61% of the French saying 2011 will be another bad year.


What does all this mean?


It means that once certain people get control of a nation like the leftists in France have, they malign and criticize the capitalist system even when their own policies have failed. This is to misdirect the people away from the failings of socialism.


The economic survey of China proves once again that when people are allowed to experience free-market growth without all the anti-capitalist propaganda, they support it. This is why the campaigns by socialists and communists against capitalism – like the California protest – are relentless. Because people cannot be allowed to even think that capitalism is going to work.


Only problem is that capitalism always works. Every time it is tried.


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