It is just amazing how one guy with a videocamera like James O’Keefe can upend major liberal institutions like National Public Radio and the ACORN community organizer group. More is coming. Much more. O’Keefe is a political genius.


After decades in which liberals thought they had all the gleaming media power, O’Keefe’s low-tech but brilliant “stings” are the latest in the conservative reaction to decades of socialist abuse.


And O’Keefe doesn’t have all the deep-pocket funding and legions of lawyers that a leftist would have if he were tricking conservatives. O’Keefe said in a recent radio interview that he put the costs of the NPR sting on his own credit card.


Where is our ultra-wealthy Michael Moore-type filmmaker?


We don’t have him. Yet. O’Keefe does not sell his exposes in movie theaters like Moore does with his propaganda films, making millions and then acting like he is such a man-of-the-people with his baseball hat and slovenly appearance.


No, we have something infinitely more valuable than Moore – honest people like O’Keefe working on a small scale and getting gigantic results, much more than anything Moore has ever done with his blatantly propagandistic productions.


Punking’ means that you are pulling a prank. But O’Keefe is not pulling simple pranks – he is doing simple but serious exposes that are having far-reaching effects. He is revealing the blatantly racist, biased and illegal ways of thinking of the government-funded political left, all on the cheap, with a videocamera and a few actors. Wonderful…


This enrages the left and is reminiscent of the left’s tantrum over one network – Fox News – even when the left controls most American newspapers, magazines, universities, the arts, the entertainment industry, Follywood, the TV networks, the public schools, the computer industry etc.


Because Fox is something the left does not control, just like they cannot control James O’Keefe and are falling victim to him so easily. It shows how stupid all these Ph.D liberals really are. Because what O’Keefe’s video stings are pointing out is that the left is naturally corrupt, arrogant and stupid. It is there to be exposed every day. All O’Keefe is doing is recording it for posterity.


What O’Keefe’s success shows is that no matter how much power the Democrat party left has to cover up the facts, there is always a river of truth waiting to be unleashed. And when it is, the left is threatened because the truth always reflects badly on liberalism.


And that is why O’Keefe is so successful at what he does. Because a left-wing O’Keefe-type trickster could never get genuine conservatives to say the types of damning things that are getting these leftists routinely fired from their jobs. Because we conservatives don’t get gushers of well-concealed money from the government as NPR and ACORN do, and we conservatives represent the truth.


Oh, sure you are going to get occasional Republicans falling through trap doors like Newt Gingrich saying in public this unbelievable thing referring to the fact that Gingrich cheated on his first two wives (and is now married to a third): “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.”


That statement essentially terminates Gingrich’s presidential aspiration, rest assured.


No, behind the scenes or out in front, we genuine conservatives have a forthright agenda to save the nation. And that is what separates us – makes up opposite, really – from progressive, socialist America. We are not out for ourselves at the expense of the taxpayer and the national good, as the O’Keefe stings have exposed among liberals. And we are not bigoted and racist and prejudiced against the majority of hard-working people in America.


The Tea Parties have been scrutinized and videotaped over and over for any sign of impropriety or bias and nothing has been found. Yet here is Ron Schiller, the now-resigned chief of the National Public Radio fundraising foundation, talking on one of O’Keefe’s tapes: “The current Republican Party, particularly the Tea Party, is fanatically involved with people’s personal lives… white, middle America, gun-toting. They’re seriously racist people.” 


In what way? “Fanatically involved with people’s lives”? Schiller obviously is conveniently ignoring all those powerful forces from the Democrat party that are meddling in people’s private affairs every single day like ruthless taxation, endless regulation and paperwork, health-care laws, environmental restrictions and on and on.


“White, middle America…”? That always has been a bugaboo to the left, to be one of those little people who actually goes to work every day and does not live off the taxpayer like Schiller has done.


“Gun-toting?” Yes, we all have a machine gun in the pickup under our copy of the Constitution.


This brief tape is amazingly revealing about the intellectual left. And it shows that we conservatives are really much smarter than these people. Because we conservatives have decency and something called common sense on which all genuine knowledge is built.


Liberals, on the other hand, have no common sense at all. Their intellectualism is a pre-set political template under which they say anything that serves their agenda, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Or biased. Or unfounded. And all their friends agree with them in the echo chamber of the left – cocktail parties, fundraisers, conferences, newspapers, MSNBC etc.


It is amazing what these dumb liberals will say in private and much more often in public. O’Keefe is simply putting the two together for those who never have known how deeply the corruption goes among socialist progressives. And good for him for doing it. It points some sunshine into the deep recesses of the left’s dark agenda.


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