Iran is Free! Cuba is Free!

Egypt is Free!’ screamed the headline of our local far-left newspaper after president Mubarak stepped down.


To which one can only respond: “Huh…?? Free from what?! I didn’t know that Egypt was ‘not free’ in the first place!”


The Media Left is portraying the uprising in Egypt as some great victory for freedom. But just think over the last 50 years: Has Egypt been seen as some dictatorship? Has anyone you know ever been barred from entering Egypt? Have tens of millions of tourists been kept out of Egypt? Have any American hikers been jailed for wandering over the border into Egypt? Has the History Channel had to cancel its archeological series on Egypt because the state cracked down?


Does Egypt have massive human-rights abuses, political prisons and political executions like our wonderful “friend” China? Or like Cuba? Are there well-known dissidents in Egypt crying out for the world to see their plight? Has there been a widely reported underground in Egypt seeking freedom?


No, no, no, no, etc. etc. No, Egypt is another poor nation in a troubled region of the world with an authoritarian pro-American government. Still there has been more freedom and openness in Egypt than in any of its neighbors. Egypt has been receptive to world tourism, trade and media.


Yet while Egypt certainly has not been a Jeffersonian democracy, a recent Pew poll of the Egyptian people showed that 84% believe that those who leave the Islamic faith should face death while 82% believe that a woman who commits adultery should be stoned. Which does not exactly sound like a population ready for democracy anyway. Which is why we conservatives are very skeptical of the uprising there, and are not fooled by the headline ‘Egypt is Free!’


President Mubarak kept Egypt out of the hands of communists and Islamic extremists for decades. That is why he had to use some force. But it has not been a China-type force or a Cuba-type force. The American media have reported freely from Egypt for decades.


But try reporting from Cuba or Iran or North Korea. You won’t have much luck. Genuinely oppressed nations have not been open at all. They are closed countries. No American media are allowed unless it is tightly controlled. The only reports on the 2009 Iranian uprising came on cell-phone videos over the internet.


Indeed there has been no media coverage of the “oppressed” Egypt because Egypt was not “oppressed” in any way compared to, say, North Korea or Cuba.


Meanwhile, as he cheered the Egyptians, Obama virtually ignored the uprising against the Iranian regime two years ago – a regime that truly runs a vicious police state with all the hallmarks of heavy oppression. And when China crushed the Tienanmen Sqaure uprising in 1989, it was just, well, you know, hey, that’s China!


And Cuba? When has there ever been any sign of pro-democracy uprising in Cuba


Never. Never one single peep in more than 50 years of Castro rule. Never. And now Obama wants to open up to Cuba and all the leftists in America are buying their vacation tickets to prop up Castro. It is shameful.


Indeed the Ancient Media in America have essentially ignored the massive human rights abuses in Iran, Cuba, China and other anti-American nations as if there is nothing we can do about them. And for one reason: The American Media Left is anti-American as well.


But Egypt, yes, finally, Egypt is free! That evil Mubarak! That pro-American monster!


What malarkey…


The media did not even know that the Egypt uprising was coming. There was not a word about it ahead of time. It was not building for months or years. Then within hours they were calling Mubarak satan-reincarnate when they have not breathed a peep about him for 30 years.


This shows most of the world media for who they really are… left-wing political charlatans and agitators prepared to shape any story at any moment in any way they see fit, even fabricate it like they have with Al Gore’s phony ‘global warming’ theory. 


Were the people of Egypt aware of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Tienanmen Square massacre or the calls for freedom in Iran?


Surely. The media are not strangled in Egypt.


Were the people in Iran and Cuba aware of foreign calls for freedom as in Egypt?


Forget it…


So someday we may see a headline that ‘Cuba is free!’ or ‘Iran is free!’ but don’t hold your breath. Obama and the Media Left in America only celebrate ‘freedom’ and support it openly when it comes in places that are allied with America and are much less oppressed than Iran, China or Cuba.


Meanwhile uprisings in Iran, Cuba or China will be squashed. And the media will hardly utter a word about them. After all, there is just nothing we can do.


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