Democrats are Melting! MELTING!!

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy threw water on the Wicked Witch of the West and she melted into the floor. As she disappeared, she shrieked: “I’m MELTING! MELTING!”


Now just two years after the once-invincible Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, the once-invincible Democrat party truly is “MELTING! MELTING!…” It is, in fact, in a state of national collapse and it is permanent. Because the world truly has changed around them.


The latest example: After Democrat state senators fled Wisconsin to avoid taking a vote on new rules for unions, Democrat legislators in Indiana also fled to protest a Republican law to make Indiana more friendly to business and less friendly to organized labor.


Indiana Republicans are advocating legislation that would bar unions and companies from negotiating a contract that requires non-union members to pay fees for representation. Which is fair enough, according to most Americans. But not to Democrats and their special-interest supporters.


Are these Democrat runaway tactics sane? Remember how the media savaged the Runaway Bride several years ago for fleeing just as she was about to get married? What is the different here?


Nothing. These Democrats represent the insanity that we conservatives have been warning about for decades, that came out of the 1960s. And finally the fiscal crisis is exposing the left for its craziness. They cannot hide any longer. And the media are finally exposing them simply because the media must cover the story. If the media could, they would cover this up.


No, these Democrats do not see how demented this behavior is. They consider it reasonable. Because they live in their own world, and are finally up against the wall. Their schemes have collapsed. There is no more money to finance their plan to steal as much of the national wealth as possible for the unions and the so-called ‘poor’. They have reached the end of the road. They have nowhere to go.


And finally even ‘moderate’ voters and ‘middle of the road’ Republicans are seeing that we conservatives have been right all along, that there is no compromising with Democrats who now are acting out of sheer panic, fear, confusion and terror. Because the Dems see the handwriting on the wall and that 2012 is going to be a banner election year for conservatism. Even 2014, says one political expert.


Reported foxnews.com about unions:


‘…opinion polls show the union image slipping as they prepare for battle, both at the federal and state level. In Wisconsin, unions are uniting in opposition to a proposal from Republican Gov. Scott Walker to restrict collective bargaining rights and require higher benefits contributions from state workers. But a new Rasmussen Reports poll showed 48 percent of likely voters agree with Walker. 


According to the poll released Monday, 38 percent sided with the public employees. The survey of 1,000 likely voters was taken Feb. 18-19 and had a margin of error of 3 percentage points. 


A national Clarus Poll released last week also found that 64 percent of voters think government workers should not have union representation. Just 29 percent said the opposite, in a survey of 1,001 registered voters taken Feb. 4-8. 


And a Pew Research Center survey taken Feb. 2-7 found approval ratings for unions remain at historically low levels. The poll of 1,385 adults showed just 45 percent of people surveyed gave unions positive marks.’ (end of excerpt)


Interesting… And just think, these figures come after the Ancient Media have been covering up for and cheerleading for labor unions for decades, portraying them as ‘friends of the little guy’ and ‘allies of working people’. While we conservatives always have spoken the truth – that labor unions are violent and greedy, and unfair to the vast majority of people.


Yet after just one week of Wisconsin protests – in just one single week! – that whole facade has been stripped away. It has not taken months or years of bad press to harm the unions’ reputations. They just needed to be exposed like the kindly old man down the street who is found out to be a child molester. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. The Wisconsin protests are backfiring big time. And federal government-employee unions are next to be exposed.


The Democrat party is finished in America for the next generation at least. It will take them decades to recover from Obama, Wisconsin, ObamaCare, fleeing legislators, union thuggery, public beatings of opponents, intimidating mob protests at the private homes of people they disagree with, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and bone-head quotes like “we will find out what is in the health-care bill after we pass it”. Because in the end, we conservatives have been awakened to the real dangers of liberalism and we have all the answers and they have none. And the Tea Party way of thinking is not going to go away, but in fact is gaining strength every day, as in Wisconsin.


The majority of Americans were opposed to the health-care bill, yet the Democrats rammed it through. And the Republicans stayed in Washington and voted – they did not flee. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Democrat senators in the Wisconsin legislature have fled to Illinois  like the political cowards they are. Ditto Indiana.


How long do these people think they can hold out? Are they stupid?


Yes. And they are deranged as well.


This is outrageous, and every one of those Democrats is going to face a Tea Party recall vote and many of them are going to lose their seats. And Wisconsin is a key electoral state for pro-union Obama in 2012 and he will lose it just like he will lose the presidency, even with the Media Left saying he still has a good chance to win.


Hogwash… Obama is toast. Finito… It is the end of the road for the “first black president”. All his talk about Ronald Reagan is not going to fool anyone. Because Americans are well-informed today.


In an editorial just after the election of Obama, nikitas3.com counseled patience. I said that the Democrats would overreach and that the Republicans would be back in power soon.


But the swiftness and strength of this Republican resurgence is just stunning. And it says much about the state of the world today. Even in left-wing Europe, the budget-cutters are winning out over the protesters from the left, who made international headlines with their violence, antics and crazy protests, but who were not supported by either the facts or the people. They finally all went home just like the protestors in Wisconsin will.


The fiscal crisis truly has exposed the left for what it is. And that is a good thing.


Now, a December poll from CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll even showed that only 13% of Americans would  consider it a crisis for the federal government to shut down. This gives ammunition to the Republicans to start challenging unionized federal workers as well as the whole budget process. And Republicans are going to win. Because the money is not there. And the times they are a-changing.


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