Impeach Obama

The Republican majority in the US House of Representatives should start to move toward voting articles of impeachment against Barack Obama.


Because Obama is acting lawlessly and recklessly – again – by proclaiming that he thinks that the law called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which supports traditional marriage, is unconstitutional. Which Obama has no standing to determine as president. Only a judge can decide a law’s constitutionality.


Imagine if Ronald Reagan decided that he believed that the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court abortion decision was a bad one and decided to crack down on abortion providers because he thought it was the moral thing to do.


The American left would go crazy and Democrats would be screaming for Reagan’s impeachment. But Reagan never did that. He knew his limits as president. He abided by the law and by the Constitution.


This is precisely what Obama is doing, however – he is acting on moral grounds, saying that he does not believe that DOMA is valid. This is classic liberal arrogance; that Democrats know what is best for the nation and that the law is inconsequential.


Attorney general Eric Holder has said that the Obama administration would no longer defend the DOMA law. “The (legislative) record contains numerous expressions reflecting moral disapproval of gays and lesbians and their intimate and family relationships – precisely the kind of stereotype-based thinking and animus the Equal Protection Clause is designed to guard against,” Holder wrote.


Yet this is a moral judgment on society that is forbidden to have any effect on an established law under our system. That is why our system was designed the way it is. If such judgments could change law, our nation would look nothing like it does today. Conservatives could outlaw tax collection on moral grounds and ban Hollywood movies that they did not like.


If opinions are shifting about marriage as Obama has implied, then the onus is on the Democrats to pass a new law. Why didn’t Obama offer new legislation when his party held big majorities in both houses of Congress between January 2009 and January 2011?


That is a good question.


Regarding DOMA, Obama is essentially acting like a king or a dictator and is thumbing his nose at America and at the Republican party. And what is frightening – but expected – is that Obama’s friends in the Media Left are behind him, acting like nothing is wrong or, worse, overtly defending Obama. Because they do not respect our system of laws either. They repeatedly proclaim that the Constitution is outdated and old fashioned.


What also is shocking, but also expected, is that all of Obama legal friends on the political left also are acting as if there is nothing wrong. Because their ideology comes out of the 1960s when the young people made up their own rules and still think they can do that today.


If the Republicans don’t seek to impeach, Obama will have gotten away without any sanction whatsoever with acting illegally – again – as he did in continuing to enforce ObamaCare even after judge Vinson in Florida declared ObamaCare unconstitutional and wrote that his ruling effectively ‘stays’ ObamaCare enforcement. Many other Obama actions are Constitutionally suspect. The Republicans should use this narrow DOMA impeachment as an instrument against Obama’s cumulative lawlessness.


Obama is acting illegally on both sides of these issues – in DOMA, he is determining on his own that the law is unconstitutional; while in the Vinson case he is actively ignoring a direct ruling by a federal judge.  This is preposterous, un-American and dangerous to our liberty.


And we know what will happen if the Republicans would get a spine and vote on impeachment – then Obama and his media friends and university cronies will say, “See, the president is simply trying to bring America together and the Republicans are going crazy and trying to impeach him and wasting precious time that could go to fixing the economy etc.”


Which is utter nonsense. The GOP should start down the road of an impeachment vote to get it on the record. Because Obama’s disregard for the law is our biggest threat to freedom. It must stop now.


Thoughtful Americans will oppose Obama once they understand how he is operating. And Americans are not as dumb as Obama thinks. Since his election he has repeatedly thwarted the will of the people and the results have been noteworthy. Americans are turning on Obama by the millions, with the November 2010 elections only the latest manifestation.


So if Obama wants a showdown on impeachment, the GOP should give it to him. And since Obama is feeling politically besieged these days, impeachment not only is the right thing to do, but this is the prefect time to act to finish off the Obama presidency.


The House can start impeachment with a simple majority. That is easily done. But 67 votes (two-thirds) are required in the Senate to convict and remove Obama from the White House. This is unlikely – though not impossible – but at least the Republicans will have set down a marker. And they can build on that toward 2012 when the American people will make a decision about the conduct of this president.


The Wisconsin case is a perfect bellwether of how this will play out. Obama injected himself briefly into the Wisconsin union tempest because he thought that public sentiment was with him, just as he has on DOMA. But when he found out the public was against him in Wisconsin, he retreated.


The same can be said about DOMA. Even if American are opposed to the DOMA law, no rational citizen can believe that Obama has dictatorial powers. If Obama and his attorney general think the law is unconstitutional and wish to change it, then they can work with the Congress and change it. Or a judge can rule against it and it could go to the Supreme Court. There it may be called Constitutional or not. But it is not in Obama’s purview to so deem it.


In this DOMA case the homosexual lobby is injecting itself illegally into American law. They have claimed a “right” to marry of which there is no such right, even if the Supreme Court decides that the Constitution does not forbid it. Which it has not. “Rights” are a separate from an issue like marriage, which is covered by law. There is no “right” to marry even for heterosexuals.


And every state in which the citizens have actually been allowed to vote on marriage has favored traditional marriage. That is why gay marriage gets instituted through circuitous means like the courts. And even then, all the judges in Iowa who allowed gay marriage have been voted out.


The Democrat party has been taken over by radicals. Democrat state legislators flee their state houses in Wisconsin and Indiana in order to avoid votes on key issues that are crucial to those states’ voters. Their president then tosses Constitutional principles out the window and his allies rally around him.


What we are seeing is the Democrat party repeatedly substituting its moral vision for law. It is absurd. And illegal. This will lead to the end of the Democrat party. And that is a good thing.


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