Obama Visits his Rich High-Tech Cronies

Here are excerpts from usatoday.com about one of Obama’s recent trips:


SAN FRANCISCO — President Obama swung through Silicon Valley late Thursday to peddle his plan to “win the future” and reinvigorate the economy before an audience of tech royalty.


The president met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Facebook CEOMark Zuckerberg, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and a glittering collection of executives to discuss promoting American innovation, new research and development, education and energy… Obama wants to keep exchanging ideas with the group “so we can work as partners to promote growth and create good jobs in the United States”…. The group also discussed ways to encourage people to study science, technology, engineering and math and to pursue careers in those fields…’ (end of excerpt)


Sounds fine, right?


Well, yes and no.


First, Obama is out there raising money for his re-election, rest assured. Second, Obama doesn’t care about generally promoting growth and jobs here in the United States. He cares only about getting jobs and wealth for selected people like leftists in the universities, union members, government workers, poor people on the dole, and those who need government cash in the “green energy” sector. Along with super-wealthy computer billionaires who mostly vote Democrat.


Look at who Obama is meeting with. He was said to have been very impressed with Zuckerberg. Yet Zuckerberg created Facebook, which is simply a popular internet site. And Zuckerberg stole the idea to boot.


So Zuckerberg himself got rich, but he did not create any great wealth for others as you do in, say, manufacturing. And manufacturing is in Obama’s crosshairs. He and his cronies in the Democrat party say they want all these high-tech jobs which may be true, but they are making other types of manufacturing increasingly difficult through taxes, heavy-handed regulations, environmentalism, lawsuits and labor union agitation.


And what about low-tech jobs like furniture making? Can’t they thrive in America?


No they cannot. Imagine somebody who wants to go into the forest in, say, North Carolina, cut down trees and start manufacturing furniture to give jobs and wealth to the local folks in a rural part of the state.


The environmentalists, who are allied with Obama, will try to shut that down every time. They want to shut down the forests. And they want to shut down rural America with stringent enviro regs on any kind of production like furniture. And they want to do this for two reasons: First, they want rural America to return to a Green Utopia where the people are driven out by lack of jobs or opportunity. And second, they hate the conservative people in rural America and don’t care if they are harmed.


In Vermont, the enviro agitators are fighting construction of two wood-chip-burning power plants that would allow the state’s huge forest to contribute to creating both energy and low-tech forest jobs. These types of obstructionist stories are everywhere.


But computer fortunes are favored by Obama. Because computer guys give their money to Obama and are mostly left-wing. Because computers are in the information/communication field which is historically left-wing.


And certainly computers have brought much wealth and prosperity to certain Americans and that is a great thing. But all Americans need wealth and prosperity. And many Americans are not high-tech people and they do not need to be high tech. They may just want to build houses or make furniture.


Or make cement. Yet in 2005, Obamamentalists spearheaded the effort to shoot down a proposal to build an efficient new cement production plant in Hudson, New York. The local people wanted the plant and its jobs. But the enviros said no and had the state shut it down. Yet these local people are not all of a sudden going to go to work in computer factories. There are none in that area as there are not in 97% of America.


Cement is just as vital as computers to our nation. Yet that production now will go to foreign countries.


What about Obama wanting to promote science and math?


More nonsense. Obama, his media/internet cronies and the Democrat party have been promoting Al Gore’s ‘junk science’ for years now. ‘Global warming’ is not empirical science; it is a concocted theory that has been debunked. It is fake science being used to promote a leftist agenda. And if you want to have genuine science education, you first have to eliminate the ‘junk science’ which has infected every school in America. Obama will never do that.


America needs to “make things” in order to create jobs and wealth. But most manufacturing is being phased out of American and shipped to Asia. Because Obama’s taxers, regulators, health-care zealots, trial lawyers, labor unions and radical environmentalists are pushing out every productive “smokestack” business in America with an extremist anti-business agenda. Even if the smokestack produces low pollution. Come to Massachusetts and talk to business leaders. They will tell you what an anti-business government does to private enterprise.


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