Alert: Beware of Huckabee!

Former Arkansas governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee may be preparing for another presidential run in 2012. And his polls look good for the primaries since he already is known.


And here is some advice for Republican primary voters – Beware! Do not vote for Huckabee!


Huckabee is also an ordained Baptist minister. You might think that this is a good thing, which it normally might be. But Huckabee is one of those smiling, soft-spoken Christians who in fact is a big liberal, not a serious and level-headed follower of the faith. During his tenure in Arkansas, this story started to unfold:


On Sunday, November 29, 2009 a black male named Maurice Clemmons shot and killed four white police officers in Lakewood, Washington in an ambush.


Clemmons had a long history of violence and criminal activity, including five felony convictions from his youth in Arkansas. In 2000 governor Huckabee commuted a 108-year prison sentence for Clemmons over the strong objections of prosecutors. This made Clemmons eligible for parole, which he got and was set free, eventually leading to Lakewood.


Huckabee granted more than 1,000 pardons and commutations as governor and already was considered by some in the GOP as too liberal.


Many in the conservative blogosphere are saying that the Clemmons incident sinks Huckabee’s chances for 2012. And that is true. But Huckabee may seek another chance in 2012 hoping that the Clemmons issue does not boil over. And he should not get it.


Republicans should look back to the presidential election of 1988. In that contest, George HW Bush – the father of our recent president George W. Bush – was running against liberal Democrat Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis. And there was another Clemmons-type of character who became a leading actor in that race, a black male and convicted murderer named Willie Horton who at one point was released from a Massachusetts prison on a weekend furlough in a program supported by Dukakis.


Unbelievable, is it not?


Horton did not return from his furlough and committed armed robbery and rape.  And after a briefly-shown anti-Dukakis political ad about the incident aired by an independent group with Horton’s menacing mug shot included, public opinion hammered Dukakis and immediately Horton became the poster boy for liberal permissiveness. Dukakis lost big-time.


If a Democrat had gone easy on Maurice Clemmons, the Republicans would rightfully target that Democrat. And if Huckabee is the GOP nominee in 2012, rest assured that the normally soft-on-crime Democrats are going to attack him big time. And don’t think for a minute that some liberal outside 527 group won’t launch a vicious ad against Huckabee. After all, the Willie Horton ad was run by an outside group and only appeared briefly, but it had a major impact on the race just like the little-seen Swift Boat ad against John Kerry in 2004.


And then Huckabee will be finished. In a close race, the Clemmons issue would tip tens of thousands of crucial votes in many important states. That is why the GOP cannot afford to nominate Huckabee.


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