Scott Brown in More Controversy

After disappointing the conservatives and Tea Partiers who helped elect him in January 2010, Republican US senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is in hot water with many of his original supporters. Big time.


Brown has voted with Democrats on several key issues including the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military policy. And the Brown story is getting more complex by the day.


Brown announced recently that he had been homo-sexually molested by a male counselor at a summer camp 40 years ago. Then within one day, Brown announced that  he was not going to pursue the molester. Reported boston.com:


‘In a statement late Friday, Brown said he’s not writing about what happened to him “to settle any scores” but to let people know they can overcome hardships.’ (end of excerpt)


Hardships? Is Brown kidding? His attacker was a vicious manipulator, exploiter and molester. If Brown does not pursue him, he is giving a big green light to more of that kind of activity.


And why is Brown standing down on the molestation?


Answer: Because he is openly courting the Massachusetts gay vote for his November 2012 re-election bid and he is hardly going to get it if he becomes involved in a court case against a homosexual molester. His Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell vote was a big sop to the gays.


This is abhorrent in regards to all the hundreds of thousands of young boys who have been molested by these gay predators. As a result of this, and from the conservative viewpoint, Brown should be officially challenged in the Republican primary. Because Brown cannot win the general election in 2012 anyway.



But wait. There’s more.  Word is even circulating in the Bay State that Brown may become a Democrat. And guess what. He still will lose even if he switches parties.


Because Brown is in a political no-man’s land. He won a somewhat close election (by 5 points) for ‘Ted Kennedy’s seat’ in January 2010 and became an instant national celebrity. He won largely because his opponent Martha Coakley made several bone-headed moves in the campaign including failing to be able to identify Boston Red Sox baseball hero Curt Schilling as a member of the team. This is heresy in Beantown.


As soon as Brown got to Washington, however, he started to play ball with the Democrats, angering many who elected him. And nikitas3.com has already predicted that Brown will lose when he runs again for his seat in the normal cycle in 2012 that Kennedy would have run in.


Brown has boxed himself in politically, with the following scenarios possible for 2012:


*If he remains a Republican he could well be challenged in a primary with a Republican conservative or even a moderate winning with the backing of many of the same activists who helped Brown to win in 2010. Out-of-staters who came to help Brown win in 2010 may come back to help defeat him in 2012.


*If he remains a Republican and is not challenged in the primary, he is probably going to face Democrat Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, who is black. And every Democrat in America, along with all the lefty race hucksters, are going to be focused on beating Brown to get the “Kennedy seat” back in Democrat hands.


*If he remains a Republican, many in the GOP will simply not vote for him and he will lose. This molestation standown is only their latest grievance.


*If he joins the Democrats, he still would lose in a primary. Because the Dems will tar him as a Republican who switched out of convenience. In a Democrat primary, Deval Patrick could beat Brown as could several other staunch, lifelong Massachusetts Democrats. Because they are very clannish people and will portray Brown as an outsider.


*The ‘Shocker Scenario’: Brown announces he will not run in 2012, announces he is gay or bisexual, is caught in some scandal, quits politics to go to Follywood, etc.


Brown has dug his own hole. He has tried to play both sides against the middle. He will be out in 2012 one way or another.  


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