Conservatism Will Win in Wisconsin

It only took one day of protest by a bunch of overpaid, over-benefitted, over-pensioned state government workers in Madison, Wisconsin for far-left activist Noam Chomsky to compare them to the uprising in Egypt.


Poor Wisconsin workers… Little food or clothes. Living in shacks like the poor in Egypt on $2 a day…


If only it were so. These government workers have been living high on the hog for decades. It is the taxpayers of Wisconsin who really protested peacefully at the ballot box last November by electing a conservative Republican governor Scott Walker to fix the mess that the unions have created. These greedy unions did this over the last 30 years by locking in big and automatic pay, benefit and pension increases, agreed to by compliant politicians in the flush times. Meanwhile the taxpayer got poorer and poorer through relentless state levies.


Now thousands have gathered in Madison to protest governor Walker‘s plan to ask state workers to contribute more to their pensions and insurance funds and to strip them of their heavy-handed union bargaining power. And rest assured that out-of-staters are going to Wisconsin to protest too. And don’t think they might not get violent; there will be provocateurs among them. After all, these are Democrats we are talking about. Madison was the home of the most violent anti-war protests in the 1960s.


And good for governor Walker who will stand firm; he is a hero. The people of Wisconsin support him. Because these new conservative Republicans are not going to cave in like the GOP did in the old days.


Wisconsin Democrat state senators even have fled the state to avoid a vote on the issue, which they know they will lose. Because reality finally has caught up with the Democrat left in America, including pro-union Barack Obama. These Wisconsin leftists are desperate to prevent a vote that reflects the will of the people, just as the voters are striking back at Obama’s health-care bill.


Obama even has called Walker‘s action an “assault” on the unions. This is Obama seeing his own political future going down the drain. He too is desperate. He knows he is losing status every day as his polls sink and his agenda unravels, now as unions are exposed.


And since Wisconsin has been the birthplace for much union activity in America, it is key to undoing it. This is why the left is catatonic. More power to governor Walker!


These government workers are so accustomed to being coddled that they cannot understand the new paradigm where they themselves have to sacrifice for the first time ever instead of pushing it all off on the taxpayers. And federal workers are next.


Chomsky is a radical who said this in reference to the Tea Parties:


‘“I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering” here at home.’ (end of excerpt)


Uh, Mr. Chomsky, I’ve attended those Tea Party rallies. They are full of good hard-working people defending themselves against government usurpation of their wealth. The Tea Parties are truly a grass-roots uprising. And this is what you fear most – that the people finally understand what the unions have done to them. And that it is the Tea Parties that are the long-term protests that are not going to go away.


Chomsky’s comparison of the Wisconsin protest to Egypt and and his vicious quote about the Tea Parties in fact are attempts to incite violence and anger. And if you look at the violent protests in Greece, France and Britain over absolutely essential economic reforms, they were all organized by the communist/trade union left – people like Chomsky – without regard for the core issue at hand, that there is no more money to give away and that the reforms must be made. One Democrat legislator in Wisconsin already has compared governor Walker to Hitler.


Typical… in Obama’s new era of “civility”. For everyone except Democrats, that is.


Meanwhile the Republican Wisconsin state senate leader actually was briefly forced from his home by protestors who showed up at his address. This is pure intimidation, classic leftist thuggery. And this is why the Tea Parties are taking hold all over America. Because justice and truth are on the side of the Tea Parties. And Americans finally are seeing the reality of the situation and adhering to their principles of genuine democracy.


More than 1,000 unionized Madison public school teachers called in sick in order to attend the protests and some even brought their students to the rally. So like Europe, this was not an ordinary citizens’ protest. It was organized by the unions and the radical left, which has a home in radical Madison which is the state capital and home of one of the most leftist universities in America.


And out of the 5 million people in Wisconsin, you can rest assured that the overwhelming majority sides with Walker and are out working hard, not protesting small cuts in their pay. Walker‘s office is receiving overwhelming support from “the people” of Wisconsin.


The governor is seeking to overcome a $3.6 billion budget deficit. His plan would remove collective bargaining rights for most of the state’s 175,000 state and local government employees.  And time is on Walker’s side. Because after the spasm of violence in Europe, those governments made all the necessary cuts and reforms and the protestors went home.


Because even the protestors know the truth. And like reform-minded Republican governor Christie in New Jersey, Walker will hold firm because he knows that the future of his state is at stake.


In New York state, even liberal Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking 10,000 state worker layoffs to fix its economic mess while in New Jersey, Christie has pushed through pay freezes, furloughs and pension cuts for public workers without violence or long-lasting protests. And for one reason. Because everyone now knows that the money no longer is there. The unions can’t call a protest and immediately get their demands met like they used to in the good economic times.


Even Obama education secretary Arne Duncan, a former public school superintendent from Chicago, said about the teacher unions, “Clearly the status quo is not working for children”.


And the status quo for all government employees is not working for taxpayers. It truly is a new day in America. Conservatism is finally winning among larger numbers of people than ever.


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