The Next Chaper for Egypt

President Mubarak has stepped down in Egypt and the people are celebrating. It will be interesting what happens next. This story is far from over. There are many hurdles ahead. Watch now as the military is protested by the radicals.


President Obama said that he heard the call for change in Egypt. But he is deaf to the calls for change in America like those of the November 2010 election. He has made no change in the direction his administration is taking toward more debt and bigger government and will make no changes except to manipulate public opinion for his re-election.


Mubarak certainly has nothing to lose or prove. He is 82 years old and has led Egypt for 30 years since the assassination of Anwar el Sadat. Through those years he kept his nation together in a dangerous region and, in the current situation, prevented the mob rule in the streets of Cairo from entering the presidential palace.


To the political left, however, leaders do not serve their nations. They serve in order to get power and to keep power for themselves and for their cronies. And the American media are using Egypt to aggrandize Obama. CNN even is patting itself on the back for being part of the Egypt revolution.


But as it turns out, the values of the Egyptian people are terrible. A Pew poll recently reported that 84% of Egyptians believe that those who leave the Islamic faith should face death; 82% that a woman should be stoned for adultery; 54% that suicide bombings that kill civilians can be justified; and 82% say they dislike America.


This shows that Egypt is a society with reactionary ideas. And that the Coptic Christians there could be in grave danger. Mubarak always protected them.


Should the US really support the aspirations for freedom among such people?

Answer: Perhaps not. Those people may not be ready for freedom as we define it, which is what the left said about Iraq for years.


In America some people think like the Egyptian people do, on the radical left and in Islamic communities, who are working together against American interests like Mubarak and Israel.   


The way that Obama ran out in front of this uprising with an incoherent strategy has been appalling, spouting weeks of platitudes, sometimes contradictory, with no regard for the overall interests or foreign policy of the US, the Middle East, Israel or Egypt. Meanwhile the clueless director of US national intelligence James Clapper said this about the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt:


“The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam… They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt, et cetera. … In other countries, there are also chapters or franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally.” (end of excerpt)


This is a frightening misrepresentation from a high American official.


If Egypt were a Cuban uprising, there would be absolute coherence, however. Obama’s message would be clear – “President Castro, we are with you and with the good people of Cuba who resist violence”. Kind of like he ignored the uprising in Iran. Indeed the American left is cheering the departure of Mubarak but does not seem to have heard  the “voice of the people” in Cuba in more than 50 years. Hollywood bigwigs go to Cuba and visit with Castro as if he is just another head of state and not a vicious dictator. American progressives are chomping at the bit to spend their tourist dollars in Cuba which Obama is making easier.


Indeed leftists in the worldwide media are cheerleading Egypt but are doing everything they can not to hear the voices of the people of Cuba and Venezuela. And China and North Korea and Zimbabwe. And South Africa which is controlled by the marxist African National Congress and which has been spiraling down into classic socialistic poverty, misery and starvation since the pro-Western government was sacked in the 1980s. Today, hundreds of millions of black Africans would take their old white colonial governments back any day of the week because those governments brought stability and prosperity.


It was just astonishing the lightning speed with which the American media vilified Mubarak. It was like Sarah Palin after Tucson; within hours she was blamed as if they had it all mapped out ahead of time. Which they had.


And within one day of this out-of-the-blue uprising in Egypt, the Media Left in America were calling for Mubarak’s ouster. But if they did not know that the uprising was coming how did they know what their reaction should  be?


Easy. They looked up “mubarak” on wikipedia, found out he was pro-American and so savaged him from the get-go. Without any consideration of the geopolitical consequences. Because their template is that Mubarak is obviously bad because he is an ally of America who made peace with Israel.


Meanwhile Castro hangs on and on and on and Obama loosens restrictions on Cuba to prop up the regime there. And Iran‘s dictator Ahmedinejad wields total power, crushed an uprising in 2009 without a word of objection from Obama, but then was allowed to speak at Columbia University in New York. As if he were just another head of state.


Yet despite its alleged repression, Egypt has a somewhat open society with free trade and a big and crucial tourism economy. Neither Cuba nor Iran allows tourists except in very controlled circumstances because they must keep a lid on their societies to prevent any outside influences from creeping in… like the idea of freedom.


Obviously Mubarak was not so bad after all. And now Egypt could end up with worse. Much worse.


By the way, where was our intel on Egypt? Remember how Bush has been savaged for eight years now about bad intel on Iraq. Yet we were caught flat-footed on Egypt.


And how is it that the American media have been reporting from Egypt but never are allowed to report a peep from Iran or Cuba even when they are sympathetic to the governments of Iran and Cuba?


Answer: They know what the real score is and that they must cooperate without protest with the regimes in Iran and Cuba. They know they need to let these regimes operate behind closed doors and behind prison walls.


We must be wary of what is going on in Egypt. As nikitas3.com reported the day after the riots broke out:


Look at what has been reported in the internet media about riots in Albania and also in Jordan, which is considered a stable, pro-American nation by Middle Eastern standards: Heraldsun.com.au reported:


‘Tens of thousands of demonstrators have started a silent protest in the Albanian capital Tirana, a week to the day after clashes during an opposition rally killed three.


The demonstrators, headed by the leadership of the opposition Socialists and the families of the victims, started a march on the government buildings. People continued to pour into the downtown area near the government, bringing traffic in central Tirana to a standstill. Many protesters carried flowers.’ (end of excerpt)


From Aljazeera.net:


‘Thousands of people in Jordan have taken to the streets in protests, demanding the country’s prime minister step down, and the government curb rising prices, inflation and unemployment.


In the third consecutive Friday of protests, about 3,500 opposition activists from Jordan‘s main Islamist opposition group, trade unions and leftist organisations gathered in the capital, waving colourful banners reading: “Send the corrupt guys to court”.


The crowd denounced Samir Rifai’s, the prime minister, and his unpopular policies.


Many shouted: “Rifai go away, prices are on fire and so are the Jordanians.”’ (end of excerpt)


Look at those descriptions: ‘The demonstrators, headed by the leadership of the opposition Socialists’ and ‘In the third consecutive Friday of protests, about 3,500 opposition activists from Jordan’s main Islamist opposition group, trade unions and leftist organisations’.


Translation: ‘Socialists’ refers to radical communists and ‘Jordan‘s main Islamist opposition group’ refers to radical Islamic fundamentalists. Both are also fueling the Egypt uprising.


Yet what are these rioters expecting? What are the policies of communists and Islamists that are going to make things better?


Answer: Those policies have resulted in poverty and misery. These riots are not about improving conditions. They are about seizing power. (end of excerpt)


And we shall see where Egypt goes from here.  Let us pray the military can keep order and prevent the radicals from taking over yet another nation. And that the Egyptian people choose wisely for the future. But there is no guarantee of either.


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