Napolitano's Nonsense

On February 9, 2011, Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano appeared before the House Committee on Homeland Security to give testimony called ‘Understanding the Homeland Threat Landscape – Considerations for the 112th Congress’. Below are excerpts from that testimony with a nikitas3.com comment after each:


Napolitano said: Following 9/11, the federal government moved quickly to build an intelligence and security apparatus that has protected our country from the kind of large-scale attack, directed from abroad, that struck us nearly ten years ago. Comment: Where was that apparatus before 9/11? Answer: It did not exist because Democrat president Bill Clinton ignored terrorism for 8 years, leading to 9/11. Yet Bush was trashed for fighting a genuine War on Terror. Now Democrats Napolitano/Obama are doing poorly on terrorism. Remember that Napolitano said “the system worked” when the Underwear Bomber failed by dumb luck to bring down an airliner, yet she rushed to the Gulf of Mexico for the oil spill and to Nashville for the floods, neither of which were national security issues. This female is clueless.


Napolitano said: Today, however, in addition to the direct threats we continue to face from al-Qaeda, we also face growing threats from other foreign-based terrorist groups that are inspired by al-Qaeda ideology… Today, we must address threats that are homegrown as well as those that originate abroad. Comment: Like the Fort Hood attack, which the Army was well aware could happen but did not act on Hassan because of pro-Islamic political correctness preached by people like Obama and Napolitano.


Napolitano said: Accordingly, DHS is improving and expanding the information-sharing mechanisms by which officers on the beat are made aware of the threat picture and what it means for their communities. Comment: If Clinton, through his assistant attorney general Jamie Gorelick, had not completely gutted the information-sharing capabilities between CIA and FBI in the first place, we could have stopped 9/11 easily.


Napolitano said: These efforts include providing training programs for local law enforcement to help them identify indicators of terrorist activity, as well as our work with our partners at the Department of Justice (DOJ) on the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative. Comment: “Hello, Madame Secretary, this is Fort Hood calling. We have an Islamic Army major here spouting radical views and visiting extremist websites. What should we do? What form do we fill out about him? His name is Major Hassan.”


Napolitano said: Since 2009, more than two dozen Americans have been arrested on terrorism-related charges…. 50 of the 88 individuals involved in those plots were U.S. citizens at the time of their arrests, and among those citizens, a clear majority were natural-born. This report demonstrates why we must confront the threat of homegrown violent extremism in order to truly secure our country. Comment: We should immediately deport all Muslim non-citizens and immediately halt all immigration from Islamic countries. NapolObama will object.


Napolitano said: One major recommendation was to develop a CVE curriculum for state and local law enforcement that is focused on community-oriented policing, and that would help enable frontline personnel to identify activities that are indicators of potential terrorist activity and violence. We have now developed the first iteration of this curriculum, through partnership with the Major Cities Chiefs Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Department of Justice, the Counter Terrorism Academy, and the Naval Postgraduate School. Comment: This is precisely the type of cooperation that many liberal Democrat cities are rejecting and have rejected while setting up sanctuaries for illegal aliens, which today include terrorists.


Napolitano said: DHS has also issued, and continues to compile, unclassified case studies that examine recent incidents involving terrorism so that state and local law enforcement, state and local governments, and community members can understand the warning signs that could indicate a developing terrorist attack. Comment: A warning sign like a dangerous Tea Party rally, according to Democrat mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York who conjectured after the attempted Times Square bombing that the perpetrator probably was someone upset with the health-care bill, not an Islamic terrorist. These Democrats are the biggest threat to our national security.


Napolitano said: We will also leverage grant programs to support training and technical assistance in building community partnerships and local participation in the SAR Initiative. Comment: Republican congressman Peter King is going to hold hearings on Islamic extremism because he says that these “community partnerships” ceased on 9/11, that the Islamic community suddenly clammed up. King himself had had a good relationship with Islamic groups before 9/11. He wants to know why that changed on 9/11.


Napolitano said: Our Nation’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces have been successful in mitigating the terrorist threat in a number of instances, including in the investigation of Najibullah Zazi, who was arrested in 2009 for a terrorist plot to attack the New York transit system. Comment: Zazi apparently was upset with the health-care bill.


Napolitano said: Our support for fusion centers is focused on supporting them to fully achieve four baseline capabilities: the ability to receive classified and unclassified threat-related information from the federal government… Comment: Which will appear on WikiLeaks once a liberal gets his hands on it.


Napolitano said: The third piece of our homeland security architecture that I described earlier is the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting, or SAR, Initiative…which also trains frontline, analytic, and executive personnel to recognize behaviors and indicators associated with terrorism, and to distinguish them from non-suspicious and legal behaviors. Comment: Like arresting innocent train buffs who are watching trains go by and taking photos, but failing to capture terrorists making car bombs like Faisal Shahzad of Times Square fame.


Napolitano said: To foster this vigilance, we have taken a public awareness campaign with a familiar slogan – “If You See Something, Say Something,” initially used by New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority and funded in part by DHS… Comment:  It might be called ‘behavioral profiling’ at airports, for which Napolitano & Co. have substituted the sexual harassment and groping of every air traveler in America.  


Napolitano said: The terrorist threat to the homeland is, in many ways, at its most heightened state since 9/11. This threat is constantly evolving, and, as I have said before, we cannot guarantee that there will never be another terrorist attack, and we cannot seal our country under a glass dome. However, we continue to do everything we can to reduce the risk of terrorism in our Nation. Comment: So why don’t you secure our southern border, you fool. They are coming in that way too.


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