Only Conservatism Can Save Black America

This is a special Black History Month editorial:


When I was a kid growing up in the 1950s and 1960s in Pittsfield Massachusetts in the rural western end of the state, our Berkshire County was booming. There was prosperity all over including a strong tourist industry (which still exists) along with manufacturing like Sprague Electric in North Adams, Crane Paper in Dalton and 14,000 people working at the huge General Electric plant in Pittsfield, which had 55,000 residents. My high school, with 1,200 kids had about 20 black students.


General Electric was largely driven out by the unions, and Pittsfield is today on the skids. It now has a large black population that migrated into Pittsfield primarily from New York City as part of the Massachusetts ‘welfare magnet’. Few of the blacks are employed. Pittsfield also has high unemployment among the white people here who are suffering as Massachusetts Democrats undermine the economy with radical regulation, taxes, environmentalism, state and federal mandates, lawsuits and labor agitation. Many of these are the poorer whites who have not been able to leave, while skilled and educated whites have departed over the years.


Crane Paper is still going strong printing all the paper for American currency, which certainly is thriving under Obama’s Printing Press economy. Sprague closed when its products became obsolete. And General Electric Plastics and one other part of the company remain here as remnants under new owners.


Replacing the skilled and educated work force that built up Pittsfield over 200 years, unskilled, uneducated blacks today have brought big-city crime, big-city school problems, dependency, illegitimacy, drug dealing and stabbings, shootings and murder. But the libs around Pittsfield tell us how wonderful our new “multicultural” society is.


Yeah, right… It’s funny that we didn’t have all that neat stuff like shootings and stabbings back in the horrible 1960s, you know, when we all had jobs and black people all over America didn’t even have their “rights”.


What “rights” are those? That certainly is open to interpretation.


According to Ed Woodson of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, a conservative black group, the marriage rate among blacks in 1964 was 82% but now is 30%, while in 1964 there were 94,000 blacks in American prisons while that number today is almost 1 million.


So if the Democrat party and its ‘civil rights’ movement are such good things, why are there so many blacks in much more horrible circumstances today than they were before the Civil Rights Act of 1964?


Good question. But then again, if you look at who is leading them you have the answer.


It is important to remember that the Republican party was founded in 1854 as the anti-slavery party; that conservative Christian ministers spearheaded the fight against slavery here and in Britain (in the person of William Wilberforce); that Republican president Abraham Lincoln officially freed the slaves. Meanwhile most blacks up into the 1960s were Republicans, including Martin Luther King Jr.


For a century, however, the Democrat party dominated the South, hated blacks and hated the Republicans for liberating blacks. Many Democrats in the 1960s opposed civil rights including Bill Clinton’s mentor US senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, along with Democrat US senator Al Gore (Sr.) of Tennessee.


The late Democrat US senator from West Virginia Robert Byrd even was a leader in the Ku Klux Klan in his younger years. And today blacks are led by angry, belligerent leftists like Jackson and Sharpton while black youth follows hip-hop, ‘no-snitch’ and all the rest of destruction. What a mess…


Now if you talk to blacks who grew up before the 1960s, they talk certainly about a lack of rights but also nostalgically about their strong, intact families and their strict and religious mothers and fathers who insisted on good behavior, hard work and education.


But since the left pushed the ‘civil rights’ agenda, a progressive ideology has been totally imposed on black America and it is destroying millions of blacks who no longer care about education or no longer have families to support them with the love and guidance of good parents.


Meanwhile the Democrat teacher unions control our schools, leading to the destruction of black public education in our cities. And a nihilist entertainment-industry culture closely associated with the Democrat party leads young blacks, particularly the males, into a life of nothingness led by role models like basketball players, rap music and hip-hop celebrities and mindless comics, actors and entertainers. Often these young black males end up dead, in jail or simply living empty lives, constantly on the run from city to city with no family and no compass for their lives.  When they get older, they usually end up ‘lost’. It is a tragedy.


What has caused this?


It is because liberals say that only money matters and that the only point of ‘civil rights’ is to ensure economic equality. This is a result of the completely materialistic outlook of socialism, which has no moral or religious component.


Democrats never consider the bigger ramifications of their secular, amoral policies such that the welfare state has disrupted and destroyed the black family; that black churches have been marginalized or politicized and faith has been obliterated; that sloth and apathy have become hallmarks of the welfare state; that stupidity and arrogance among young black males – tolerated and encouraged and showcased by the black entertainment establishment – has left millions of black females unable to find marriageable men; and that the black females then become angry, belligerent, selfish and often self-destructive. These single females often have children and then end up in poverty. Then the same Democrats establish policies like big handouts and affirmative action to compensate for personal failure.


Yet when we conservatives live by our moral and religious agenda, we always have positive outcomes – better incomes, better families, more stability and more health and happiness. There is no trade-off. Yet when we seek to extend our values to the black community, the liberals shout us down and call us every name.


The fact is that socialism or liberalism or progressivism or whatever you want to call it is a strictly materialistic system that ultimately can never provide happiness. Because you can’t buy happiness. Just look at the kooks and misfits in Follywood for proof. And the terrible shape of millions in black America is another perfect manifestation.


If blacks had allowed us conservatives to complete our agenda, and to build on their families, their businesses and their churches, they would be much better off today. But millions instead have followed the left to destruction.


Please visit my website at www.nikitas3.com for more. You can read excerpts from my book, Right Is Right, which explains why only conservatism can maintain our freedom and prosperity.