Gays Now Seeking to Disrupt Conservatives

The gay power movement has made many advances in the last 20 years and now it is seeking to disrupt the conservative movement. Here is how:


After the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) decided to allow GOProud, a so-called gay Republican group, to be a “participating organization” for a second straight year, social conservatives including the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America said they would not attend. Ditto for the Heritage Foundation and the American Family Association.


Even a leading US senator is declining to attend. “With leading conservatives organizations not participating this year, (Republican South Carolina US senator Jim) DeMint will not be attending. He hopes to attend a unified CPAC next year,” a spokesman said.


To understand what is happening, you must understand the liberal mindset. Liberals are people who don’t think of themselves as ‘Americans’ but as members of separate groups like “homosexuals” or “blacks” or “hispanics” or “feminists” or whatever. And the Democrat party promotes each of their agendas.


This sense of identity comes out of narcissism but also, conversely, out of insecurity. If you’ve every really listened to black liberals, for instance, they rarely if ever talk about anything except themselves and about being black. They rarely talk about art or the Constitution or world history or religion or technology or literature unless it specifically applies to them. Ultimately they focus on “blackness” and on their careers or on their all-time favorite subject which is the problems of black Americans, most of which today are self-inflicted.


Oprah Winfrey certainly holds a unique place in American publishing history in that she puts her own picture on the cover of her own magazine every single month. If that is not a pathological narcissism, it is hard to say what is.


Thus all liberal groups segregate themselves and think only about their own identity. In fact the whole Democrat party is just a set of factions each with its own agenda with each agenda promoted by the Democrat party.


If GOProud were really interested in conservative values – which it is not – it would not allow its group presence to disrupt the CPAC conference as it is doing. Homosexuals and lesbians would simply attend the conference quietly as individuals without pushing their identity.


But homosexuality is NOT a conservative agenda item so therefore GOProud as a group should not be embraced by CPAC. It is a liberal agenda item that activist gays now want to insert into the conservative movement.


Conservatives always put the conservative movement’s interests above their own and in turn the conservative movement always put the nation’s interest ahead of its members’ own parochial interests. Just as conservatives say they are “Americans” before calling themselves a member of some smaller group.


And if some conservatives say that we should court the gay vote and should accept GOProud, they have it backwards. Because homosexuals need the conservative agenda of growth and freedom much more than we need to court gay votes. And they are welcome to our ideas. But they are not welcome to bully us and inject themselves into our agenda which is focused on the well-being of the nation, not on special rights for special groups.


Compare this situation to the homosexual agenda in seeking acceptance in the military. Is the goal to serve openly in the military?


Well, yes and no. One of the real goals is to disrupt the military which activist gays will do with lawsuits and endless grievances about their treatment as they serve openly (“I was asked to do a particularly dangerous job because I’m gay” or “These soldiers would not sit down to dinner with me because I’m a homosexual” etc.). The gays will drive tens of thousands of good patriotic Americans out of the military with gay activism. Which is why Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be reinstated.


The fact is that homosexuals have always been free to join the conservative movement. And they have been free to serve in the military since America’s founding. They were simply expected to serve quietly and obediently like everyone else does. Personal agendas and personal identities never have been allowed in the military. You become part of a machine when you join the armed forces just like you become an advocate not for yourself but for American exceptionalism when you join the conservative movement.


Except now. One group in our military – gays – now has obtained a special privilege: To be open about their personal lives and beliefs.


The GOProud action is an attempt to push the gay agenda into yet another corner of American life. CPAC should reject it. And if CPAC rejects it, then the gays will call us conservatives names. Fine. Let them wail.


If CPAC accepts it, then CPAC is finished and another group can take its place.


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