Why the Washington Post is Liberal

Did you ever wonder why The Washington Post is such a liberal newspaper?


Well, as with all of liberalism, you simply “follow the money”. That is the reason that virtually all urban newspapers are liberal – because wealth concentrates itself in cities and always has throughout history. And since cities are liberal, their newspapers see all this wealth around them and think that liberalism is the reason for all the top-drawer apartments, great restaurants, good teeth, hot parties and nice clothes.


Years ago an illustrator made a famous cartoon showing a big, self-important New York City taking up most of the image and then the rest of the country beyond was just a little afterthought, a few squares of land stretching to California and beyond. 


And this is the way the elites in their Washington, DC bastion see the rest of America – as an afterthought, a place that is to be controlled by legislative fiat. In a recent article about the 2010 census, the Post reported about the DC area:


‘The Washington area’s affluence and education levels make it the wealthiest and most educated region in the nation, according to census data released Tuesday that reflect five years of relative prosperity compared with the rest of the country.’ (end of excerpt)


So let’s see… affluence and education abound around Washington, and Washington is the home of the government, so the government is a really good thing. Case closed…


But then consider that the ultra-wealthy Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, obviously a member of the educated elite, said last Spring that “we will find out what is in (the health care bill) after we pass it” and you realize that these Washington people have a bizarre kind of university intellectualism that most Americans just do not understand. Because it is blatant stupidity. The average welder in Cincinnati is much smarter.


Apparently the Post thinks that we hayseeds out beyond the Beltway just don’t understand the geniuses who put our nation $14 trillion in debt, who said Fannie Mae was just fine just before it collapsed or who believe that government make-work spending creates jobs.


Indeed it takes a certain kind of person to flourish in the Washington culture which is the home of Democrat-party wealth, bluster, obfuscation and arrogance.  That certain kind of person is a certified blowhard.


Yes, indeed, those who benefit from working for and around the government indeed do love it. In the Soviet Union it was called the nomenklatura, or the privileged functionaries who lived much better than the rest of the citizens who survived in poverty because the government had ruined the economy. As our government is now doing.


But that is of no interest to the American Nomenklatura in and around Washington including the commissars at their beloved Washington Post whose lavish cocktail-party culture is nationally famous as the people of America suffer with 20% real unemployment.


Yes, it’s party time any time in Washington. And these people know how to party. They hated George Bush because he was not a big party guy like most of us conservatives are not, including those in Washington. We need to get up early in order to keep the economy going, which is of no interest to the elites. They have columns to write and legislation to pass.


Indeed, this is what socialism is truly about: Shifting wealth and power to their select groups including the American Nomenklatura from another group called the American people. Because these liberals never think about the country as a whole. They only think about themselves which is socialism’s essence – narcissism.


The Post reported that


‘…Fairfax and Loudoun (counties in Virginia, outside DC) were the only two U.S. counties with median household incomes surpassing $100,000. Tiny Falls Church (Virginia), which is an independent city and counted separately, had that median income level, as well. Five of the region’s suburban counties – Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, Montgomery and Howard – plus Alexandria and Falls Church, were among 17 places in the United States in which more than half of the residents have at least a bachelor’s degree.’ (end of excerpt)


Yes, indeed. You would think that the richest country would be full of evil corporate titans living miles away from their polluting factories, according to Democrat party lore. But in fact it appears that the rich counties are full of bureaucrats from Washington and wide-eyed eggheads from Princeton with three-ring binders full of “ideas” to make America better. And they don’t care where the money comes from to sustain them as it is being taken from taxpayers nationwide by a brutal tax system and the Internal Revenue Service.


Said the Post:


‘In Loudoun, more than a third of the households are married couples with children, making it one of the country’s bastions of the traditional family… Baltimore and Richmond reflected the other extreme, with nuclear families making up fewer than one in 10 households.’ (end of excerpt)


Of course. The American Nomenklatura keeps its families together. They know what is really best. While their policies in places like Baltimore, which is heavily black, obliterate the family structure. Oh well… Try again next year.


Then the census had to go on a racial bender which the Post reported on scrupulously with this first paragraph:  


‘In Washington, Frey found that the average white person lives in a neighborhood that is 63 percent white, the average black person lives in a neighborhood that is 79 percent African American and the average Hispanic person lives in a neighborhood in which one out of four neighbors is Hispanic. That represents a small but noticeable improvement since 2000.’ (end of excerpt)


This is the kind of useless minutiae that the government elite thrives on thinking about. And wasting your money on. And thinking about. And thinking about. And then proposing to do something about. Using the tax dollars that you gave them. But first they have to think about it some more and write a long report. Using your money.


Isn’t government great…


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