Poor Can "Pedal for Prosperity"

There is a new way to fight poverty in America and its handmaiden of government-sponsored sloth. Nikitas3.com is proposing Pedaling for Prosperity. Here is how it would work:


First, what is one of the resources that ALWAYS has value?


Answer: Energy. Particularly refined energy like electricity.


So how could we ask that the idle poor and the welfare freeloaders start paying for their handout?


Answer: We could demand that they create energy, specifically electricity. Under this plan, utility companies could establish ‘pedaling centers’ all over the nation, particularly in thousands of poor urban neighborhoods.


These pedaling centers would have rows and rows of stationary bicycles, like exercise bicycles. But instead of spinning wheels, the bikes would spin electrical generators. Poor people on the dole would be required to produce a certain amount of electricity in order to get their welfare, food stamps etc. Their handout would depend on how much electricity they generated.


These centers would not take up much space and  they would be efficient since they would be run by private enterprise.


This would be a win-win for all.  It would force the idle poor to be productive in a way that could be precisely measured – in kilowatts. And they would create valuable energy.


Many techniques have been tried to get the idle poor to work and have failed. Freeloaders were supposed to pick up trash under Giuliani in New York, but you often saw them sitting on park benches. And that system frequently required that they show up at a certain place, be transported somewhere else, transported back etc. etc.


Or the idle poor have been told to do make-work jobs like sweeping the streets. Or ‘poor farms’ were established for growing food, but are not practical because they would have to be located outside cities and only operate in summer.


Meanwhile the welfare staters always lament that there just is no way for these deprived souls to get the skills or education to become productive citizens. But pedaling requires zero skills or education and electricity is very valuable. So why not have a Pedaling for Prosperity program in every city? It would have many benefits:


*Since “freeloaders” are by definition able-bodied, they could produce large amounts of electricity. Just think of millions of people pedaling and pedaling.


*The pedaling centers could be located in buildings throughout poor neighborhoods so that freeloaders could not claim that they could not get to the centers. There would not have to be any set schedule. The freeloaders could show up at any time and pedal. Their work would be duly noted electronically.


*No pedaling, no handout. Period.


*The utility would get the electricity fed directly into the grid, and then could pay the government for the “labor” at some fixed percentage in order to pay for the freeloader’s dole and cover the cost of the centers. The utility would be expected to earn a small profit on the pedaling centers.


*Fat freeloaders would have to get on the bikes too. No exceptions for obesity.


*Poor single mothers could bring their children to the pedaling center and could watch them as they pedaled, and would not need expensive child care.


*The bicycles could be made very comfortable so that hours of pedaling would not be uncomfortable like riding a bicycle often is. All bikes would be adjustable for every type of pedaler. The bikes could even be designed for “recumbent” pedaling, which is lying back and pedaling, actually increasing efficiency.


*Pedaling is easy. No skills or education are needed. Thus uneducated, unskilled people could produce something valuable. This never has been proposed before in this uniform way on this large scale.


*When freeloaders are pedaling, they are not home consuming electricity or spending taxpayer money at Dunkin’ Donuts.


*Pedaling centers could be put in jails where “reduced sentence for good behavior” can be changed to “reduced sentence for productive behavior (making electricity)”.


*Crazy people, drug addicts, homeless and alcoholics could generate too. It just requires you to sit there and pedal. No skill at all is involved.


*Obese freeloaders would lose weight through pedaling. So they would be doing two things at once – generating electricity and at the same time losing weight, thus requiring less in food stamps.


*Poor people who spent the day pedaling would not be wandering the streets all day doing nothing or complaining about everything like they usually do.


*The pedaling centers would feed directly into the power grid so that the electricity would directly benefit the economy in general. This would help to pay back the economy for the handouts that the freeloader is getting and has been getting for the last 50 years.


There are far, far too many people on the dole in America contributing zero. Their handouts are not economically sustainable. We need to act. These pedaling centers are absolutely the way to go.


In fact, billions of the world’s poor could make pedal power a way to create wealth and electricity. After all, every nation needs electricity.


Please visit my website at www.nikitas3.com for more. You can read excerpts from my book, Right Is Right, which explains why only conservatism can maintain our freedom and prosperity.