Desperately Seeking Reagan

We are now celebrating the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth on February 6, 1911 and there is talk of Everything Reagan. Even president Obama is said to have recently read a book about Reagan, and in his State of the Union speech he proposed some very Reagan-like solutions such as a freeze in discretionary spending, simplifying the tax code, and seeking a bipartisan solution to fixing Social Security. Obama even wrote a tribute to Reagan for USA Today while Michelle Obama is on a campaign to help military families.


But Obama is no Ronald Reagan and never will be. This is all just talk and smoke. He wants the aura of Reagan, but is not willing to work for it or change his policies to get it.


First, Obama is pursuing policies opposite of Reagan. He is expanding the government and the national debt while Reagan’s core principle was to reduce government. And now that Obama’s policies are not working, he is desperate and is tossing out conservative platitudes. He sees himself as potentially another Jimmy Carter, a historically failed president.


Second, Reagan truly was a Great Communicator with a few simple ideas. Obama, on the other hand, is a Silver Tongued socialist orator who, like a dictator giving a four-hour speech, says nothing in the millions of words he utters, like a classic left-wing intellectual. In the 2008 campaign Obama even took both sides of many issues (guns, nuclear power etc.) in order to get himself elected. Reagan never would have done that.


Third, Reagan was naturally popular because of who he was despite the fact that the Ancient Media hated him. Yet even with complete Ancient Media sycophancy Obama sees his popularity falling with no end in sight. Because Obama has no natural appeal to the American character. Because he is a radical leftist and Americans are generally fairly conservative.


Fourth, Reagan fearlessly confronted the Soviet Union, while Obama meekly apologizes for America before and bows to dictators all over the world.


So what is Obama really doing in seeking to emulate Reagan?


Answer: He is kicking off his 2012 re-election campaign. He is hoping that Americans will somehow forget about all his failures and instead will concentrate on his potemkin homage to Ronald Reagan, which is in word only. In deeds, Obama remains a radical.


In fact Obama is desperately envious of Reagan because Obama is a Democrat. And Democrats have a weak character that wants only one thing – validation from the outside (from friends, acquaintances, the media, the public etc.). Meanwhile Democrats are utterly dumbfounded as to the magical way that conservatives simply get validation (Reagan) or calmly wait for it (as George W. Bush is).


The reason for conservative success lies in the conservative character. Conservatives know what they know and believe what they believe. And they hold these beliefs dear and know that they eventually will be recognized as right. They do not anticipate or wait for validation from the outside. They simply know that it naturally is going to come in due time.


In May 2010 Obama invited a group of presidential historians to the White House to seek their input on what he could learn from his presidential predecessors. And according to Time magazine, Obama was most interested in Ronald Reagan, not Lincoln or Roosevelt. Reports Time:


‘The 44th President (Obama) regarded the 40th (Reagan), said one participant, as a vital “point of reference.” Douglas Brinkley, who edited Reagan’s diaries and attended the May dinner, left with a clear impression that Obama had found a role model. “There are policies, and there is persona, and a lot can be told by persona,” he says. “Obama is approaching the job in a Reaganesque fashion.”‘ (end of excerpt)




Because Reagan faced challenges similar to Obama and succeeded. But Obama now finds his agenda stuck while Reagan moved the nation forward and is highly regarded today by those on both sides of the political aisle. That is why Obama proposed Reagan-like agenda items in his State of the Union – to act like Reagan. But it will not work. Because Obama throughout his life has been unequivocally opposed to Reagan policies. Reports Time:


‘… Reagan would come to epitomize all that Obama opposed. Reagan cut social spending in America‘s cities, backed what Obama called “death squads” in El Salvador and began to build what Obama regarded as an “ill conceived” missile-defense shield. “I personally came of age during the Reagan presidency,” Obama wrote later, recalling the classroom debates in his courses on international affairs. When he graduated from Columbia in 1983, Obama decided to become a community organizer. “I’d pronounce the need for change,” Obama wrote in his memoir. “Change in the White House, where Reagan and his minions were carrying on their dirty deeds.” A decade later, he was still at it, leading a 1992 Illinois voter-registration effort aimed at breaking the Reagan coalition’s hold on his state’s electoral votes.’ (end of excerpt)


Of course it is important to remember that Ronald Reagan started out as a Democrat and he changed to Republican. But he was not changing course while he was in the White House. By the time of his presidency, Reagan’s conservative ideas were firmly rooted. Obama’s are not, according to this latest feint.


And this all is a feint. This is Obama coming to the sinking realization that he could be seen as The Man Who Ruined America and he is terrified of that legacy.


Obama certainly had it pictured differently. Indeed he believed the flattery of all of his admirers and saw himself as a savior for the nation – an erudite, quick-thinking, charismatic young leader who would rescue America from its woes.


Quite the opposite. Obama is widely reviled and his policies are taking America in the wrong direction. Obama is a shallow intellectual who does not even realize what the truth is. Because he has lived in a community-organizer bubble all his life where dissent was not tolerated and outside opinions were never heard.


Now he finds himself in over his head. The nation is waiting on his wisdom to make us better, but our fingers are drumming the table in impatience. Because in the end, Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan. Indeed there only was one Reagan. And we shall never see another like him as long as we live.


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