Fake Tantrum Over Fox News

When you hear the left go nuts about Fox News, they are really showing their crazy side.


Here is a summary, which is occasionally posted on the drudgereport.com, which shows the total top viewership for Fox, MSNBC and CNN in prime-time for Thursday, January 20, 2011, an average winter weekday evening for news viewing:


FOXNEWS O’REILLY 2,918,000; FOXNEWS HANNITY 2,079,000; FOXNEWS BAIER 1,940,000; FOXNEWS SHEP 1,786,000; FOXNEWS BECK 1,780,000; FOXNEWS GRETA 1,460,000; MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,106,000; CNN PIERS 1,025,000; MSNBC MADDOW 976,000; MSNBC O’DONNELL 855,000; MSNBC SCHULTZ 760,000; CNN COOPER 740,000; MSNBC HARDBALL 700,000


So if you add up all the Fox viewers it is 10.183 million. Then add up all the viewers from the MSNBC and CNN shows and it is 6.162 million.


OK, so Fox has about 40% more viewers. It is still only 10.183 million viewers out of 310 million Americans or 3.3% of the population. And remember that not all Fox viewers are conservatives by any stretch. It is a known fact that many liberals and centrists watch Fox, while those who watch CNN/MSNBC are generally only very liberal.


Then remember that FoxNews Shep and FoxNews Baier (3.736 million viewers combined) are just basic news (Baier) and ‘info-tainment’ (Shep), not the right-wing bogeymen that they are made out to be.


Even Fox’s O’Reilly is often criticized by conservatives as too “moderate”. And still O’Reilly had only 2.918 million viewers that night out of 310 million Americans, less than 1% of the population, and including liberals and centrists. That is not exactly a propaganda net over the nation like the left makes it out to be.


Then remember that these CNN/MSNBC shows (with the exception of Piers Morgan, the new replacement for Larry King) have a hard, relentless liberal slant.


So if you add up the viewers for the hard-left shows (Maddow, Schultz, Olbermann, Hardball, Cooper and O’Donnell) it is 5.137 million, while the viewers for the so-called ‘conservatives’ on Fox (Beck and Hannity; Greta is hardly ‘conservative’) was only 3.859 million and you have MORE lefty viewers. This shows how false the claim against Fox is.


And still Fox had only 10.183 million overall viewers that night – many of them are repeat viewers from one show to the next – for all of prime time while meanwhile the liberal left controls most newspapers and magazines in America, most universities, all NBC/CBS/ABC programming including their biased news divisions, the arts, the entertainment industry, much of the publishing industry, 95% of black America, 70% of urban America etc.


So what is the big deal? What is their fear about Fox News?


Answer: It is all a complete sham like their mad-dog hatred of Bush and all conservatives. Fox is not nearly as powerful as it is made out to be. Fox is like Sarah Palin; the left is making her much bigger than she really is by making a monster out of her. And that is good for Fox and for Palin and for all of us conservatives.


But the important thing really is this: First, even with so much power the left still cannot control America. So they blame Fox News, when they should perhaps examine their own agenda for why it is not popular.


Second, the left considers any conservative opinion in the public square to be aberrant, and so Fox is just an aberration. Fox to liberals is like a fly driving somebody crazy. And so the point is to demonize Fox and try to drive off the air the one network with even a hint of a conservative slant  Because it is only a hint.


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