Obama 'Brilliance' Fades

The new Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner said in December that he felt disrespected when president Obama called Republicans “hostage takers” in discussing the deliberations over the extension of Bush-era tax rates.


But Boehner gave Obama credit. He said: “I think he’s engaging. Certainly smart. Brilliant. But — you know, we come from different backgrounds.”


Yes, very different backgrounds.


Boehner was one of eleven children of a tavern owner in small-town Ohio. Obama’s father was black, from Africa. Obama was an only child and was abandoned by his father and raised by his white communist-sympathizing mother living a vagabond life in several different places including Indonesia, Hawaii and Chicago.


Then Boehner fell into a trap, that of the Silver Tongue. He said Obama is “engaging… Brilliant…”


Indeed, Obama may be “engaging” in a cocktail-party sort of way, but Obama is not “brilliant”. He easily is the most overexposed president ever. And if he is so brilliant, why does he need so much exposure? Are not “brilliant” people those who are gifted with a special talent of persuasion who can lead through their actions alone?


Obama always has thought of himself as “brilliant”. As Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid recounted in his book The Good Fight about once speaking to Obama after an Obama speech:  “‘That speech was phenomenal, Barack,’ I told him. And I will never forget his response. Without the barest hint of braggadocio or conceit, and with what I would describe as deep humility, he said quietly: ‘I have a gift, Harry.'”


Uh, Mr. President, if you really have a gift, you do not need to tell anybody. We will understand it through your accomplishments, as people understood that Ronald Reagan was a Great Communicator without Reagan ever needing to make such a self-serving statement. And Reagan was a true statesman of historic proportions. But he never claimed that for himself either. History will be the judge. And already Reagan is seen as a great president.


Obama and many people on the political left like him have Silver Tongues. These are people who speak in erudite tones but say little or nothing at all, or even things that are patently untrue. It is a classic tactic of elites like a dictator giving a four-hour speech in order to overwhelm the people with rhetoric, to tire them out, really. Obama has spent literally hundreds of hours giving speeches and comments and press briefings and public appearances about everything. Yet his popularity is at an all-time low. Why?


Because in a free nation like America, the Dictator Approach does not work. People want results. Yet still Obama fools millions of people, even a smart guy like Boehner.


Indeed Boehner was thinking clearly when he said that Obama had disrespected him. Because Obama is at heart devious, like all leftists, but he hides it beneath a veneer of calm and smiles. If you’ve ever noticed, a liberal will insult you to your face every time. Yet they cannot take even a hint of insult themselves. They have the thinnest of skins.


When Obama goes overseas and lashes out at America, that is malicious. When his hand-picked attorney general calls Americans “cowards” on the issue of race, that is more viciousness and name-calling from this administration. When secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano essentially taunted Americans saying that if they don’t like the intrusive airport pat-downs that they can find another way to travel, that is insulting language coming from a very small person.


But those are the ways of the left. Because underneath, they are vindictive people. When Reagan attorney general Ed Meese was falsely accused of having a sweetheart loan for $15,000, it tied up the media for months. Yet when Democrat US senator Christopher Dodd indeed got a big sweetheart loan as he sat on important Senate committees overseeing the mortgage industry, that was not a problem for the American left and its media friends. Unfortunately for Dodd, the American people got wind of his little transaction. The media could not save him. He was forced out and his legacy is permanently stained.


Consider Bill Clinton. In public he was just “one of us”, a regular guy who really cared about the nation. “I feel your pain,” he once said. Yet in private, Clinton is vicious – a serial harasser of women, he routinely flew into what were known as “purple rages”, and he even pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists in order to get the Puerto Rican vote for his wife’s US Senate run in 2000. Never mind the corruption that went on in Arkansas which the media covered up for. Or the campaign contributions from communist China for his 1996 re-election. Or the pardoning of international financial con-man Marc Rich. And on and on.


Yet Clinton too was considered a “great communicator” and a “brilliant” speaker. But he was neither. Because he never spoke the truth but only allegories, fictions and sympathies. He said what people wanted to hear.


To prove the point, consider this question: What is Bill Clinton’s most remembered quote? Is it something significant about world peace or about our collective well-being as a free nation?


No, his most famous quote is a blatant lie: “I did not  have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky…”


Imagine the chagrin of this “brilliant” leader at that legacy. Yet some still contend that Clinton also is a Great Communicator.


Nonsense. Today Bill Clinton is a lowly political fixer constantly on the prowl, looking for money and power and ‘deals’ like a swampland salesman, not some historic leader like Ronald Reagan, Lady Margaret Thatcher or Pope John Paul II, the triumvirate that took down the Soviet Union without firing a shot.


That was truly “brilliant”. Yet Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope were all humble leaders who never boasted about themselves. In fact Reagan once wryly observed that you can get a lot done as long as nobody is seeking to take the credit.  


How true…


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