Census Speaks Volumes about Politics

What one state actually lost population over the last 10 years according to the latest census?


Answer: Michigan.


Interesting. Michigan. Wasn’t Michigan one of the wealthiest places on earth 50 years ago?


Indeed it was, with an educated, skilled work force, and auto factories running three shifts a day.


Here is another tidbit from the census: For the first time ever California did not gain even one congressional seat.


And has not California been one of the most prosperous places on the planet over the last 100 years, a land of opportunity with a world-class economy?


Yes, indeed. Yet its population has stagnated over the last 10 years even as millions of uneducated, unskilled illegal aliens have flooded into the state – and were counted in the census. Because that gain has been balanced out by moneyed, educated and skilled caucasian people leaving the state in droves to escape its crushing taxes and regulations that have ruined a once-great economy. Every statewide office in California is Democrat, as are both of its US senators.


How about New York state? Once known as The Empire State as one of the wealthiest territories on the entire globe, New York will lose two congressional seats in the latest census due to population stagnation. Today New York is declining rapidly in economic terms.


Ohio? Once a manufacturing goliath, it is losing two congressional seats and has a terrible economic climate and outlook, and growing poverty.


And finally here is one more thing to think about from The Washington Post recently:


‘The Washington (DC) area’s affluence and education levels make it the wealthiest and most educated region in the nation, according to census data released Tuesday that reflect five years of relative prosperity compared with the rest of the country.’ (end of excerpt)


So let’s see, we have A) declining prosperity and population stagnation in places that once were very wealthy and self-reliant while B) in and around bureaucratic Washington, DC, we have a new nexus of American wealth and education.


What does all this add up to? It shows that socialism destroys. And here’s how. California, New York, Ohio and Michigan all have one common thread – they once had great capitalist wealth that was then pursued, captured, consumed and destroyed by the Democrat left in the person of big-government operatives, welfare staters, redistributionists and labor unions with their organized crime masters. So consider that:


*Belligerent labor unions ruined Michigan, driving the auto industry out, overseas or into the hands of foreign competitors, and the remainder into virtual bankruptcy that had to be bailed out by Obama. Detroit today is a ghost city. Ditto Flint. Michigan is on the skids in every way, truly the Sick Man of America. Michigan has two far-left US senators, Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow. For the last 8 years, it had a far-left governor in Canadian-born Jennifer Granholm.


*Ohio was a world-class manufacturing center that slowly was torn down and plundered by the labor unions and the Democrat party. Look at union-heavy cities like Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, Canton and Youngstown etc. They are ruined today. The steel industry in Ohio and Pennsylvania was killed in the 1960s and 1970s by union intransigence over wages and pensions, driving the world industry largely overseas.


*Total Democrat control of California today has pushed the state into unfathomable levels of bankruptcy, with its state-employee unions – allied with the Democrat left – creating massive and unsustainable debt through years of outrageous wage, benefit and pension demands. Meanwhile blacks and illegal aliens have racked up huge social-service bills while taxes of all kinds go through the roof.


*New York state now is a high-tax wasteland with capital fleeing every day for places like wealth-friendly Florida, which has no state income tax. When ultra-wealthy Rush Limbaugh, a resident of Florida, announced in 2009 that he was selling his New York City apartment due to the high taxes there, Democrat governor David Paterson in knee-jerk fashion publicly said good riddance to Limbaugh rather than wisely expressing any concern that this was part of a big trend. 


Powerful public-employee unions have gutted New York’s finances; millions of ‘entitled’ poor’ have dropped out of productive lives and are sucking the budget dry with endless demands for more and more services; taxes are out of control with a statewide sales tax of 8.25%(!) and the steepest levies in America on wealthy residents; while two of the most recent New York state Democrat attorneys general – Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo – have focused in on harassing Wall Street firms and other wealth-creating private enterprises like banks and insurance companies with endless investigations and lawsuits, most of which turned out to be baseless anti-capitalist witch hunts.


*Meanwhile the bureaucratic fools in and around Washington, DC who have pushed our nation into federal bankruptcy have the highest standards of living and education in the nation.


This is precisely how socialism consumes individuals, families, businesses, states and nations. There is not any real mystery here.


Now here’s a pop quiz: Which state gained the most in the recent census with four congressional seats picked up?


Answer: It was evil, right-wing, redneck, Republican, business-friendly, Tea Partyin’, capitalist, George Bush-lovin’ TEXAS!


Yes, indeed, as many Americans wander around in a daze wondering what to do economically, smart people are migrating to places like Texas where there is hope and opportunity in a land that actually welcomes business instead of treating it like an enemy.


Gee, isn’t Texas the place where nobody from Harvard would dare to go because it’s full of scary rednecks like governor Rick Perry?


Indeed. The elites want to live in a state like Democrat-controlled Massachusetts, which is in an economic tailspin except in the high quarters of Harvard with their ivy-halls-and-cocktail-party culture much like the egghead Ph.D culture in and around Washington, DC.


But no, protest the libs, people are moving to Florida and Texas because of the warm weather!


Nonsense, ‘cold’ states like North Dakota and New Hampshire – and also Delaware – have strong economies because they were not taken over by labor unions and the left. They have long histories as relatively conservative pro-business places.


Unfortunately New Hampshire, which has no sales tax or income tax, is being taken over by Democrats and already is suffering for it. Because many of the new residents of New Hampshire in the last 20 years have left corrupt and over-taxed Massachusetts and they have brought their liberal politics with them. They will destroy New Hampshire too. Just give them time. We’ll see the results in the 2020 census.


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