Red Flags Over Washington

“China has a different political system than we do,” president Obama said during the Chinese president’s recent visit in response to a reporter’s question. The reporter was asking how America can ally itself with a nation with such a terrible human rights record.


That Obama is going to get away with such an outrageous statement is an unnerving commentary on our times. Decades ago, when America had a real media that reported on genuine  news stories rather than parroting the administration line, such a statement would have drawn scrutiny and even criticism. But this one will not, except in the conservative media.


Yes, indeed, Mr. President, China does have a different political system than we do. But your answer should have been that we are going to press China hard on human rights, not your suggestion that we should perhaps seek to understand why they oppress their people because they have a “different political system than we do”.


And if you wonder why global freedom is under assault, look no further than the president of the United States, the one nation which is supposed to represent freedom unequivocally. His statements are deceitful and his domestic policies have shown a disregard for American liberty.


Just for starters, his party rammed through a health-care bill that most Americans do not want; he has repeatedly installed extremists in the White House; while Obama himself was elected on totally false pretenses because he is not at all what he represented himself to be during the 2008 election.


Indeed the media covered up for every Obama red flag during that election – his communist past; the radicalism of Jeremiah Wright; his roots in corrupt Chicago; his association with terrorist William Ayers; his horrible record in the Illinois legislature (voting ‘present’ 130 times instead of ‘yes’ or ‘no’); his taking both sides of many issues like the 2nd Amendment and nuclear power. And more.


Obama’s statement on China was a huge, waving red flag blowing in the wind much like the red Chinese flags flying over Washington during the Chinese president’s visit.  And tyrants rule when the people and the media ignore red flags.


China today is a giant red flag. It oppresses its people, exploits capitalism to enrich the state as its people suffer in overwhelming poverty, is building up a huge military while most of its people remain destitute, is stealing Western technology at every turn, and is using its demented ally North Korea as a stick in the eye of freedom-loving nations.


These are red flags – or flaming flags or exploding flags – indicating that something is very wrong.  And when such indicators are ignored, people, nations and the world end up heading toward tyranny.


For decades many in America said that we needed to understand how the Soviet Union was different. And now the same people are saying that China is different. And it’s not just Obama. Here is what New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman stumbled through recently on MSNBC:


There’s only one thing worse, in my view, than one-party autocracy — the Chinese system — and that’s one-party Democracy. Okay? See, one-party autocracy, at least if it has some vision of the future, can actually order the right things . . . collective action from the top down. But when you have one-party Democracy, that is, you have one party trying to do things and the other sticking a spoke in its wheels constantly, you can’t get anything big done. And that to me seems to be our real dilemma today.” (end of excerpt)


For anyone who cannot decipher this, it means that the Chinese communist dictatorship is a good thing. And this, America, is what the lead writer on the op-ed page of the New York Times puts out for serious thought. Red flag for the Times, anyone? Does this newspaper have any credibility left?


Indeed Friedman is just another clueless, wacky, left-wing Jewish intellectual with a like-minded audience promoting the same political double-think that the left put out for decades with the Russians.


When Ronald Reagan rightfully called the Soviet Union an “evil empire”, leftists around the world went nuts. In fact many said that Reagan was evil for saying it. Yet is was the truth, and Reagan was a great leaders for saying what was true.


At the same time, leftists for decades said that the Soviet Union was just like America, that each nation had “flaws”. This is the same as Obama saying that China has a “different political system” than we do, rather than pointing out exactly how different, like night and day.


This also can be called disinformation, which the left uses every day. That is information that is not just wrong (misinformation) but is intentionally false and misleading. Tyrants used disinformation every day, like the left-wing bloggers who are spreading the lie that conservative commentator Glenn Beck suggested that members of Congress be shot.


But then again, in a closed system like the left-wing blogosphere where dissent is not tolerated, anything can be called the truth. And this is the second most frightening part about tyranny after all the mass murder – the whole concept that truth does not exist. Or perhaps this corruption of truth is the first most frightening thing that leads to the second – mass murder.


Information, misinformation, disinformation… it all can be manipulated to confuse, disorient and enslave the people in lies, while only the truth will set us free. Obama should be speaking the clear truth. But he is not.


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