Trump Will Be Next US President

Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, nikitas3.com predicts.


In recent radio and television interviews, Trump has announced that he likely will run for the presidency in 2012. And Trump surely can be elected, and will be the next president if he runs a serious, disciplined campaign.


To hear him speak, you know that this will not be a vanity campaign. Trump cares about the country and is deeply disturbed over what is happening. He is blunt, he is tough and he talks in the way that most Americans will find refreshing.


And in a one-on-one  debate, Trump will resoundingly defeat Obama  because they come from two polar directions – Obama talks in erudite, intellectual fashion and says nothing that contradicts his big-government, statist agenda, while Trump speaks forcefully about common-sense issues that are affecting us all.


Trump is unafraid to demand tough action even when it sounds unfashionable to do so. And he will be unafraid to confront Obama or to fear Obama’s race. There is far too much at stake.


Trump does not have the baggage of two other major contenders from 2008 – Mitt Romney’s cold, plastic image, and his legacy of state health care and gay marriage in Massachusetts; or Giuliani’s social liberalism, his “older” appearance and his health history of cancer. Trump is a handsome, engaging guy who will attract crowds and voters including crucial women voters.


Trump repeatedly cites two main threats to America’s economic future – China and its artificial currency manipulations; and OPEC and its artificial manipulation of oil prices. Trump maintains that oil prices of $150 a barrel by July of 2008 pushed the American economy over the edge, and that OPEC sets prices arbitrarily with no protest from any American president – until he gets elected, that is.




Trump has another  big advantage for 2012 – name recognition. While Giuliani, Huckabee, Palin and Romney are known political figures from the 2008 campaign, Trump has been known for decades as “the rich real estate developer from New York City”. And with his long-running hit TV show The Apprentice, Trump has crossed over into the pop-culture domain with wide name and face recognition.


People who watch the program love his style. He is not a distant, elite inherited-wealth guy like Democrat US senator John Kerry or a kook like Ross Perot but a likeable person who often brings a smile to your face with his straightforward style that makes you think, “Gee, I wish I had that kind of spunk, courage and self confidence…”


In fact Trump’s fearless trademark decree – “You’re fired!” – is exactly what a lot of Americans would love to say to certain people if they could. But in today’s politically-correct world we have to say timidly that “you are being let go and here’s 107 reasons why, all written out and approved by our company lawyer, so that you please please, please won’t sue us…”


Bah, humbug…


Trump long has had a reputation as a bragadocious, boastful and self-assured billionaire (estimated fortune more than $2 billion) with an opinion about everything. But that image always has come with respect and congeniality. Many influential media people like Trump personally, take him very seriously and welcome him on their shows, including some liberals. They refer to him as “The Donald” in an affectionate way.


He is akin to your smart neighbor in the big mansion whom you admire and enjoy talking to, rather than some distant figure you dislike or disdain for his wealth. In fact that is exactly what you like about Donald Trump: You want to say “Go Trump!” when you hear him talk about political issues as if to say, “Why hasn’t someone said this before?”


And Trump’s outspoken, can-do persona, glitzy socialite status and long-established media connections and presence would create an exciting new type of presidency. Many Americans would enjoy having him in the White House.


Trump is much better known that other good new candidates like former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty – who would also make an excellent president or Trump vice president – or Indiana congressman Mike Pence. Trump has the kind of pizzazz and celebrity sparkle that will light up the campaign and confront the Obama agenda without the minced words and loser aura of ‘old man’ John McCain.


To listen to a Trump interview is a wonderful experience. He is rat-tat-tat. He never stumbles or equivocates.


Trump maintains that China is a “monster” that is undermining the US economy. He says that the Chinese government is manipulating the Chinese currency in order to make exports to the US cheaper and is flooding our country with goods that we could be making here. He is calling for an immediate 25% tariff on all Chinese imports in retaliation for the currency fixes. Trump believes that that action alone would strike fear in Beijing and force them to reform because they rely largely on the US market for their economic well-being.


Trump cites America’s restrictive environmental laws as a primary reason for a business exodus, and talks about his own experience as a builder with overly-zealous and irrational enviro laws. He says that China is filling in 5 square miles of ocean to build a city without any enviro protests, but that in America “if you move a pebble, you get the electric chair.”


This is the kind of blunt talk that is going to resonate with Americans. Trump also will give us the straight story on taxes, spending, Social Security and other unsustainable entitlements.


Trump says that Iraq is sitting on $15 trillion worth of oil and should repay America the $1.5 trillion we spent to liberate that nation. That is exactly the kind of tough, common-sense, politically-incorrect rhetoric that Americans will gravitate to. Unfortunately Trump also predicts that when the US leaves Iraq that Iran will seize that nation and its oilfields.


He says that a wealthy nation like South Korea should pay the US for defending it for more than 50 years. Next thing you know he will demand that the EuroSlackers repay us $20 trillion to cover the costs for all we’ve done for them.


Trump says that the sheikhs in Kuwait were never asked to repay the US for saving that nation from Iraq’s 1990 invasion, but that if they were asked they probably would have paid it. Because Kuwait is a very rich nation and Trump would have demanded repayment. Because he is a no-nonsense businessman who is not afraid to break a few eggs, and that is exactly what our nation needs today.


Trump says that America can easily become pre-eminent in the world economy again with the right leadership. These are the kind of prescriptions and optimism that Americans are yearning to hear and that Donald Trump will deliver, leading him to the White House.


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